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  1. I've posted about this before, and there is even a tech article I wrote under Engine and Drivetrain on how to do it. But I continue to be amazed by how screwed up and WAY OFF the factory settings every RSV seems to be! So I just gotta keep proselytizing about it . . . At Don's maintenance day I just reset the floats on three more RSVs, and out of the 12 carbs, only ONE (one carb, not one bike) was even remotely close to the factory spec! And that was the first carb from ANY of the RSVs I have done that wasn't set unbelievably high. Too-high float levels cause rich mixtures and excessive
  2. Just got a text message from Ponch. He send me some pictures from a place, restaurant or something, named "Freebirds". It was pretty cool. What was REALLY cool though was just hearing from Ponch. I sure miss that guy. He included a message that he misses all of us too.
  3. My name is William Little, "WildBill1", and I want to extend a word of thanks to all the members on this site and how fortunate it is to be a part of such a talented and innovative group of people. Matt Strickland, "Foyerboy" gave me the opportunity to work on his 99 RSV recently--- without the vast amount of information from this site its doubtful this task could have been completed. I want to especially thank Kent, "V7Goose" for all his excellent Tech Threads and bike knowledge he so freely passes on to us. Thanks John, "Jlh3rd" for having the courage too toss that lame cassette player and r
  4. I spoke with Ponch today, he sounds like he is doing pretty good, still having problems with his eyes, so said he doesn`t get on the site very much as it hurts to read. He asked about some of the folks on here, but has a problem remembering everyones handles, but I know he misses each and everyone of this fine Family. He is still going to OT, and seems to be doing very good with all that they have him do. Just wanted to let ya`ll know, Please continue to keep Dave and Kathy in your prayers. Thanks, Kreg
  5. OK folks,I heard from Ponch and we talked better than an hour. First let me say he remembers some things and some folks but has a hard time with it. We talked about our last visit with him In route to Cody and while we were there. Bottom line..He doesnt remember much of it at all. The one thing that I feel everyone needs to know, because he told me, is that he appreciates everything ALL of you folks did with the Prayers and thoughts. He can not get on here to Thank all of you because he cannot see that well and has trouble getting the words from his mind to come out on here so it has been fru
  6. Haven't seen anything on Ponch's recovery in a while. Any news??
  7. We are asking for prayers for Ponch!! All we know right now is that he went down this morning. The police officers would not tell us nothing other than they picked him up in a helocopter and took him to Memorial Herman Hospital. They were not sure of his condition. Brad is on his way to Ponch and Cathy's house to let Cathy know, and get her to him! All I know right now is that he could use some help, if ya'll could keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and we will keep you posted as we find out anything! Thanks!! This one is for Ponch!
  8. I haven't seen a thing about what Ponch's status is lately. Especially since Dano went down. Anybody??
  9. After I saw Ponch's gauge package, I knew I wanted that for my scooter. I wanted mine to be molded or formed into the dash to look sort of factory. Well after I crashed and totaled the scooter last year I figured I had my chance to do this while I was rebuilding the scooter. I settled with the insurance company so that I was able to keep the scooter. Every piece of body plastic was cracked or busted. The front upper fairing, inside dash and lower left fairing were demolished and unrepairable. I bought some parts on e-bay and some parts through the good members here that were willing to sell
  10. I ordered the gauge set that Ponch designed and sells to replace the cassette deck in our second gen Ventures. I just want to say to anyone considering it, ORDER IT NOW. It is a well thought out quality package with EVERYTHING you need to install. It comes with awesome instructions, should be a straight forward install. Thanks Ponch! Ron:bighug:
  11. We are having a Mini Carb Float adj / Carb Clean Clinic, Instructed by VRO`s own " Ponch" June 18th @ 0900 This will be held at Kregerdoodles house. 18222 Blinka Rd. Waller Texas 77484 You will need to bring your Carb cleaner, and hand tools, I do have tools, just not sure if I have enough to go around. Please RSVP as I may through some grub on the pit.. Hope to see ya`ll here, and want to thank Ponch for his time and expertise. Kreg
  12. Thanks Goose for the carb sync. I bought a can of Sea Foam at Wally World in Mansfield that very evening. Put in two ounces and filled up to start home Sunday morning. Ran that tank low and filled up again and added two more ounces. Buy the time I arrived at 23 in Circle-ville,Ohio I could feel the bike smooth up some and everything is perfect. The bike wasn't really running rough enough to notice for me. But after I felt it smooth up, that is when I become a big fan of Sea Foam."""Thanks Ponch for the center stand, and installing it. I really appreciate it. I purposely came home through some
  13. Hey Squid and Ponch....Ponch and Squid... I need your snail mail addresses guys....got a little something here that I know y'all are just gonna have folks begging you for. P.M. or e-mail me, and I'll git 'r done! gunk:whistling:
  14. I finally finished up on my assorted projects, and doing my best to get some pictures up. The main project was the gauge set from Ponch, but I decided to add a twist, and try to put a digital voltmeter where Ponch had the cruise on-off switch located. I tried to eliminate that switch, but wasn't able to feel confident that it was a good idea (though it seemed possible, maaaaybe). Eventually went to looking for a place to re-locate the switch, so the voltmeter could be in the gauge cluster. I wound up with the cruise button mounted in the plastic cover ahead of the gas cap. So far very satisfie
