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  1. I'd like to know how do I know if I have a bad rear shock. When I ride with a passenger it seems to bottom out easily. But I'm 300 lbs. & my wife weighs about 140 lbs. So I realize there is some weight on there. I have one of those hand pumps and I give it a few pumps before we both ride, but it seems we still bottom out easily. When I ride alone it takes a pretty extreme bump to make me bottom out.
  2. We are in the process of rebuilding our VR Assistance List. If you can and are willing to offer assistance to a member who is riding through your area, please edit your profile to include that information. Simply click on "Settings" at the upper right of the page and then scroll down to "Edit Profile". Near the bottom you will find a place to select "yes or no" in regards to offering local assistance and then a place to select services that you may be able to offer. Cowpuc just mentioned in another thread another, and maybe easier, way to get to it. Click "forum actions" in the small me
  3. Yesterday I installed a modification that allowed me to categorize our smilies making them easier to find and also allows you to save your 20 most used smilies in your own "My Favorites". We had something similar on the old site and several people had requested that it be brought back. Installing this modification though created a conflict with the bottom navigation bar that others had requested. This was a navigation bar at the bottom of the page that prevented you from having to scroll all the back to the top of a thread. After installing the smilies mod, I spent WAY too long trying
  4. Here are the pics of my RSTD with Tour Pak added. This version was an aftermarket copy of the HD tour pack and had the rib in the bottom to sit atop the HD mounting bracket. I used my belt sander to take that off then welded up some square tubing to make the mount. I then put some rubber between my mount and the bottom of the tour pack, using 1/4" bolts and lock nuts. The back rest that came with it broke the rubber mounting blocks our first time out, so I ordered better replacements from McMaster Carr as suggested on this site. I'll be making another bracket at some point just to get a bit mo
  5. ANy Advise Out There!!!! I purchased my 02 Midnight Venture about 3 years ago with 100 miles. Basically, new but had been sitting for a 2 plus years. From day one the biike has been bottoming out. I had the rear shock checked by two dealer and both said the shock was fine and not leaking. Well afetr two years of fighting with Yamaha I finally got them to replace the shock. Had the shock installed and wouldn't you know it ....my first time out with two up we bottom out. I must admit that the bike didnt bottom out as much but it did and I couldn't believe it. When ridding two up our total
  6. These are the pictures of my new fuse block. The block came off of the ebay site for about $10 or $12. The fuses are in the exact order as they were originally in except the accessory fuse was moved from the top to the bottom by extending that wire, by doing this I got more slack in the cables to put on the new crimp connectors.In moving the accessory fuse to the bottom I was also able to jump to the next fuse possession which gives me the benefit of adding another fuse for another accessory but you will have to remember not to go over the 10 amp total for both accessory fuses. I removed
  7. How does one insert pictures in the "Insert Thumbnail" section that shows up at the bottom of the posting?
  8. All I get is a blank screen, and at the bottom of the "Forums" page there is no statistics for chat...
  9. The Jayhawker's are taking down the Mountainer's. You've already lost to one Kansas (St) school, might as well loose to the bottom dwellers. GO JAYHAWKS :rasberry::rasberry:
  10. Hopefully this posting works! Thought you folks might find this interesting. Edit: cut off sentence from bottom right reads " where you want the full pop with throttle response, but in traffic......."
  11. I've got a pair of Wolo Bad Boy air horns on my 89. The left one is newer because it was replaced after a crash. The design of the left is a bit different than the right, it does not have that apparent intake hole like the right one and the Stebel horn has. The left horn started sounding pretty weak. I tore into it expecting to find a nest of some sort in the intake hole, which I never found. In my search I noticed that there are a pair of holes in the bottom which are apparently used to hold the brushes back during installation (at least that's what I used them for on reassembly).
