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  1. Mine stinks of gas in the garage too. I'm about to strip her naked and eviscerate her over the winter anyway, and carb work is on the list. However... are these carbs not vented to atmosphere? A little gas smell between rides is normal in my experience, though mine is more than that.
  2. No duck bill for me, but I think my Shoei Neotec II is by far the best helmet I've ever owned. Comfy, quiet, super versatile, and high quality in every detail. It was hard to cough up nearly a thousand bones (Canadian) after tax, but the sting went away after about 2 kilometres.
  3. I had the same problem on my little jughead (S40) earlier in the year. It was the starter solenoid, and it was cheap and easy to fix. Well, easy except the part about the position and location of the second mounting bolt. THAT was done by the design engineer as a joke, surely. If I meet him, his dentist is getting a new jet ski.
  4. I've got a number of good n' cheap ideas here, thanks. You cool cats are all right.
  5. The party is about to end up here; I've been smelling winter in the air for a month, and this week looks to be the end of the nice weather, so now we begin 6 months of freezing in the dark. Time to tear down Cherry and do all the work I've been talking about since I bought her in 2018. What do you guys use for exhaust hose to route your exhaust outside the garage in the winter? Commercial hoses sold for shops are comically expensive, and I'm clownishly cheap sometimes. This is one of those times.
  6. Not a Strat, but I owned a 2001 Road Star. Like the Venture and all Yamaha bikes I've owned and loved, it was good looking, well built and well finished. That big engine was a gem; torque like a diesel, nice sound, low redline. The bike handled well for it's size, being quite low. Also like the Venture, it was not much for carving corners, but the floor boards made nice sparks. If you like the looks of the Strat and find one well kept, I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  7. I appreciate the h/u on the finer points of 3D printing; it's not a process I'm familiar with. Lots of ways these could be made though; CNC, laser cut or water-jet come to mind. I have no idea how many would need to be done to make the price reasonable, unless a hobbyist were to take a swipe at it. It wouldn't be particularly hard to make one -gasp- by hand either, if a fella had the dimensions.
  8. I haven't used one, so I have to ask why it would have to be made from metal? Would hard plastic not do the job?
  9. Can someone on here 3D print a bunch of these? I'll buy one.
  10. It's a great thing that dreams can be tweaked before pulling the trigger! The thing is... what resonates with me isn't just having a boat with sails, it's the whole package. The bluewater passages, live-aboard, circumnavigating the marble, all of it. I'm single, child free and have no real encumbrances, and live a pretty frugal lifestyle. The only thing stopping me today is dollars. But I'm not one to be well satisfied with severe compromises, mostly. I also feel a compulsion to do this before I get too old... and longevity doesn't feature strongly on the male side of my family tree. That r
  11. Condor, I know this is a zombie thread, I found it at the bottom FlyinFool's thread on RC aircraft! My absolute dream is to sail around the world, including to some unconventional places like Iceland, Japan, Patagonia (with the necessary trip around Cape Horn), Antarctica, etc. Something about the high latitudes, both North and South, really calls to me. My dad had a windsurfer, and taught me the very basics of how sails work when I was 7 or 8. I got the chance to sail around the Straight of Georgia as a young teen, and it planted a seed. A few summers ago I spent a week cruising the
  12. RC airplanes were my father's hobby too. He built all kinds: electric powered gliders with di- and poly-hedral wings and folding props (one of which had a wingspan of at least 8'), tons of high and low-wing gassers, and a really cool bi-plane that he built before I was born. Some of them were amphibious; floats with wheels in them, just like a bush plane. He started me off on a control-line flyer with a Cox .049 Black Widow on the front, and eventually even browbeat me into building a model Piper Cub. It was never really my thing though, since he plunked me down on a Honda Z50R when I was 5.
  13. Rode the Highwood Pass - Kananaskis Trail loop from Calgary again today. If you live near or visit, this is probably the best day ride in Southern Alberta. The two main parts are Hwy 40 through what we call K-Country, and 541 along the Highwood River and into Longview. It's normally ridden by heading West out of Calgary on 1, then South on 40 and East on 541, back to 2 at the South end of Calgary. Being the 'other kind', I ride it in reverse. September is the BEST month of the year; best weather, least traffic. It's probably that way near your place too? I'm not much for stopping to
  14. I recently used my handheld impact driver to break loose 3 tiny screws on Taryn Manning's carburetor. Those little devils were insisting they'd rather strip their tiny heads than break loose with a screwdriver. I will admit that I was nervous about cracking the carb body, but a few judicious taps on each one broke the surly bonds of thread locker, and out they came. I gave the impact driver the MVP award on that one. They are incredibly useful.
  15. I sure wish I knew how to weld. I could build you anything you want from wood, but joining metal with lightning is obviously sorcery of some sort.
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