  15. Ponch sent me a chrome oil fittings to replace the ugly brass fittings. Thanks Ponch, looks good to me.
  16. Well Ponch has done it again..Came from Houston to my place,(Appx 200 Miles) and installed a few more accessories on my GoldWing..I cant tell colors that well and am afraid to mess with electrical things. We took the Wing apart installed the Aux swith on the brake reservoir then connected my "ring of fires" front and back the installed the harness to make my spoiler a running light and brake light. I could not have done it without his help..Thank You Ponch! I always feel like a guy sould be recognized for their willingness to go out of their way even though he doesnt really care fr the attenti
  17. My thanks to Ponch and Monty...or Monty and Ponch, either which way. These two guys took the time to install the gauge package on our bike yesterday at MD in the heat.....and doing so cuts into their time to wander around and do other MD things. Words can't express how much that means to me. The gauges look AWESOME, they work AWESOME, and Beth has said how much she likes them and how GREAT they look. Thanks again to two of the best.....Monty and Ponch, or Ponch and Monty, you will not be forgotten! gunk and beth:Laugh:
  18. I am confused, baffled, disappointed and so on and so on. Got my gauges installed and must admit, they look awesome. I was sooooooo careful with all the wires, the oil line and the temperature cable. No kinks, or sharp bends. Routed everything like a pro, well, at least in my mind. Everything hooked up, gas tank back on, fired her up. Lights come on, volt meter works and that's it. Temp gauge doesn't register anything. Oil gauge,,,,,,,,,,,nothing. Although I used the black tubing from Ponch to cover the oil pressure line, I can see that oil has started up the line however I can no
  19. I finally installed my gauge set from Ponch. The actual install went pretty smooth, and took me about 5 hours. My hat is off to Ponch for his great work on this kit. First, I didn't want my needles to be orange, so I decided to disassemble the gauges and paint the needles black. This turned out to be a hassle, but I prevailed. Upon taking them apart, I broke one of the glasses. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/IMG_3819.jpg You can't buy the glass by itself, nor did I want to purchase another set of gauges, so I went to Lowe's and bought a small sheet of glass, and
  20. Thanks to the excellent instructions that Ponch provided with the set of gauges he sent me, I was able to successfully get them installed this weekend. I still need to finish getting everything together, but I did get the bike started and was able to test for leaks. I would have never attempted this mod without the encouragement and knowledge I receive here. This was a big job for me. I think the chrome looks great against the unique color of the millenium. Thanks again Ponch!
  21. Today I replaced my Metzlers with new Dunlop WWW tires with the help of Ponch. Recieved the tires yesterday so, today I took the day off to remove the tires and work around the house. I was able to get a local repair shop to swap the tires in 3 hours so forget the house LOL. I was able to get the front wheel on by myself and Ponch came over about 2pm and showed me how to grease the splines etc. Then he helped me install the rear, torque everything correctly and reinstall the brakes. Got it all done from beginning to end in about a total of 3 hrs. I thought that was not bad for a newbie who had
  22. Thanks to "Ponch" for making a 400+mile round trip from Houston to Blanco I think I can now be seen from the rear....MAYBE. Again, Thanks Ponch! This is my first time posting on you tube so it may not be that good but you will get the idea. Tom ..OK added Pictures as some requested. In first photo,the LEDS are from CycleGadgets.com ,the Bracket was made and machined by our very own "Ponch". (Handicap Tag by State of Texas,for Debby,however I may need it one day!) Second pic shows the ChromeGlow light bar,$29.95,3 functions,running lts,brake lights and turn signals. Both units come with what y
  23. Here are a few pics of the work that got done on Gunboats ride this last Sat. Ponch installed a great set of gages and Don and myself ( Ponch helped also ) mounted up his new Kumho rear tire...balancing these will make you pull your hair out... http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/kbay116/Gunboat%20gages/
  24. Ponch, I just wanted to tell you I really appreciated what you did, taking a trip to make sure my Mom and sisters were OK!! OK....so what kind of cheesecake do you want when we go to Houston for Christmas this year!? I owe you BIG!!
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