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  1. Idrys

    Engine Oil

    Thanks everyone, all the best Paul
  2. Idrys


    Thanks very much
  3. Idrys


    Does anyone please have any info on the correct name or code number for the darker blue on my Royale. Needs a few touch ups.
  4. Spring has finally sprung in my corner of Poland. Around 350 kms under the tyres so far. With each km I have come to love and respect my 2 wheeled lady more and more. In short this bike is fecking amazing, I wasn't sure when I bought it, but any doubts have been dispelled and then some. I sincerely hope that both I and all the other Venturers on here get a chance to convert fuel into smiles over the next several months, despite the current difficulties. Paul
  5. Planning on taking my two youngest out this spring for the first time. 11 and nine. Both are very keen cyclists and cant wait.
  6. Idrys

    Engine Oil

    Hi All, Please, if I am missing a previous thread on this, someone point me in the right direction. Any thoughts on type of oil I should use (mineral, semi-synth) for an upcoming change. Paul
  7. I too am a newcomer and never got to talk to him personally. We were chatting by message very recently and I am totally shocked to hear this very very sad news. Mine and my wife's deepest condolences to his family and all Venturers who knew and admired him.
  8. Hi all. Does anyone have any advice as to removal and replacement. I see the 2 screws above the speakers. After removing them what else do I need to do? Many thanks guys Paul
  9. Thanks very much for your thoughts. Looks like steel lines to start and see how it goes from there.
  10. Hi All. I am interested if anyone has any opinions on the desirability of making the brakes more responsive than currently. I have read about R1/R6 caliper changes, but nothing conclusive, and feel there is more to be had from the front in particular. Against this is the originality, there has been nothing changed that cannot be removed in minutes and I would like to keep her that way. Any thoughts? Paul
  11. Hi Fredkg. None really I love the fact that it's as is. I found out the other day that it's a California model not European as I first thought so might be good to remove the emissions stuff. I, unlike most on here, am not mechanically competent so that will be a project for the future. All the best to you. Regards Paul
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