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  1. I need to fix the turn signal switch and check the contacts it's sticking something fierce. But am unable to get the choke lever removed so I can split the lever assembly? Ideas? Won't pull off, don't see any screws? Baffled. Thanks.
  2. I just solved one problem, here comes another. 99 Venture Royal Star, replaced faulty ignition switch, corrected problem. Now, with the motor running and in neutral, if I place the sidestand down the motor stops. If the clutch lever or the sidestand is in any position, as long as the bike is in neutral no problem.
  3. Good morning: I've just finished replacing my brake, throttle and clutch lines with SS units and my handlebar with a Flanders model. All went pretty well, but my front brake lever does not have a firm feel to it and the bike can be moved, with some effort, with the brakes applied. I have checked all my connections for tightness and there was no air in the system when I bled the lines yesterday. A check of the service manual doesn't lead me to what could be wrong. So what could I have missed or done wrong? Is there some adjustment at the lever itself which needs to be performed (the manual doesn't indicate anything)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I do believe in "old college tries" and will bleed the lines again with a vacuum pump. The reservoir is angled slightly back (not horizontal when the handlebars are turned left), but I don't think that should have a bearing on a closed system. Thanks in advance to all who can lend a hand. Regards, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
  4. I can't seem to find anyone who carries the front brake lever switch anymore, does anyone know where I can find 1 for my 86 VR. Tom
  5. So I noticed my brake light was on when i started the bike this morning. No problem mess with the front brake lever and off it goes. Get home this evening and the light is stuck again and wont turn off (bike running). Shut off bike mess with lever light goes out. Work lever several times and seem to work fine (gonna clean this weekend anyway). Start the bike up and hit the brake light stuck again and wont go out until you cut the bike off. What in the world would cause that?
  6. Wanting to modify a stock gear shift lever. Second Gen. Anyone have an extra one laying around they would let go? I actually have 1" shorter single aftermarket I would trade for a good stocker. Can send a pic of mine if your interested. Thanks.
  7. I've been working on the 83, the one my brother has been using. When it got here, it had only had the front brake working, a weak alternator, a big oil leak on the left side, and a slipping clutch. plus it had lots of other problems. The last 3 months, I've been working on it, and after fixing everything else and then rebuilding the rear master cylinder I finally took it for a good ride. Another problem has shown up. Sometimes it's real hard to downshift, especially from 4th to 3rd. When this happens, you have to let the clutch out a little and then it'll go. Before I thought of letting the clutch out a little to load 4th gear a little, I thought I might be limping home in 4th. I suppose I should mention that this thing has 140,000 miles on it and at 82K I fixed 2nd gear, but 3 years ago when I last saw it it shifted OK I should also mention that my brother isn't too gentle on the old girl---he likes to powershift, and I've seen him pushing hard on the shift lever. To fix the clutch, I installed a Skydoc spring and full inside clutch plate kit. Now the clutch doesn't slip and it does seem to be disengaging all the way when the lever is pulled in. In this project, I replaced the slave cylnder, and replaced all of the brake fluid. It's clean, fresh and completely bled. The clutch lever feels good, and is engaging at the correct point. When I did 2nd gear (10-12 years ago), I replaced the shift drum and 2nd gear, as per the Yammie service bulletin. I don't think I replaced the 4th gear shift fork, but I did replace 1st and 2nd gear shift forks I've checked the shift linkage----the hole in the left engine cover that the shift linkage shaft passes through is worn a bit, so it's sloppy and the pivot for the shift lever is a bit worn also, however there is no play in the linkage inside of the gearbox itself. I oiled the shift linkage and took it for another ride last night, and it was a lot better, but not correct. If I wanted to shift down from 5 to 3rd, sometimes I had to let the clutch out a little to get it to go from 4th to 3rd. BTW, neutral is a bit of a pain to get into. If you're moving, it'll go from 2nd to neutral fine. If you're stopped and in first, you have to let the clutch out a little briefly like you're taking off, and if you are pulling up on the shift lever when you pull the clutch back in, it'll go to neutral. I'm wondering if my brother didn't bend a shift lever because it feels as if the shift drum is hard to turn. Or, is it because of the 140K and almost 30 years, just worn out? I know that several riders that have heel/toe shifters installed have had something break....does anybody know what they break? The bike is rideable, but if something in the shift linkage is damaged and lets go, it could leave my brother stranded. Any ideas??? Frank D.
  8. I have searched all night and can't seem to find the brass bushing for the clutch lever. I found the one that pushes the rod to actuate the clutch but I can't find the one where the bolt goes thru for the lever itself. Mine is egg shaped and the handle wobbles around quite a bit. Anyone know if this is replaceable? It's not shown on the Star parts list only the one that pushes the rod. Scott
  9. I'm trying to get my 84 Venture running properly but so far I can only get a slow idle out of it after it warms up. I have been following the other threads re diaphragms, etc but my question relates to the closed throttle position. When the bike is idling I can retard the throttle or push down on the front carb lever and it closes a little more and the rpm will rise a little. Basically, I run out of idle screw adjustment before it contacts the first carb lever. I loosened the throttle cable adjustment housing and put slack in the cable but the throttle still doesn't seem to close all the way. I would think the throttle plates should close tight when there is no tension on them. I also notice that my full cold choke setting is not complete as I can take a pair of plies and pull on the choke linkage and it will snap further about another 1/16 on an inch but it will still start with the partial choke. I know I have to tune the carbs together but I'm not at that point yet until I get this linkage figured out. I had it running last spring when I went to a "meat and eat" in Jacksonville and one of the guys brought his carbtune but even though it ran fairly well but the vacumn was barely registering. I got home and messed with the carbs and that's where it sat until I started working on it again. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. Please correct me if I am wrong I don't think there is a clutch cable but I have a lot of play when pulling in the lever. One day after work my bike did lunge forward despite having the lever pulled all the way in or bike in "neutral". Don't remember which at this point, but I think it was lever pulled all the way in. This morning going to work I had a really hard time upshifting. Downshifting, no problem. Upshifting I have to push down on the pedal 2-3 times and then it will engage. I was at a stop light with lever all the way in and again bike was moving forward. I hope it isn't the clutch as I just had it down around 60k miles. I am around 78k now. Thoughts?
