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  1. I don't mind the cost of great touring riding gear especially if I can avoid of any the mistakes that sent others back to buy something different. Any lessons you learned AFTER you bought gear for riding cool and wet winters (I'm in Oregon) or hot dry summers (like eastern Oregon) that you wish you had known, or purchases you wish you had made first? Thanks Tom
  2. OK I'm discovering part of the the reason for lower gas mileage besides the additional weight. While cruising today, I notice 5th gear is actually useable at speeds as low as 45 as opposed to useless under 55. Soooo, I'm thinking that the gear ratio is a tad tall. Has anybody done any research on this?? I am also considering slightly larger diameter tires for better gas mileage. I know, Hannigan is adimate about using only that tire size, and I have to admit, the speedometer is dead nuts on, but I use my GPS for the speedometer so maybe I will experiment. Any suggestions or input??
  3. I am needing some help on which final gear oil to use. My owners manual says to use GL-4, but I am not having any luck finding it. All I can find is GL-5 and by what I can find on the internet, that is not compatable with GL-4 service. I have heard that it is ok to use GL-5 if it is a synthetic, however I can't find that on any manufactures web sites. Do any of you know about this? I would appreciate the benefit of any research you have done. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know what would cause an '87 VR to red line in 2nd gear at 65 mph but not get above 4500rpm and 75 mph in 5th gear. It does sputter a little around 6000 rpm but will recover up to the red line. I normally don't do this to the engine but was trying to blow out the jets in the carbs after 2 cans of Sea Foam run through her this past year. It runs great but just a little slugesh in high gear. Any insight would be great and I just got carbs sync. this weekend. Is this normal? THANKS!!!
  5. Barb and I are down in Murfreesboro TN at our daughter's house. My son-in-law and I got to talking about the bikes he has test ridden, and the topic of the BMW 1600GTL came up. He'd gone to the Nashville dealer (Bloodsworth) and looked at it, but it was raining that day so he couldn't go for a test ride. Today we went up there and Barb and I went for a ride. It sure is a lot different than a MKII first Gen!!! The luggage is pretty small. The travel trunk is real big on the outside, but it's 2 layers, so the inside is way smaller than the MkII. The sadle bags have a real neat mounting system. They go on and off the bike in about 2 seconds flat. The motor is fantastic. Super smooth and unbelieveable power--everywhere. I ran it from a 3000 rpm run in 1st gear. You could feel the computer cut the power back whenever it would start to lift the front tire. Even in 6th gear from 55 mph, the power is great. Barb says it doesn't souind like a motorcycle though. The transmission shifts good, but there is a lot of gear lash in the driveline---way worse than either my 89 or my 83 with 150K on it. It turns great. Really great. I think it's because of the front suspension. The brakes are way too touchy. If you are old enough to remember getting into your friends early 60's Olds. or Pontiac and coming to a screeching stop while just touching the brake pedal, that's what the BMW brakes seem like. Even when I was trying to stop real gentle, it was an abrupt stop. There is some time delay between the throttle by wire and the motor responding, but it's not too bad. The passenger portion of the seat comfortable, but it took Barb some time to get used to it. She liked the seat heater, but says the back rest was terrible. I hated the front seat, but it had the shorter one. The dealer says he thinks he'll get a higher seat in soon. The wind protection from the fairing is no where as good as the first Gen. You have to use a bluetooth if you want communication with your passenger. I didn't play too much with all the toys, except I did switch the damping on the suspension. In the comfort position, it rides smoothly, and it gets stiffer when on normal or whatever they call the higher position. There is a lot less passenger room compared to either a 1st. or 2nd gen. If I left anything important out, please ask away..... Frank D.
