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  1. sorry totally misread the original post. I'll get my coat!!
  2. Dont mean to sound know-it-all, but i changed the oil and filter on mine recently and could not remove the lower fairings so just went ahead and left them there. The only issue is slightly restricted space to remove the filter. Might make it easier next time.
  3. What a nice way to devour a Sunday morning. After several weeks of umm-ing and ah-ing I decided to get some professional help. Not needed!! I stripped, cleaned and repaired the slave cylinder (helpfully known as the clutch activator in the service manual and parts list)!. Just need a new gasket for the cover and its done. Followed these instructions: https://venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=001006&id=51&highlight=clutch and Robert is your mother's brother.
  4. Thanks. I just checked its pretty wet underneath. Bollocks. Thanks again
  5. All the very best to you Don. Paul
  6. Hello Everyone. Several months ago i noticed my clutch lever had no feel, just pulled easily back to the bars with no effort. Checked and saw no fluid. I bled the system with fresh fluid and thought, cool, job done. Rode for several thousand kms without problems. Yolanda (89), has been in hibernation since November and today I noticed the same problem as before, no fluid and no feel in lever. Re-bled brakes. Now all good again. Where did my fluid go? And what caused it disappear? Paul
  7. Hello Everyone. End of the riding season now in snowy eastern europe. Veronica (89 VR) is safely covered in the back of the garage, on the trickle charger. Is there anything I should be doing on the low level servicing front to keep her happy over the winter? Thanks Paul
  8. Hello Everyone, Any opinions on whether there is anything to be gained (or lost!) by considering, even vaguely, if there is any point in entering a self discussion of the merits or otherwise, of changing my tyres to lower profile? thanks and best wishes, and good health. Paul
  9. all the best for a complete recovery. Paul
  10. Having the same issue. Great thread, will attempt this tomorrow. I am mentally exhausted today having changed the engine oil and filter. Exhausted because me and spanners are not a marriage made in heaven and I was sure I would mess it up somehow, but it would appear (no drops under the bike) that I was successful. BTW i did not remove the lower plastic around the filter housing because the allen bolts were rounded out and still managed OK. thanks again Paul
  11. Idrys

    Engine Oil

    Thanks everyone, all the best Paul
  12. Idrys


    Thanks very much
  13. Idrys


    Does anyone please have any info on the correct name or code number for the darker blue on my Royale. Needs a few touch ups.
  14. Spring has finally sprung in my corner of Poland. Around 350 kms under the tyres so far. With each km I have come to love and respect my 2 wheeled lady more and more. In short this bike is fecking amazing, I wasn't sure when I bought it, but any doubts have been dispelled and then some. I sincerely hope that both I and all the other Venturers on here get a chance to convert fuel into smiles over the next several months, despite the current difficulties. Paul
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