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  1. The clutch doesn't release completely and the trike tends to creep ahead. Probably a simple procedure to most of you, but I just need a little help here. I changed the fluid. I now need to bleed the system. Thanks. Owen.
  2. Well I have a little problem. I was bleeding out the front brakes and got one side to bleed out nice then moved to the other side. Well I cannot get it to bleed out. I get nothing from it when I squeeze the lever. Is there an easy way to fix this or should I replace the line. I will NOT ride without a front brake, four wheel boneheads make that WAY to dangerous. Shaun
  3. I have an 83 venture royal the I have been ridding since '84. Last year I have a local shop rebuild the front forks with new seals. In the process, they were to bleed the rear brakes. I'm pretty sure they didn't have a clue as to how to bleed the unified brake system. When I got the bike back (finally), they said they bled the rear brakes but they couldn't get then to stiffen up. they said I had to pump the rear brake in order to get the pressure up. I have been told that this type of braking system require some special handling in order to get all the air out. It looks like I'm going to have to do it myself to get it right. I don't think there is a bleeder valve under the cowling on this bike and it has never had the extension tube modification done that I know of. I am the second owner of the bike and the first owner only had 6000 miles on it when I bought it. Can someone please tell me how to bleed the rear brakes on this bike and how to do it properly? is there some sort of magic method I should use in order to get it right? I would like to sell the bike but I can't really do that with the brakes like they are.
  4. I sold an 83 Venture to my BIL in 2006. Just before selling it to him, I had completely repainted it, rebuilt the carbs, installed a new stator assy, put new tires on it, had the seat redone. It was in a outstanding condition and ran really well. With the new paint job it looks really bada$$, too. I was visiting him a few months back and the bike was parked in his garage and covered. I could tell that he hadn't be on it in some time. So, I asked him when was the last time he rode it. To my bewilderment he had put only a little more that 300 miles on it since he bought it from me. He also stated that in had deteriorated somewhat since he hadn't been on it much. He hadn't even started it in over 5 years. Since he now has spells of being dizzy (he is 76 now) and can't ride he offered it back to me. I really wasn't interested because I have trouble keeping one bike up properly and surely didn't need a second one again so I told him I wasn't interested in buying it back. He said he didn't want to sell it to me but that I could just have it for free if I just got it out of my garage. I accepted. Since the bike has been back in my possession, I have installed a new battery, and gone through the carbs twice, cleaned out the fuel tank, changed oil and all those other necessary maintenance items. The bike again runs like a top; quiet as the day it was made. It even has 180 on all four cylinders. The only issue I now have and can't figure out is the rear brakes. I have read there is a third bleed valve up around the steering head somewhere. If there is, I surely cannot find it. Apparently after all those years of just sitting there, a rat or mouse or something ate a small hole in the brake hose; the one from the reservoir to the actual master cylinder. I replaced it and have been trying to bleed the rear brake system for over a week. My question is; did all 83s have that third bleed valve? I now do not get any air bubbles from the front bleed valve, but have gotten air from the rear bleed valve for probably over 100 bleeding attempts. What is going on? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Good morning everyone, Since purchasing a non-running '92 VR back in January, I've gotten it running and have everything working on it except the back/left front brakes. I rebuilt the master cylinder and the rear brake caliper. It wouldn't bleed. I removed the line going to the front at the master cylinder and plugged the master cylinder with a flanged bolt. Back brakes bled out fine. I have intentions to de-link the rear and front brakes, but I want to get this thing fixed first. As I don't yet have the money to upgrade yet. As part of the de-link process, I've read on this site that many people are using YZF-R1 or R6 calipers, so I got a set of blue-star front calipers off an R6. $49 bucks on eBay with no shipping charge. Tested them on the bench and they looked like they were working. After installation, still couldn't bleed the brakes. I got a 65cc syringe and attached a piece of clear tubing to it and tried to pull brake fluid through the line that way. No love there, as the syringe would pull a vacuum but when I let go, it would just snap back. I felt like something was stopped up. I loosened the bleeder up by the handle bars and tried again, same result. I must be stopped up somewhere between the caliper and the top bleeder. Ok, so what now? I went out to the barn and tried the same thing on an '87 donor bike I have. I could pull air through its line just fine. So, I removed that brake line and installed it on my '92. Now when I use the syringe method of bleeding, I can pull brake fluid all the way from the rear master cylinder reservoir to the front left caliper. HOO! RAY! Finished bleeding the brakes and now I have a decent pedal and feel like I can do an upgrade from a clean baseline when the time comes (that translates to, when I get the money). If I hadn't already spent so much money on this bike, I would've already gotten the brake upgrade kit that Skydoc_17 sells and I will. Here's the link to his kit: http://www.venturerider.org/classifi...line-21&cat=22 I post this to help encourage others that it is possible to clean up a 20+ year old brake system. On bikes that have been sitting up for many years, a stopped up brake line might be preventing you from bleeding your brakes. Important: If you have an older bike (20+ years old), it would be in your best interest to replace as much of the old system as you can afford as stopping is so important and no one needs a surprise in an emergency on a high-powered 800 lb. bike. Let's go riding.