  6. Hello all, I have made a few posts and as a few who have read them might know I am new to the venture following. I am strongly mechanically inclined and am attempting a budget rebuild of a 1985 Venture royal from bare frame up. I am asking in this thread all of you for any suggestions, opinions, and or thoughts of what you might change or upgrade on your first generation ventures if you have the opportunity to do it your way. Having never rode one before I am not able to judge this myself so I ask those that know these bike better than I. My bike is torn down and I have cleaned it up and fresh paint and now starting the rebuild. I am painting the bike synergy green from the 2010 camaro ss and blacking out what I can but trying to allow it to be still tasteful. I have taken the advice of a well respected member and am upgrading my transmission to the second generation gear and fork set as well as using a vmax final drive to give me the gear range I desire. I am on a budget and will be using what is good and rebuilding or replacing what needs work but am not afraid to spend where needed. I am open to all suggestions whether a large job or not, and I will be really paying attention to items that are repeatedly mentioned. Everything from cosmetic to fit and function will be considered. Please have at it and do not hold back, basically a resurrected gen 1 built venturerider.org style. Thanks to all who contribute and I will collect pics during the process and post them in a thread at a later date.
  7. 83 VR So im doing some work that required me to split the case. But I see that the PO had already split the case for whatever reason. I was wondering what do I need to see to determine that the 2nd gear issue was repaired? I've got 55000 miles on the bike with no gear issues right now. Also, I understand that I could buy another years transmission and be done with transmission issues all together. What years would that be? Could I get a trans. from a 1300 that would fit or do I HAVE to undercut/ buy parts for my 1200.
  8. Hello everyone and almost Happy new year! I have been doing some research and reading up on safety gear, and such and. I have the alpine stars, the olympias, the heavy leather and such. Seems like Motoport is getting a lot of good/great reviews regarding their kevlar suits, pants and jackets. Now they are not cheap by any stretch, but testimonies from others on various forums and site seem to swear they are the top banana in safety wear. Lately, I have been more concerned with the good or poor choices of my gear in such an event happen. So....I wanna here from you guys and gals. Anyone have personal or know anyone who wears this kevlar brand? Here in Florida, the heat can be brutal, yet many a Floridian who wear the mesh kevlar have not experienced any overheating. From all accounts the customer service is excellent and the pants and jacket are custom made for your body, so they want specific measurements. Let me know what ya thoughts are. Right now leaning towards the purchase, and it will be my final purchase regarding gear. Thank you kindly for replying and have a fantastic and safe riding new year!!
  9. Just did the clutch skydoc clutch upgrade. eliminated the slippage but now is hard shifting. i know the single and double notches line up....not sure about if they are in reference to the basket. was unclear about that. any opinions??? also a couple of times it killed when put into gear from neutral. like when you put the kickstand down when its in gear with clutch in.
  10. Gear position Indicator upgradefor standard Ventures (Non-Royales) I have installed a gear position indicating system on my 1983 Venture. This is the stock model without the dash readout from the factory. This is the second Venture I have owned. The first one was a 1984 Royale. Two of the things I really miss from that bike were the gear indicator and the cruise control. The cruise control is coming later. I have all of the stock parts now needed to install it. I obtained a Neutral Switch Assembly from a 1984 Venture Royal through an Ebay auction for under $10.00. This assembly will exchange with the stock neutral switch assembly from a standard Venture. The neutral switch assembly is located between the back end of the stator cover and the front of the middle drive. It sets back in about four inches and is difficult to see, but is accessible. Removal of the middle drive cover is needed to access. To indicate what gear the bike is in I mounted three LED lights in the gauge cluster above the volt gauge. The left light is lit it indicates 1st gear. The left light and the center lights lit indicate 2nd gear. The center light lit indicates 3rd gear. The center light and right lights lit indicate 4th gear. The right light lit indicates 5th gear. The neutral light works as normal. In neutral none of the LED’s are lit. I could also use five LED’s, using one for each gear, but I like the 3 light system as it is easy to see and once familiar with the pattern, it is very easy to determine what gear I am in with a quick glance down at the gauges. I initially used a red, green and amber LED’s but the green and amber had poor visibility in the daytime. I replaced with all red ones. I also painted the part of the LED’s that are inside of the cluster with black paint to keep the light from the instrument cluster from bleeding through the LED’s translucent housing. I used four diodes and three LED’s from radio shack for the light logic circuit. Four IN4004 rectifier diodes. Price $.99 for two Three Red LED assemblies. Price $1.99 each The new Neutral Switch Assembly has a six pin plug on the end that sets in the same area that the stator and rectifier plugs are near the fuel pump. I had two spare diode assemblies that I have obtained in the past and used the plug from one of these to mate up with the plug on the Neutral Switch cable. I had to take one extra wire connector from the second diode assy. As the diode assembly plug only used five wires. You do not need to use this connector if you do not want to though. I retained this plug as I will be replacing the wiring harness when I install the cruise control. I put the diodes in the circuit near the plug connections on the end of the neutral switch assy. I then ran three 18 gauge wires up to the instrument cluster. I used a trailer four conductor plug I had to make a connection at the instrument panel. I have attached a PDF file with pictures and a wiring schematic to install this.