  11. I just finished draining the old fluid and filling with fresh Dot 4. I bled it until I have all new fluid from the bleeder valve and no bubbles. Problem is now with the system all closed up I cant get the clutch lever to build any pressure and engage the clutch. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
  12. I have trouble sometimes keeping my cruise on and what is happening is the wind will push the clutch lever just enough to disengage the cruise. If I hold the clutch leaver out everything works fine. It feels like there should be a spring or at least a stronger spring in there to keep it out a tad more. Is there a way to make the lever stay out and not disengage the cruise. I had the handle apart and cannot find a spring so I'm guessing it is inside the housing.
  13. Hello everyone Out on a ride today and went to shift down and couldnt without reving the engine.also when in first gear,and stopped,bike kept moving forward with clutch lever squeezed tight.Seems to be a lot of play in the lever as well.Checked the resivour and was full. any ideas.if it was cable driven i would say stretched cable but at a loss with hydrolic clutch any ideas Thanks
  14. Is it normal to hear ,what sounds like a chain sound, when i compress the clutch lever at a stop. Maybe that sound is there everytime i pull the lever but i only notice it when i am stopped. Is there an adjustment for the cam chain or whatever chain is inside the engine. Just want to make sure that it wont be an issue before my cross country trip. Al
  15. I have an '84 Venture. I just fixed my 4th gear loss problem and put the clutch back in. Now I can'y pull the clutch lever..... Pulled the clutch back off and still can't pull the lever....steel rod doesn't move at all...
  16. I have a 2006 RSV with 42,000 miles. Bike is in great shape and only problem I am having is my choke lever no longer stays on its own. I have to hold the lever out until engine is warmed up. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated!
  17. I have to replace my winter helmet and I think I want to get another modular.Any cons to some of the helmets that some have used.ease of one hand operation.etc. I love the modular and also love my tinted inner visor, just move a lever and instant shades.lol Im looking to spend under $250 us
  18. What can I do to stop my clutch lever from Squeeking. It does it every now and then. Thanks
  19. My '05 Tour Deluxe is having some serious front brake issues, need ideas on where to start. The bike has about 50k on it, I'll admit, the brake fluid is about a year over due on flushing. My problems are these: the front brake lever is hard to squeeze - meaning if I squeeze the lever with the normal force to moderatly slow down, I barely get any braking action, if I squeeze harder the brakes just about lock up; other issue- when I do find that sweet spot in the front brake lever for good moderate braking, the brakes pulsate pretty bad (like a warped disc) and the front end dances all over the place. Needless to say, this thing is scary to try to ride. I hope with all of these brilliant minds here, I might find an answere Thanks, Dave
  20. I keep trying to get used to some things on my bike but I think I should repair the problem instead of trying to get used to. My brake lever is very hard to get the bike to stop. Pulled my calipers and made sure all pistons are working fine. The next step is to change the pads and see if anything is wrong with the master. I really have to squeeze hard to the point where I hate using the front brake. I cured the notchiness by loosen ing the pinch bolt snd lubing all hinge points. So what is left
  21. So all warm season riding was fine and my brake lever reach problem had subsided.here it is again.the lever is too far and also very hard to squeeze.Are there after market levers available that for closer to the grip. I checked and lubed all pivot points again and the lever is just so damn hard to squeeze Am I being a baby?
  22. I got this bike (83 Venture) about 6 months ago and ever since I have been hunting a very loud annoying whistle in the fairing. I have moved duct tape from this vent to that port over the chrome strip under the windshield but could never find it. this last Friday coming home from a ride I went to shift and as I moved my hand over the clutch lever the sound changed, so I kept moving my hand around that area until I found it. there is a hole on the under side of the ball end of the clutch lever. once I covered the hole half of the noise went away so I covered the brake lever hole also and SILENCE IS GOLDEN GOLDEN. It sounded so good not to hear that noise (in stereo) I had to take a 350 mile round trip on Saturday to watch one of my grandsons play football. I almost turned my wife into a Popsicle. We didn't get headed back for home until after dark and the temp dropped to 40. But there was no whistle.
  23. Just finnished installing the new clutch in my Venture. New clutch disks and PCW HD spring kit. Whoever did the last job had 3 disks in wrong and the pressure plate not lined up. Not sure if that makes all that much differance but it doesn't jerk when I put it into gear now. The clutch lever isn't much different than it was before. This was an easy install! I HAD to buy new tools to do the job right.....right. Once again thank you all very much for all the info on the clutch. Wayne
  24. Two months ago my clutch worked fine, bike has set as I was out of town for work. Get back and have no clutch. I believe my slave cylinder needs to be rebuilt as I do lose fluid over time. usually I can fill the reservoir up do a quick bleed and back on the road. This time not so lucky. When I pull the lever there is absolutely nothing there, as if the lever is not attached to anything. I cannot seem to get it to build pressure. This has been going on for several days. ANy ideas or suggestions?
  25. I changed the clutch basket and now the clutch lever will not depress, it's hard as a rock. Anyone else have this and what should I do.
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