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  1. Looks like a major headache trying to clean all the bugs that front end will scoop up !!
  2. And 34mpg, really ? no wonder it is a 6.5 gallon tank
  3. Switch to Hybrid mode and the reply I made now makes sense.
  4. I thought it was full of Mountaineer Moonshine, not knowledge
  5. Never liked any of the color combinations till now. But I have been seriously looking at them since 2010. Went on a Texas trip with Eck and when we came back very early in the morning, I thought I had a jet landing behind me. The electrical system on a GW is fricken awesome. I thought I would not like the riding position of the GW but actually like it better than the Venture and the seat is way more comfortable than the Venture.
  6. Now, you watch, Yamaha will now come out the the new Venture in the fall of 2016.
  7. A few of you know that I am now riding a goldwing. Yeah, had to give up the cassette and CB, but I really do like my goldwing. So here is a pic of the tupperware.
  8. You just jealous, because you thought you had them dethroned. See you in the tournament.
  9. Great, it really feels nice to be part of the outsider group now.
  10. Sheeze I feel left out, I have not been bashed at all since I got my goldwing and sold the venture.
  11. When did it get cold? Nice balmy 50/60.
  12. Don't see it on the calendar yet.
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