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  1. I’ve owned this bike for a year and have never been able to enjoy it, it’s possessed. I’ve had the carbs worked on twice and now believe my issue is electrical Rode Sunday and was running great for 50 miles, started up a hill and it started spitting, popping, and sputtering! Pulled in for lunch and cranked up and all was good again. Got home and it’s doing the same thing. I would be thankful for any advice. I haven’t looked at the plugs but it does have a tendency to foul a few. Also notice some static coming through my radio and when I beep the horn I get some feedback in my radio. Just at a loss.
  2. Bike is popping and running rich, I now have a trail of gas following me! I guessing a stuck float. What could cause this and is there a easy fix? Thanks for the help
  3. The more I ride the worst it gets. I can’t imagine.
  4. Don’t see any fuel. Seem like the popping is more on the right side, passenger side ! Thought it may be a fuel mixture screw I could adjust on
  5. 750 miles from home in Daytona, bike is popping and loading up at low speeds, any quick suggestions?? Also smell fuel
  6. Riding into Daytona today and when I get on the throttle hard, especially in 5th gear, I’m feeling some slippage!! Is there any adjustments or am I looking at a new clutch? Thanks for the help
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