  11. I have put 130,000 miles on my 83 and have had two different transmissions in it so I feel I know it pretty well. The oil I have mostly used has been Valvoline 10-40 and have also run Amsoil for motorcycles and some Valvoline Synthetic. This past oil change I put in the Rotella and even though the gear whine has not been real noticeable in the past, I am positively convinced that the whine is even less noticeable than before. I know that this may not help the whine that is associated with the clutch basket, but it may help the straight cut gear whine that is normal in these bikes. I was also wondering if any others that went to the Rotella oil feel this way? I got this oil at O'Rilleys for about $13 a gallon. RandyA
  12. Bought a 12 Volt power adapter from Cycle Gear for 10 bucks and I think I will buy a couple more. I took the handle bar mount off and made the hole for the acc socket below the seat just a little bigger. For power I cut the factory plug off the acc wire, soldered them together and it works great. http://www.cyclegear.com/_static/webupload/730/2_web1007420_3.jpg http://www.cyclegear.com/eng/product/12_volt_power_adapter/web1007420#pr-header-web1007420
  13. The gear indicator on my 84 stopped working properly last summer. I checked all the wires coming from the transmission with my ohm meter and all are making a complete circuit. Now where is the doodad/gadget/thingamabob that I have to check to see if it's malfunctioning? I can't find it in my manual. Thanks, Bill
  14. Yup...You guessed it... The 650 VStar and RSV have a lot more in common than the gas caps.... Although not the same part number, they do not sell the final drive shaft assembly seperatly(as it must mesh exactly with its counterpart in the hub). They do sell the coupling gear for 18.29. So I Need a 650 Yamaha Rear axel Gear case assembly. Part no# 5FB-46101-00-00 or 5FB-46101-01-00 The splines are completely gone, they were rusty, as no grease was ever put on them.... So word of warning... all you RSV and 650 owners need to pull the driveline and grease the splines on the coupling gear. This drive assembly for the 650 is over $500 new... In the meantine, I'm going to mig weld the coupling gear to the final drive shaft assembly on the inside. this will not allow it to be dissassembled, but you cannot buy the parts seperately anyway.
  15. Is there such a thing as shelf-life for gear oil? I've had this 1 qt jug of this stuff since about 1998. Have used it in my last 3 bikes no problem ... is it still good or should I buy new?
  16. Starting to get some slipping in 5th gear. The bike has 42,500 miles and it feels like I am riding into a heavy wind. Kinda a pause type feel while at speed. Also when I get on throttle in 5th it rpms up then takes off. But only in top gear. What do you guys think? You know..now that I think about it, I never noticed it until I went from Mobil 20w-50 synthetic to the Mobil Racing 4T 10w-40...could that be an issue? Thanks guys.
  17. This time of year alot of people will be doing various things to their bikes or other equiptment, in order to get them ready for next year... Make sure you wear proper saftey gear for the job at hand... Specifically....saftey glasses. I just got a shot of carb cleaner in both eyes after having worn them all day. Really wanted to paint my 612 Dozer blade today, had it all stripped down and took the glasses off (they were fogging up) to finnish up the corners and hard to reach areas with my scaler. When i went to clean the debri off of the scaling gun, you guessed it, the carb cleaner went in to my eyes and right now I'm hoping the damage is not permanent... Wear the saftey gear all the time, and above all else .... Know when to call it quits...