  6. Are all MK II front calipers the same from 86-93? I finally got my front brakes hooked up to work together, but It still gives me the same amount of braking, virtually none, I am thinking the right one is bad, when I pump them up to bleed them I get good flow from the left when I bleed it, but when I bleed the right one after pumping them up again, just dribbles from the bleeder. If I let it sit for a while the brake lever has no pressure at all, have to pump them up to get any feel but the lever still goes to the handlebar. I am thinking the right caliper is leaking down, but I cant find any leaks anywhere. I have someone offering calipers from an 86 or 87 but I want to make sure they are the same before I get them. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I was bleeding my brakes per the Service Manual - right front, left front, rear, and the one on top. I installed SpeedBleeders on the left front and the rear as I went along. Everything worked as per normal -- fluid came out exactly as expected. No problems until I tried to bleed the one on top. Nothing came out - no air, no fluid, --nothing. I went around to the left front and nothing came out from there (even though it did a few minutes before). Likewise for the rear caliper bleed valve (which worked before). Hey, at least the right front works perfectly. Everything is like it came from the factory -- I never delinked the brakes or did any brake upgrades on this VR. The brakes were working fine before all of this. I just wanted to do some flushing for maintenance reasons. My guess is that there is something going on with the rear master cylinder. I searched the forum but nothing turned up that is exactly like this problem. I am open to suggestions before I begin surgery on the patient ....
  8. Just kind of wondering since i can't find a bleed spot or maybe i'm just missing it. Little help for a newbie:thumbsup:
  9. I installed Speed Bleeders ™ on the clutch and on all brake bleeding points yesterday (perhaps I shouldn't have chosen Friday the Thirteenth) and flushed all clutch and brake fluids with new fresh DOT4. Everything was going swell until I replaced the last bleed valve on the rear caliper and could not get any fluid to come out of the bleeder when I attempted to bleed the rear brake line. I replaced the Speed Bleeder with the OEM and attempted to bleed as normal and again no fluid would emit. I removed the bleeder and depressed the brake foot pedal, but still no fluid at rear caliper. I can see that there is fluid in the open port where the bleeder fits, but none comes out when I depress the pedal. I have a very firm pedal and the left front brake works. I tried rebleeding the entire system and did not encounter any air at the front or at the metering bleeder near the steering head. I removed the plastic elbow with the reservoir fill hose attached to it and drained the reservoir. I examined the two ports inside the master cylinder that are visible when the elbow is removed and noted that the orifices were open as I depressed the pedal. I reinstalled the elbow, refilled the reservoir with fresh fluid and rebled the front left, the steering head metering bleed valve and attempted to bleed the rear once again without success. Same results, no fluid and no pressure at the pistons. Applying the pedal does not apply the brakes on the rear wheel but the front left brake works fine. It seems to me that the proportioning valve mounted on the master cylinder is stuck, perhaps, but I don't know enough about the internal plumbing of the master cylinder/proportioning valve to know if this is likely. It is not an easy task to remove the master cylinder and or the proportioning valve, so I am asking for guidance towards some other cause for me to have no pressure at the rear caliper. The last time I rode the bike a couple weeks ago, the brakes seemed to work fine, even two up. I only encountered a problem after I installed the Speed Bleeders™. (Thanks to your suggestion, Condor!)
  10. I have a friend with an 85 Goldwing, and he can't seem to Bleed the rear brakes. Any Goldwing owners have any suggestions?
  11. Can't get the clutch to bleed or work .When I bought the bike the clutch was going out I bled it and it came back just fine I put about 200 miles on it and it went out again and I tried to bleed it but nothing I thought I saw a leek from the pipe line so I replaced it and now again nothing any ideas?? Small air bubbles come out when I comprees handle but nothing major..
  12. Hi. This is the first time I post on this forum. I need to know the part number for the bleed screw that bleed the carburator on a first gen 1983. I have one badly round off and cannot remove it at all. I would like to know if it's available before attempting something '' drastic'' to remove it! Thanks. Denis
  13. anyone know what brick an morter store carrys speedbleeders? I want to bleed them today and im alone and if sb8125L is correct for 83 venture.
