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  1. there are three bullet connectors inside the fairing. One for low beam, one for high beam, one for all the time. Just unplug and plug into another. Dont remember colors, I just plugged until it did what I wanted.
  2. Rick Butler is still doing them, but not on the forum often. Just shipped my pillowtop this morning for him to build it up some. Very reasonable pricing. His email is rick_butler@verizon.net. Get with him and see if he can do anything with that style seat. I assume it is the same base foam without the pillow top.
  3. I have that phone holder, love it. I used a longer arm to raise the phone up, so can use it as a "dashcam".
  4. The unit on the handlebar is just the controller. The actual radio/amplifier/intercom unit is inside the front fairing. The actual CB is underneath the trunk, and of course the tape deck is in the dash. These wire back to the central radio/amplifier/intercom in the front fairing and are all controlled by the same handlebar controller. So if you replace this unit, you delete the intercom and CB. You may already know this. Just FYI.
  5. I have reached down and checked it using the camera feature on my smart phone. Just set it to the "selfie" camera and hold it down there. Starting doing this after my telescopic mirror disappeared!
  6. Both my 2nd gens have done this in 1st and 2nd, same as my 1st gen, it is just a float switch switch. I do have a dyna3000 with a higher rev limit and more timing advance. on the 2nd gens. On either gen, having the oil level justt above the center of the glass when sitting level is perfect. Any higher you will blow it out somewhere when riding hard. If not the driveshaft, it will go into the airbox. A little blip under hard accel or step incline is not a worry. The engine light is separate from the oil light, as noted above. It will only flash an error on the emergency kill if the kill is off and you hit the starter button.
  7. Amazon has several LED replacement headlamps noted for Harley Davidson. Anyone use one of these? Can I assume since they are all noted as Harley that it would not be a direct fit to our bucket?
  8. I have been using the Sylvania Ultras. But they do run hotter therefore have a shorter lifespan. This is noted in fine print on the back of the package. Note "lifehours" of the standard, the Ultra, and the Ultra Silverstar, and notice at each level the lifespan drops.
  9. My concern would be "Does the saddlebag have enough venting to prevent a vapor buildup?"
  10. I know I have seen a few 1st gens fitted with adventure bike type tires. I was considering it living on 2 miles of dirt road. But I would still think soft silt, mud, etc. would be a problem. A dry semi maintained fire road should not be a problem, I have done that both on a first gen and a 1200 wing several times.
  11. This is very similar to how I had my last 2nd gen, except it did not have passing lamps, and I wired the GPS to the 5 amp aux fuse already in the factory front cowl fuse box.
  12. Good stuff here for me to review, Thanks guys. I reviewed the ignition bypass threads, and came up with the following logic - The purpose of the passing lamp relay was to remove this additional load going through the ignition switch. What I did not like was that even though it was fused, there is a "hot all the time" wire running from the battery, under the tank, and through the neck into the fairing. It seems the ignition bypass relay takes ALL the lighting load off the ignition contacts and if I do that I would not need the passing lamp relay in the fairing. Is that the way you see it?
  13. Back on a 2nd gen after 6 years on a first gen. Anyway, from previous experience, I know I need a relay for the air horn. My new ride has Passing lights without a relay, and I know they need a relay to prevent future ignition switch failure. I occasionally go north far enough to need my heated gloves and boot liners, and have to remember to unplug them everytime I shut the bike down to gas. I also want to add a power port with enough power to run an inflator. On the first gen, I added an auxiliary fuse block feed through a relay triggered by an acc circuit to make sure all the add ons went dead with the key. This way one relay did it all. I know the 2nd gen has a white aux connector near the battery that could probably be used to trigger this relay. I know how to wire all this. My question is, has anyone done it? Where did you locate it?
  14. I believe those posts were authored by user V7Goose IIRC. I am thinking after his adjustments, most achieved 36-40 mpg instead of the typical 30-32.
  15. Look for old posts from V7goose concerning float levels and mileage. There you will find the answer you are looking for!
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