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  1. Hi all. Does anyone have any advice as to removal and replacement. I see the 2 screws above the speakers. After removing them what else do I need to do? Many thanks guys Paul
  2. Thanks very much for your thoughts. Looks like steel lines to start and see how it goes from there.
  3. Hi All. I am interested if anyone has any opinions on the desirability of making the brakes more responsive than currently. I have read about R1/R6 caliper changes, but nothing conclusive, and feel there is more to be had from the front in particular. Against this is the originality, there has been nothing changed that cannot be removed in minutes and I would like to keep her that way. Any thoughts? Paul
  4. Hi Fredkg. None really I love the fact that it's as is. I found out the other day that it's a California model not European as I first thought so might be good to remove the emissions stuff. I, unlike most on here, am not mechanically competent so that will be a project for the future. All the best to you. Regards Paul
  5. Thanks FredKG. She is in good condition and, apart from some lights and a USB connection, completely original. Counting the days till Spring. All the best Paul
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best from Poland
  7. So good in fact that many have ridden them thousands of miles and never realised they were running on 3 - sounds crazy but it is a fact that I personally have witnessed on more than one occasion. 


    Interesting comment Puc.  I have a 90 VR with 30k.  just bought.  It gives a clicking sound on cold start something like i heard years ago from a spark plus shorting onto nearby metal, and she also "farts" or backfires slightly.  This goes away when i release the choke, but the clicking remains.  

    Any advice very gratefully received.  All the best



  8. Thanks dude. Problem is she is sitting in my garage and every time go out there i just want to hop on and go. Been riding on and off for 40 years had 4 Yamahas and a 1200GS. Plus the winters here can be looooong and cold.
  9. Thanks very much for the welcome. just need now to time warp to spring so we can get out on it. regards I
  10. Hi Everyone. I have a 1990 Royale. Blue. 50,000km from new, 2 owners. All original, no mods. Only managed 100 or so miles before Polish winter set in. Both me and her indoors love it to bits.
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