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  1. Hello all, once again, actually for the 40th time since 2018, the folks at ultimatemotorcycling.com sent me a product to review. I know my brother from a different Mother @cowpuc reads them and I hope you do too. I don’t get paid for reviewing. It is a labor of love. Comments are always welcome. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/06/13/hjc-f70-carbon-review-full-face-touring-motorcycle-helmet/ FYI I am reviewing the Klim airbag vest right now and I will tell you I will always have it on from now on ! VentureFar…
  2. Hello all, I just did a ride review on a Klim F3 off-road helmet that is Dot approved for on-road and it was fine at freeway speeds. I know that our friend @cowpuc doesn't need no stinkin helmet and has kept himself and his lovely wife Tip safe for a million miles. But for the rest of us, wear a stinkin helmet! Here is my review of this quality helmet. You will notice in the photo I am on a BMW 1200 GS and wearing a whole bunch more Klim Gear. The bike is a Twisted Road rental ( review to follow) and the Klim Jacket and pants will get their own review shortly. Thanks for reading - but only if you are interested. Don't just read it cause you pity me having to slave over my keyboard in exchange for all this cool gear :-) https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/10/06/klim-f3-helmet-review-motorcycle-riding-on-and-off-road/ VentureFar...
  3. For the members in the states that do not require bike riders to wear helmets, how many always wear a helmet. I usually always wear mine; however Ron only wears his on a trip on the interstate. I was just curious. Mama:322:
  4. Anyone figure out the 7-pin DIN helmet connector pin outs for the new Venture TC yet? I've figured out the three for the speakers, but not the microphone. One appears to have 7.5 volts on it, so I'm wondering if that's the push-to-talk? I actually have the maintenance manual with all the wiring diagrams, connector details and wire colors, but am unable to trace them back to the source to determine what's on each pin. I've got headsets from other bikes I'd like to rewire to use, plus I'm trying to rig up a Bluetooth interface, and would like to avoid paying J&M $200 for a headset just to figure out the pin outs.
  5. A guy called yesterday to insure an Elio. He has already made a deposit on one. I had never heard of an elio but you can go to eliomotors.com and read about it. As of now, I can't find an insurance company that will insure one of these. Progressive has the rates and coverage set up but they haven't gotten approval to insure yet. On of the unanswered questions is do you have to wear a helmet and/or have a motorcycle license. Someone that checked into the Georgia law says they don't think you do but the law is vague. I wouldn't want one of these but evidently a lot of people do.
  6. Just wanted to pass this along for those that may be unaware, but Sena has a helmet clamp that you can simply plug in your ear buds versus using the speakers, Sena SMH-A0303 Helmet Clamp Kit for Earbuds. Amazon has it for $34.62 and free shipping. I purchased one last week and after I got it the wife wanted it for her helmet. So, I ordered another one for myself last night. Neither of us particularly cared for the speakers and loved the idea of just having the earbuds plugged in and listening to both, music and being able to talk with the push of a button with sound quality of the earbuds. When the other order comes in and the weather cooperates we will be able to do a road test!
  7. After reading the material on these units I am very interested in purchasing one. I would like to Hear from any of the members that have purchased these units. I also have a question which mic do you prefer either the solid mic MH10-10 or the MH10-11 the slimmer one which fits inside the helmet? I have a HJC modular SY MAX 2 flip type helmet. I look forward to hearing your opinions on this unit whether it be pro or con. Thanks Dana
  8. Is there any truth to a helmet being unsafe after it is 4 years old? Was at a dealers today buying a shield and when I told him the helmet was 6 years old he said it was time to replace it and showed me a card attached to a new helmet that said safe life of 4 years. I bought a shield because my helmet seems fine and I have an intercom in it and not looking to replace it. It did get me thinking though. So, what's the scoop, anything to it or is it a company scam?
  9. Harbor freight is having a pretty good sale between now and the end of the month... the following caught my eye: Auto darkening blue flame welding helmet 39.99 2 piece professional automotive HVLP 49.99 1.5 ton aluminum racing jack 69.99
  10. When you've stopped at a restaurant or a gas stop/pee break .... in other words, you've left your bike unattended to go inside a building for a period of time ... 10 min - 2 hours or so.... do you lock your helmet on the helmet lock, do you store it inside the trunk, do you take it in with you, do you leave it on the seat or hanging from the mirror or something?
  11. Go to the article and watch the video... http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ax-wielding-motorcycle-riding-thieves-break-into-london-mall-in-stunning-heist-caught-on-video/# I would think the one guy with the white stripe helmet would be identifiable..
  12. T.J.

    Helmet cams

    Well I finally got the bug to get a helmet cam after visiting Hockings Hills in Ohio for the second time this year. Went down the 11th, 12th and came back on the 13th of this month. What a great place to ride. Took 3 other riders with me this time. Just the guys and no wifes. They all want to do it every year. We road 200 miles in the area before coming back home. Anyway I would like to get a helmet cam. Been looking and reading about the "Replay XD 1080" and "Go Pro HD Hero 2". Anyone have one of these? Any thoughts. Thanks
  13. http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/remember.jpg Remember to wear a bicycle helmet !
