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  1. LOL...they aren't biased. I won't slam my old 2009 Venture...I had some great rides on it. But their slogan is, RIDE ONE and YOU'LL OWN ONE is true (at least in my case). The handling on this bike is nothing less than amazing!!! Only 2 complaints have I...First one is that it's a little hot in the box (engine heat)...and second...they don't have a forum with as much information as this one, nor with people as nice as this one. But make no mistake...I love my Cross Country Tour!
  2. Dang IT ya'll. I just wanted to show my respect for the great people here and the valuable information you have given me (and many others). I didn't intend for it to be a farewell party. NOW you all have to live with the GUILT TRIP you have laid on me for departing this site by living at least another year with me here. Yes, I resubscribed for another year. Seriously though, I know my participation will not be as great as it has in the past, but there are so few GOOD SITES out there, I would feel like I was abandoning something so good if I didn't stay a while longer. Thank you all
  3. Well, my membership has expired and sadly it is time to say goodbye. About a month ago I traded my Venture in on a 2012 Cross Country Tour. But first a few honest and sincere comments before I leave. I'll talk about this site and the valuable information on it first... Having 3 sites of my own, I know the hard work it takes to run a website like this and Don has done a FANTASTIC job of knowing when to step in and when to let things alone. The site is nicely done...and frankly I was very hesitant about "joining" a site that charged to be a member. Little did I know then that the informat
  4. Cool...I'll be up there tomorrow with my crew. Wally
  5. TOPS has been around a long time and makes some pretty good 'QUE', but I would put the Pork BBQ Sandwiches in Blytheville, AR (especially a place called Penn's) up against ANY BBQ in the U.S. I think if you ever eat one of the Penn's, it would change your mind about ALL OTHER BBQ sandwiches. In fact, Penn's is the Best of the Best in Blytheville. Although I don't live there any longer, I still consider Blytheville home. I now live 150 miles away so I can't just go get a sandwich whenever I want (more about that in a minute). Anyway, this small (and ROUGH) town is in the Delta of Arkansa
  6. I'm a BBQ GUY! I don't know NUTTIN' about cookin' it, but I know what makes it good and I know where THE BEST BBQ sandwiches are in Arkansas. Where in Arkansas did you try BBQ and did you eat sandwiches or Ribs? Pork or Beef (hopefully pork - sorry you Texans). Just curious!! Wally
  7. I've added about 7 states just in the last 45 days on two separate trips. Lots of GREAT riding too.
  8. Bigger pictures FAST!! Looks good in mini-mode.
  9. OK..someone did this for me 2 years ago, but I forgot who it was. So I am looking for someone else that can do it. Someone with the expertise, know how and TIME to do it. Obviously, I am willing to pay (paypal) for both the service and the knowledge here. Measuring from the bolt on point (but where the solid part of the kickstand starts), the NORMAL OEM kickstand is 12" to the beginning of the foot of the kickstand. My current "modified" kickstand is 11.5". I am wanting my kickstand to be 11.0" now. There is still not enough "LEAN" to the bike...especially on uneven surfaces. Whoev
  10. I've got a group going and I'll be up there...That place is CRAZY though. I'm only going back cause my boss wanted to go back up there...so I told him to make the reservations and I'd go again.
  11. OK...actually, I think it does come with a radio...just not a CB. I think (not sure) this is just an FM Radio in the fairing...the CB would be extra of course...also the zumo would be extra too.
  12. Nothing was said about the audio package... Any info on that?
  13. Hey Big Tom... Do these pictures bring back any memories for ya? http://rumboogy.zenfolio.com/f662584869 These are from my first (and only so far) Beagle field trials that I shot. I had a BLAST!!!
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