  12. Expert ideas? Ive got this new sound in the last few days that seems to be coming from low in the bottom left front of the crankcase. When the engine is idling there is no clatter noise and it only seems to appear when I am under light to medium acceleration (I dont know if it makes it under WOT as the mufflers are making too much noise), as soon as I back off the throttle or pull in the clutch the noise goes away. The noise is not loud in 1st gear and seems to increase in 2nd and 3rd gearand continues in 4th and 5th. I am afraid it sounds to me like ive got a spun bearing somewhere in th
  13. my 86 vr has an occasional clunking in the bottom end when idling or decelerating, now i know the old goldwings got that from primary drive chain slop. do the vr's have the same noise, or could it just be my clutch basket rattling
  14. For anyone who followed the thread, my 87 was making some crazy exhaust noise that caused me to remove and inspect the collector, the mufflers and the pipes several times. The issue was resolved when I replaced a seemingly healthy collector. I took the problem collector and cut it apart to see what was inside and what caused the problem. Lemme tell ya. A healthy collector would be very tough to get apart without destroying it. Using a die grinder with a cutoff wheel, I first cut along the perimeter of the bottom side hoping to peel away the skin with no luck. I was trying not to
  15. For anyone who followed the thread, my 87 was making some crazy exhaust noise that caused me to remove and inspect the collector, the mufflers and the pipes several times. The issue was resolved when I replaced a seemingly healthy collector. I took the problem collector and cut it apart to see what was inside and what caused the problem. Lemme tell ya. A healthy collector would be very tough to get apart without destroying it. Using a die grinder with a cutoff wheel, I first cut along the perimeter of the bottom side hoping to peel away the skin with no luck. I was trying not to
  16. Hi All, I have got my 1990 XVZ1300 DA MKII front forks apart and I have found the rubber seals on both of the UFO shaped cups at the bottom of the forks have started to pull away. I have attached some photos. I have searched a couple of parts suppliers sites and it appears that these parts are not available any more. Does anyone know where I might find 2 or whether there is some glue I could use to stick the rubber seal back on to the metal cup? Is this seal critical? I have also noted that the anti dives don't seem to move much. Is this normal? I would have thought that the electrical solenoi
  17. I like to look over the WS, not thru it. Given my height this means the stock WS is about 1-1/2 too high. bike is 2008 star venture was looking at it and seems like I could cut away the bottom to lower it and much more easily mask my cuts. did some searching but didn't find any relevant threads. Anyone done this or have advice?
  18. has followed threads & said a prayer or wished me luck.... I got the job!!! I start on the 30th at the latest... Thank each & everyone , your prayers & support made the difference!! From the bottom of my heart I thank each of you. ps No I didn't have to install a cassette player to get it lol :cool10:
  19. How do you add all the stuff at the bottom of your posts. Weather, where you have ridden or maybe it is where you are wanted in any case could some one tell me please???
  20. I just updated my ads to show the bottom side of the Stinger Flagpole Mounts. Giving you a reference to how it keeps the flagpole from coming through the bottom, but also allowing the water to drain and so forth. Thanks for all your interest and phone calls and such. I appreciate it. James (Fuzzy)
  21. OK folks,I heard from Ponch and we talked better than an hour. First let me say he remembers some things and some folks but has a hard time with it. We talked about our last visit with him In route to Cody and while we were there. Bottom line..He doesnt remember much of it at all. The one thing that I feel everyone needs to know, because he told me, is that he appreciates everything ALL of you folks did with the Prayers and thoughts. He can not get on here to Thank all of you because he cannot see that well and has trouble getting the words from his mind to come out on here so it has been fru
  22. We've contracted to have new countertops installed in our kitchen. Currently we have a laminate top which is 3/4 inch thick with a 1 1/2 inch facing edge on it. We are switching to granite which is 1 1/4 inches thick. To complicate matters we have an appliance garage in the corner which rests on the countertop with the countertop screwed into it from the bottom. Because of the thickness difference I'm going to need to trim 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the garage. The garage is a full cabinet with sides and back. Does anyone have a clever way to trim that neatly while in place. I'm thinking o
  23. Well, It took some doing but I got the new fork seals installed. The job wasnt too terribly bad thanks to many posts on here but a particular thanks to Freebirds post on Fork Seal Replacement. Couldn't have done it without you especially since this was my first venture (no pun intended) in the great wide world of fork seal replacments! lol. Got everything back together and the Class wouldnt work. Thanks again to Freebirds post on Class E4 error repair, I was able to solder all the broken connections and the class system again works as a charm! YAHOO!!!!! One quick question... When I
  24. I saw this when I was checking out the link provided about the 12 cycl motor in the other thread. There are more cool bikes and helmets etc at the bottom of the page too. I kind of liked the Jaguar bike http://www.xoxobook.com/automobile/awesome-motorcycle-concepts/?utm_source=wahoha.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=wahoha
  25. Is there anyone in northern Indiana that rebuilds forks. (83 venture)I hit a man hole and now my right fork is leaking from the bottom. What is a good price for this to be done.
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