  14. Going to be a long post. I have an 08 RSTD and lost the rear brakes a week ago today. This is what I have done. 1: Bleed breaks traditional way 2: Replace Rear pads notice pistons were frozen on curb side. 3: Removed rear caliper cleaned and split caliper. Cleaned all cups and visual check of all o rings 4. Reinstall Caliper bleed brakes still no luck (Pistons are functioning now.) 5: Clear fluid from lines back bled brakes This worked for a day and back to the pedal to the floor. Last night I drained all fluid and back bled again. I have pedal until I push on it twice and then no pedal. I can pump it up only to loose the pressure at the next test in say 60 yards. I have no fluid leaks, hoses appear to be fine. If when I bleed the brakes leave it set overnight I have pressure in the line until I use the pedal. Seems to be failing under load. I have not rebuilt or replaced the master cylinder. Stressing I have a 500 mile ride next Saturday and would like rear brakes. Any suggestions other than take it to a stealer? Thanks in advance SJ
  15. ughhhh..I hate brakes. I rebuilt my calipers on my 84 and have been bleeding or attempting to bleed the brakes.. the front right is fine, but I simply cannot get the air out of the left front/ rear...no matter how much i bleed with a vac, i still get a steady stream of bubbles....much more than normal.. I have to be getting air in the system somewhere, but can't find where...checked banjo bolts and bleeders....calipers are working.....rear seems to have less air than the front left... any idea where i might have a leak.. i never messed with the junction near the steering neck. darn.. this is beyond frustrating.. I've been battling this for days... clay
  16. ok after reading many posts on here about how to bleed a clutch line cable or whatever i have come to the conclusion that i need step by step instructions on how to gravity bleed and hand pump bleed my clutch on my 1984 venture xvz1200,i`am totally new at this but will attempt anything with the right instructions,so if u can lead me to a step by step post or just give me the directions i would greatly appreciate it, i have ordered a manual but as yet it has not arrived,please keep in mind that only thru these posts di i discover where the bleeder screw is that is how little i know :)thnx in advance for any and all help troy:fingers-crossed-emo
  17. Well I got into the brakes again. Now that I know how to bleed the left front out. I started by getting the resivor open. This I thought was going to be a pain but it popped right loose and was not bad at all. After topping off the fluid I started to bleed it out. I did it old school but still cheated. I made a check valve that would allow the air to exit but not re-enter. After 2 cups of coffee and 45 minutes of pumping the pedal up and down I had all the air out and good clean new fluid throughout the system. I want to thank you all for informing me how the brakes were set up and how to bleed them out. Shaun
  18. By any chance someone recorded how many strokes of the lever one needs to pump before new fluid is bleeding out? I bleed my clutch, front brakes and rear brakes. All the fluid that came out seemed really clean, being that I have only put 1000 miles since I purchased my 89 VR, I do not know when they were last bleeded. I pumped 4 times then refilled the Reservoir until I guessed it was enough. I also made sure that each Reservoir ended up half full for expansion.
  19. trying to bleed the brakes - starting at rear - i cannot remove the reservoir lid due to a molded plastic piece in the way - i do see an allen screw which appears to hold it in place - must i remove that screw to access the reservoir lid?? see pic...............
  20. I changing the brake cables and clutch cables and need to bleed the clutch but cant find the bleeder to bleed it with. Need help urgently. Thanks
  21. I think I need to bleed my clutch...again! This will be the 3rd time....in 2 months. When I bleed it...and put in fresh Dot3, it seems fine for about a month...then all at once it starts acting up and within 2 -3 days it is unrideable. The "throw" gets less and less until it won't disengage enough to sit at a stop without pulling or stalling! The clutch fluid level is not down...so I'm not leaking anywhere Even after a clutch bleed the clutch starts to engage VERY soon after the clutch lever leaves the bar. I mean like 3/4 of the lever travel is meaningless. ANY IDEAS???
  22. I just purchased a bike that had been wrecked and sat for three years. The only problem with it is that the plastic got hurt. I have put everything back together except for the plastic. It will run and sound good however, when I put it into gear it dies. I have bleed the clutch. Is there something that has to be engaged before it can go into gear? The next question I have is how do I bleed the brakes? I am not use to working on motorcycles I normally work on cars. This bike sat for three years with no fluid in front lines. On a car I can open up the bleeders and gravity bleed to get fluid down to calipers. I can't seem to get it to work on my bike. I would love any help Thanks. Wow I am impressed with your site. 15 minutes and three answers. I will be your newest member. Thanks for the brakes I never thought about a vacuum bleeder. As far as the kickstand I have a picture on my dash that shows the kickstand when down it goes out when I put up could it still be bad. Does the center stand make a difference whether it is up or not. This is a 1988 sorry forgot to put year and I am in Oak ridge TN.
  23. I am trying to bleed the brakes and they are spongy. I understand the rear brake is linked with the front left. I have speed bleeders. If someone can give me specific instructions for bleeding the front hand brake and the integrated brakes I would sure appreciate it. I am not being successful. Thanks for the time.
  24. Is there an easily obtainable replacement for the clutch bleed screw? Mine has been rounded and probably should be replaced the next time I bleed the clutch. I see in BikeBandit that I can get a replacement assembly (with the rubber cover) for $19 and change. Is there a better option?
  25. Today on the way to work I had a problem shifting gears. This afternoon when I put the bike in gear it would creep forward and stall unless I kept therevs up. I knew it was a problem with the clutch. I went to the nearest bike shop and added some DOT 3 fluid to the clutch system but the problem didn't go away. So now after struggling to get home on crazy traffic and reading the service manual i know I need to bleed the clutch. So How do I do that? I should also flush the system as what is in there looked nasty. What is the best way to do the flush and bleed the lines? I appreciate and and all help I can get on this.
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