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  1. Hey Gang, It just dawned on me that I never posted pics of our new ride. So, here it is.
  2. The new low forecast for Monday here in Little Rock is 0 degrees. They need to STOP IT with the new forecasts.
  3. Squidley, 12 degrees in Houston really is crazy. Its supposed to be 2 degrees here in Little Rock, Arkansas Monday night. Somebody up north left the gate open, and let the ole Frosty head down south.
  4. Hi All, I thought I would send some news your way that pertains to this subject. Never thought I'd be weighing in. My wife has worked at the same insurance company for 43 years. She manages the contracts division for this well known company. One of the gentlemen that she had worked with for 40 of those years, his name is Fred Dickson, retired 3 years ago. Fred retired at 68yrs old, so that makes him 71 this year. Fred is a beast of a man. What I mean is: he has always been a highly active person, and has had lazer focus on his health. He has for many years competed regionally
  5. Hi All, It has been a looooooong time since I've been on the site here. Teresa and I have had some crazy things come up in our lives the past couple years that have taken our focus off of riding. We have occasionally gotten on the bike for maybe a short ride to go eat or something here and there, but probably haven't put more than a couple thousand miles on it the past couple years combined. IN the past couple years, we have dealt with: Me having 2 heart events that required hospital stays, and surgeries. The last one this past June 2020 was an event that happened while I was playing
  6. Hey 40, You are going through the exact thing I've been dealing with the past few months. Woke up from a nap, and my neck and across my right shoulder, and about half way down my arm were in so much pain I couldn't stand it. I was delirious for 3 days, with no sleep, and constant excruciating pain. I couldn't function. Stayed immobile. My right arm was buzzing, and my hand was tingling, and weak. My wife convinced me to go to a good chiropractor that she goes to. After 13 visits over 5 weeks, the pain was way better. Actually, it was getting where the pain was almost gone. But, I still ha
  7. Pucster, Thanks for all that cipherin that we didn't have to do. You Da Man!!! Polaris has a bike habit that I would bet they support with their sales of side by sides, and 4 wheelers. They sell a bazillion of those each year. Like you said, I'm glad they're in the market, and taking a whack at the establishment. It only makes for great products for us all to choose from across all brands. Big Lenny
  8. OH, MY HEART ACHES!! Bob was truly a legend around here. In 2012, Teresa and I had a 2 weeker planned for an out west ride, and 2 weeks before our leave out date, while taking the front axle off to change the front tire, all of the threads in the left axle came out when I unscrewed it. I was in a full blown panic. The shop that I had taken it to to have the tire changed the last time, had not put anti seize on the threads. I immediately started having visions of having to buy a new fork, and all of the mess it was gonna take to get that fixed before our vacation. I jumped on the site here,
  9. I gotta question... My wife has a training she has to attend in San Mateo, CA the week of July 14th. She wants me to go with her, and us spend her off time seeing points of interest in the area. We'll probably go a few days earlier, and stay a few days after. If I go, and we rent a bike from Eaglerider, or some place like that, and we ride a couple days, can I technically count that as California being a state we have ridden in? Or, does it have to be on our own personal bike? Opinions??????? Big Lenny
  10. Hi Status, I'm super excited you and your bride are gonna get to take a good long ride. I bet its gonna be a great trip. The Kentucky Horse Park is great! I noticed you said 800+ miles from Hannibal to Lexington. Google Maps shows it to be 453 miles. Are sure you have that correct? 800 miles is a lot to cover in a day. Big Lenny
  11. Hey Skydoc, I hope you’re doing well. I bought the clutch kit from ya several years ago, and now I need to do it again. Please contact me and lets work work a deal. Thanks, Big Lenny
  12. Hi Condor, Not sure what year model your Titan is. Those dudes used to be gas suckers, but Nissan completely remodelled them in 2017, and they get a lot better mileage now. 2017 is the model year I have, and I just looked at the avg MPG before I came in the house and jumped on the forum. It says its averaging 17.9 on this tank of gas. But, I've been running quite a bit of city stuff the past few days.
  13. t_hole, My sentiments exactly about the Titan. And, believe me, I NEVER EVER EVER EVER thought I would be saying that about a Nissan Titan. I have the regular Titan, but I have an acquaintance who owns the Titan XD which has the Cummins Diesel, and he loves his rig too. This Titan is turning out to be a more tightly built rig than the Fords, and the GMC that I have owned. But, as I stated in my original post, you gotta be your own, stand alone man to own this rig, and not have a hint of a follower personality, because people are gonna rib you about it being non American and such. I total
  14. January 2018, I was in the market again for a new truck. I am a sales rep for Grainger, and I drive 3000-4000 miles per month. My vehicle is my office. It has to be extremely reliable, or I can't make a living. I had owned 7 Ford F150's in a row. I also owned a GMC Sierra in 2010 at the same time I owned an F150, because I had a buyer for the F150, but the deal fell through. That allowed me to drive both of them for a while, and I gotta say, the F150 was easily better quality than the GM product. But, lets get back to January 2018. I began the process of looking for a new truck again.
  15. Pucster, I haven't been on the site in a while, so after I jumped on tonight to catch up on things, I'm so saddened to read of your little brother's battle with bone cancer. It is breaking my heart to read your updates. I want you to know Teresa and I are both keeping your brother, his family, and you and Tippy, and your family in our prayers during this difficult time. As you have already said, we will all be facing our time someday, but it sure doesn't make it any easier when we lose our siblings, and family members who we've been so close to. Prayers up. Your Brother in Christ,
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