  18. I recently purchased my wife a Sedici heated jacket liner, and heated gloves. She loves her gloves so much, she purchased me a pair of Sedici heated gloves today. All of these recent purchases have me wondering tonight. Should I be worried about the electrical system on my RSTD handling this extra load? BTW, I've never had heated gear before. But, after I hooked them up and tried them today, OMG! Is this what I've been missing out on all this time?!?! Nice and toasty.
  19. Still same problem...1/2 turn and zing............. Still will not start. I replaced the sprag kit but not the idler gear. It has some wear barely to the touch. FIXED!!! replaced the idler gear and does great now.
  20. I had noted a couple of weeks ago that I was having a shifting problem. I was having a problem with the bike not staying in 1st and 5th gear. I could shift it into 1st gear and it would come back out unless I held the shifter down until I put it under a load. I was having the same problem with 5th and also having a problem with finding neutral. I suspected I was having a détente problem and that was what it turned out to be. The spring that pulls in the détente roller arm was broken. I had a spare and was able to replace it by taking off the clutch side cover and down beside the clutch basket I could get to it. Some long needle nose pliers and I was good to go. I wanted to post this as this is not a problem I have heard the Venture having. It appears that the spring was just worn enough to finally break. RandyA
  21. Now that I have a sidecar on my 2004 RSV, I notice the need to feather the clutch considerably more than before just to get it to move. I have read that some of you put V-Max gears in your RSV to make 5th gear more useful. My question is for those of you that have done this does it make much of a difference in first gear, just trying to get rolling?
  22. Ok... Leaving for home tomorrow, but have a "noise" coming from where the gear oil is housed in... I heard the noise on Saturday... Took it to a dealer in Wichita, KS. by the time he test drove the bike the noise went away. The noise came back the next day and has been getting worse. Today I am in Custer, SD And we are heading home tomorrow... And now the noise is worse. A buddy felt the housing where the spline is at and could feel the sound. It is a clicking sound... Almost like a baseball card on spokes (just not as loud). I need to know what are the possibilities? If it needs gear oil, how to add more... And what weight oil do I need and anything else I might could use... I do NOT want to be stranded here and there is no BIKE shops here. Thanks for the QUICK help! Wally
  23. Not sure what category this should be in, but.....HERE it is! My wife said she felt a couple of "lurches" under her while doing about 40MPH in 4th gear on her 1100 V-Star this morning. She glided to a stop at the side of the road, and sure enough, when I got off my Venture and onto her bike to see what was wrong, I released the clutch slowly in first gear.....only to see that the bike moved forward, ever so slightly, then stayed exactly where it was, with the clutch FULLY engaged. DOH!!! Do you suppose the clutch is "fried", "broken" or ......"otherwise"? Any and all suggestions greatly appreciate. P.S. And if you've had this same experience.....did you replace, repair, use aftermarket, genuine Yamamama etc, etc, etc. Thanks a lot for any help guys. Really appreciate your help on this one.....cause, as you know, "Happy wife.....happy life!!" :-) Michael
  24. Came across an '87 Venture, and I'm toying with the idea of buying it. I would fix it up and then do a cross country trip. My last such trip was in '04 on an '02 Concours. - Is this an OK year for the Venture? - I'm OK with cleaning carbs, etc, but what else should I look out for? - Is 2nd gear a hazard on the 87 model? - Whats an OK price for an average '87 that's been sitting for a few years? - Are tires, parts, and so on reasonably available? Thanks!
  25. My 99 RSV will start fine in neutral. But will not turn over when in gear with the clutch pulled in. Clutch slave was just rebuilt if that would make any difference. What are the things to check? Kickstand switch? Other? Thanks, Ross
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