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  1. Hell don’t feel bad I didn’t even mention my RSV model and year to get an answer! FWIW mine is a 2006 Midnight and I’ll just take the other sides bolt out and match it up at HD. After I return from Daytona however😎
  2. I’m sure somebody’s got a handle on this; removed my lower fairings to change air filter. And of course as I was attaching the inside hex screw on the right fairingI dropped it and it disappeared to who knows where. Hands and knees all over the garage and it’s gone. What’s the size and any idea where I can find a replacement? TIA
  3. Not sure I explained myself properly; when starting bike cold and I pull out the choke, is it supposed to stay out or automatically go back in? Mine will not stay pulled out.
  4. Recently made a great deal on this Venture Midnight. Brought it home and had a welcome home party; oil/filter, plugs and fuel filter. Runs outrageously strong and smooth. Based on my Honda experience I’m pretty sure the choke isn’t engaging as cold starting the 1st time drained my battery but I think I got the hang of it now. Is that usually a pinched cable that is accessible? Going to keep my 1100 Shadow Sabre for now but I think see is going to sit for now. Thinking of rolling down to Daytona for a day or 2. Thanks for having me!
  5. Anyone have any experience with Barnett clutches, plates and springs?
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