  14. Saw on the news there was an accident involving a 50 year old riding an '83 Yamaha on the south side of Milwaukee (and no, he wasn't wearing a helmet - it doesn't look good for the rider). Hope it wasn't any of us. Anybody have an update? RR
  15. Had hooked up headset to go for a ride. Once hooking plug in from Helmet to the bike we recevied a very high pitch squeal. The radio works just fine without the helmet being pluged into bike. It does it with two sperate helmets and front seat and back seat get the same noise. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Hal
  16. Is anyone here using the IMC helmetless headsets? I really like wearing a half helmet the majority of the time, and this headset looks like what I've been wanting. I had the JM/Yamaha sets with the '04 Venture, but sold them a little over a month ago before I knew I was going to get another Venture. In fact, the guy I sold them to is how I found out about the '99. I've been scouring the 'net tonite looking at them on several sites and most reviews lean towards using a mic mute, which the previous owner had installed. I'd be willing to give up a little of the audio quality to have the helmet flexibility. The wife and I have been talking, and she kinda wants to go back with what she had since she only wears an open-face. Any experience/info, good or bad, is appreciated. Also, does anyone have a '99-'00 style cb antenna? The chrome threaded "cup" that unscrews and lets them fold over was seized up on both. I got the radio antenna freed up, but the little hinge connector inside the cb twisted and broke. I'll probably never use the cb, but I would like to be able to fold both antennas down to cover it up.
  17. They have an "invisible" bicycle helmet now. Starts as a collar around the neck but in an accident/fall it inflates like an air bag to protect the rider's head. Are motorcycle helmets next ? http://www.hovding.com/en/how/
  18. Rode out to Lowes this morning. When I came out to get on the trike and put on my helmet, the button on top to raise/low the sun screen had fallen off. I looked but did not find it. Came home and examined the helmet and decided to call Gmax to see what sort of $$ it would cost to repair the helmet. A very nice gentleman took the helmet model info, said he would have the entire mechanism to replace the slider in the mail this afternoon, NO CHARGE! Just want to give a thumbs up to Gmax and their customer service!!
  19. Went to use one of the helmet locks on my RSV and discovered that the "guts" of the lock are gone. I can see a small spring at the back of the opening and the lock and "hook" are still there but the rest is gone. Is it possible to get just that part or do I have to search out a whole new lock? And if I get a new lock, is it possible to change over the old lock cylinder so that I don't wind up with a second key? Thanks, Andy
  20. Uh, Not my style http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/120817080420-inflatable-helmet-story-top.jpg
  21. Well, after 8 thousand and 40 miles we have landed home! We survived 3 duck drowners, one tornado, two coyotes one woodchuck and a little trip through a somewhat shady area or Cleveland. I broke my helmet in PEI and lost a clutch there as well. Bought new helmet and some dot 3 for the clutch and bled it through in the parking lot of Canadian Tire. Worked great after that. Tricky part was driving 20 some kms with no clutch! We have met some great people and had a few thrills on our anniversary trip. While it feels good to get back home it will feel strange to get up in the morning and not have to load up the bike and get back into the saddle for another day of running. We traveled through the following places (in no particular order) North Dakota Minnesota Iowa Illinois Wisconsin Pennsilvania (sp) Ohio Maine Massachusetts (sp) Vermont New Hampshire New York New Brunswick Nova Scotia Caper Breton Island Prince Edward Island Newfoundland did I miss something? Most likely! Thanks to the gang for putting on a great rally and it was nice to meet you all.
  22. I have the Chatter Box system with the open helmet mike. I got tired of having to replace the foam covers because they either got lost or got chewed up for opening and closing my modular helmet. I ordered the mike cover for a full face but it didn't fit the open helmet mike. I finally got fed up and made my own mike cover. I made the talk into side red so I know which side to turn towards my mouth and I made they other side black so it would kind of blend it the helmet. The black side is elastic material and the red side is a shear polyester material. Here is what it looks like.[ATTACH]70440[/ATTACH][ATTACH]70441[/ATTACH][ATTACH]70442[/ATTACH] Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  23. Without searching through 1000's of threads, does anyone offer a good headset for a half helmet? Or even just a hand mic at a reasonable price?
  24. I have used a GL1500 sound system and J&M. in both instances the systems had plenty of volume to provide adequate sound in the helmet even with ear plugs. I use my helmet and headset I used with the GOldWing. with the Venture I often can barely hear. I'm wondering if this is typical for the Venture or maybe I have some other problem. I tried a small amp between the ipod and Venture but got too much distortion. suggestions anyone?
  25. Any of you folks who are into making things out of stainless want to try making a set of helmet lock extensions? On Ebay they want $65 by the time you pay shipping!!!!!! I wouldn't want to pay more than 1/2 that!
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