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  1. That's better than my set up. I use hockey pucks, trimmed to fit.
  2. Is it normal for the RSV to feel loose in the rear and sometimes 'fight' me when counter steering when taking a high speed rated (60+) ramp while doing highway speeds? When I first bought my 07, I replaced both tires and rear brakes. Last spring I noticed it felt kinda loose in the rear when taking a ramp w/ a posted "55 MPH" sign while doing about 65. A few days later, as I was braking for a sharp ramp, the rear locked up with moderate pressure on the brake and I went sliding off the ramp. After repairs, my suspensions that my rear shock is shot was confirmed when I had to break on t
  3. The service and owners manual says we have to do quite a bit of lubricating. Is there any zerks on the bike or will I have to use a needle fitting to try getting into the bushings, bearings, and joints?
  4. I almost lost it the other day w my wife on the back. Was pulling out and started my turn before getting her moving fast enough. We almost went down on eachother, it was hard but thankfully got it back up.
  5. When I first got mine, I found she gets very heavy very fast when you suddenly loose that gyroscopic effect from the rapid drop in both the wheels and engine/transmission. Emergency stops- my old Shadow, no problem; my RSV, be prepared to use them legs. I dropped mine shortly after getting it, I think it was the day my temp tags were about to expire. The gas station I was leaving had a curb that wasn't really marked and dropped straight down onto the street. I saw that it's not an exit and suddenly stopped right before I was about to drop a good foot. And I dropped her. Thankfully, n
  6. I miss the days where Walmarts all over sold guns and ammo. I bought my shotgun when I turned 18 from one. It was cool still being in high school and having my own gun. When I had to go to Ft Worth Texas for a few weeks for the Navy, I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I saw Walmart stacked more than Dick's ever was. It was really tempting to at least buy a bunch of ammo at the cheaper price, especially .308.
  7. If your a vet and have base access, many Marine/AF/Army exchanges offer guns at good prices and tax free. I've seen shorter shotguns that are good for home defense at some of them. My 12 gage is a Mossberg 835. It's setup up more as a duck/turkey, but any shotgun will get the job done as a home defense.
  8. I started riding with a V-star 650 in 2010. Wrecked it, rookie mistake. Bought a 09 Honda Shadow 750 to replace it. Great bike, got Vance & Hines, sounds great. But, my wife and I wanted something more comfortable for doing longer rides, and more power. Thus, found my RSV. She found it was more comfortable than our friend's HD Electraglide, and I liked the price tag better. I regrettably sold my Shadow to my neighbor. I still hear those sweet pipes everyday. Of course my RSV sounds good too, its got nice BUB pipes, but they dont compare to Vance & Hines. The RSV sure can
  9. I got into a minor wreck in the spring. The body shop said that Yamaha discontinued the aux lights that I have, but they replaced them with new LED ones. I'm out of town right now, once I get home I'll try to remember to see if I can find invoice with all the parts they replaced. They say their LEDs but they still have a yellowish-incandescent tint and look. However, I do notice a HUGE difference now when they are on. Before they were more for increasing the chance of being seen but little on lighting up the road. Now it's about 25% increase when I turn them on. I'll also try to po
  10. Know anybody that makes and sells the ones similar to Ponch's?
  11. Not a woman, but my wife is from Covington KY. Love that area, its very beautiful and great riding.
  12. I got into a minor wreck and the bike was sitting at the body shop for a couple months while waiting on parts to come in from Japan. The body shop let me bring her home today while they are waiting on the rest of the parts to come in, about a month-ish from now. That way I can keep her on trickle charger and run the engine now and then, along with doing basic maintanance like oil change and check the spark plugs and grease the cables, which I was planning on doing before wrecking. On my way home I tested all the systems and the cruise control was giving me a fault with 2 flashes on and
  13. Is the pump going to be installed on the bike? Where do I get one of these and how is it installed?
  14. Welcome to group! I'm new to the RSV family too, got my 07 back in August or September. My carbs were def out of sync, the right exhaust was back firing slightly. Thankfully this bike was made for novices like me to work on! The carb sync kit was a breeze to hook up and within minutes I had the carbs back in sync and she sounded and rode even better than before. Also, I've changed the clutch fluid, which looked like coffee w/ a little bit of creamer and had a lot of sludge on the bottom. Now shifts much smoother. Careful not to get air into the system, it doesn't take much for the flui
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