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  1. Hey, I am trying to switch out the existing stock radio with a new radio and was wondering if someone could tell me what the 8 wires on the harness that hooks upto the amp is for. I have indentified the 4 for the speakers but the 4 I am not clear on are the red, red with black stripe, orange, and yellow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I hadn't ridden my 83 VR for a couple weeks due to extreme temps outside. I checked the oil and it was fine, rode to the store with no problems, but got hit with a slew of LCD displays on the way home. The kickstand, brake, oil and headlight pictographs are all on constantly, and the red warning light flickers brighter the faster I rev. I got home and rechecked oil- ok. Lights all operate, charging system at around 14 when running, temp in the mid green, resevoir at proper level. Brake and clutch fluids all clean and full. Runs like a top but I'm worried it's gonna die on me or I will harm the engine. I checked it cold also and have same problem, even without starting the engine. When it runs thru the power-up checks, those LCDs just stay on. Could it be a bad ground in the LCD panel? I read a thread about the repair, but wasn't clear on the symptoms that prompted it.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=niegc7QcilM
  4. Ok I haven't been riding the bike since I fell off a ladder the 1st of last month and broke my hip. Doc says no walking, wheel chair or toe touch walker only. What a pisser. Any how one of my favorite things is taking pictures when riding. So I had the camera along the other day on the return from the Doc's. I got a lot of shots of this guy when we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee. Mike Red Tail Hawk on Light Post [ATTACH]72787[/ATTACH]
  5. Marcarl

    How Come

    How come when I was looking at my previous thread, Friesman's button is red and the rest are green,, does that mean he is earmarked for destruction?
  6. My local Drag Specialist distributor wants $15.00 for shipping for a $2.95 Baron Mini Lens. Something I can mail for about $2.00. Looking for a non cracked Baron Mini Lens like the small one in the picture. It can be amber or red and the color can be really bad for I will be painting it red to match the others that I've already painted. I will be willing to buy the lens and pay for postage.
  7. I have the Chatter Box system with the open helmet mike. I got tired of having to replace the foam covers because they either got lost or got chewed up for opening and closing my modular helmet. I ordered the mike cover for a full face but it didn't fit the open helmet mike. I finally got fed up and made my own mike cover. I made the talk into side red so I know which side to turn towards my mouth and I made they other side black so it would kind of blend it the helmet. The black side is elastic material and the red side is a shear polyester material. Here is what it looks like.[ATTACH]70440[/ATTACH][ATTACH]70441[/ATTACH][ATTACH]70442[/ATTACH] Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  8. My niece and her boyfriend are stuck up north with a bike running at red line.Throttle moves correctly but the bike still red lines.I am going to pick them up now with trailer.If anyone has any suggestions please call.Thanks Ray 416-567-0055:whistling:
  9. The charging system on my VR is not putting out like it used to do. At an idle the volt gauge would read about 13.8 v but now even at 5000 RPM it reads only 12.7 v. Pulled the stator and RR connectors apart, cleaned and greased them with no apparent change. Ohmed the three white wires and got .5 across any or all of them so that seems to be good. Have not checked them for AC yet though. Downloaded the Electrosport diagnostic chart through a link found on this forum but that does not seem to relate to my Venture. Refers to 4 wire colours but mine has only 2 colours - 2 black and 2 red. The RR looks like the stock one although it is still installed so can't see much of it. As I type this, it just occurred to me that the red and black pairs are coming from the RR but perhaps it is the wires on the other side of the plug that should be 4 colours. Never even thought to look. Can anyone who knows what I'm talking about clarify this for me? It's dark out and I have to go to work tomorrow so don't feel like going back out to check. I have a Shindegen RR to replace the stock one and am keeping my fingers crossed that the problem is there and not in the stator.
  10. Last week while at B2Dad's M & E I lost a concho off one of my mud flaps so had to look for a replacement. Couldn't find anything matching the originals so ordered some online. I went from a plain concho to a star with engraved ring and also changed the black fringe to red, then found some red vinyl material as a backing for some nice contrast. Minimum order was a 10 pack & since I needed 6 to have a full set of matching that worked out OK. Once I got the replacements done and having a few extra I decided to get creative with the air cleaner. Larry
  11. 2007 RSV, been mine nearly 3 weeks. All the lights worked for a while, I assume the rain might have affected something, about 1.5hrs in the rain, noticed a couple days later no passing lights, so maybe or maybe not related. The lights are good, all the fuses that are shown in the owners manual are good. I have a push button switch just left of the 12v acc. plug in the dash that I think may be for these lights, there is no toggle on the light housing like some Ive read about. I can see 2 red wires that arent in the harness going that direction, but I stopped before taking anything loose on the fairing. What is involved to look at this closer? anyone else have a setup like this?
  12. When I bought my 2007 RSV (2nd owner) it had the saddlebag guard rails installed. I think the PO had them installed by his dealer. There is no red side reflector on the guard rails, but all of the pics I see of RSV's without the guard rails show a reflector on the chrome bar in front of the saddle bag. This bar is obviously removed to install the guard rails. I wonder why Yamaha thought it was necessary to have a reflector on the original factory machine, but not on their accessory guard rails? Has anyone added a reflector(s) to the guard rail(s), and if so, what/where/how? Just seems like it should be there (for legal requirements?).
  13. The owner of Red Jacket Firearms (in Baton Rouge) custom built a AR-15 for the Combat Vets of Louisiana. Our intent is to Raffle this beauty off at the Great Southern Rally later on this month. All tickets sold out weeks ago. Our guys showed up today to pay/take delivery of the weapon....Will refused payment and donated the weapon to us. This means the La CVMA can donate $1500.00 more to our Veterans Home instead of paying for this tricked out AR-15. Boomer....who sez Red Jacket Firearms iz de cat's meow for their generosity.
  14. I'm in the market to make a couple of purchases and I wondering if the fine folks of this outstanding forum would be willing to point me in the right direction. First, I'd like to purchase some red 'bullet' lenses for my rear turn signals. I've seen them around in some pictures but I don't know where poeple have been getting them. A little guidence would be great. Second, I'd like to buy a decent lift for my RSTD. I think I read somewhere that Harbor Freight Tools sells one. Is it decent and worth the money? If not, suggestions please. Thanks everyone. Les
  15. I'm putting together a Hannigan Trike conversion check list and one of their questions is for a paint code. How do I locate the paint code for a 2009 RS Venture (the red paint).
  16. Has anybody else here tried Progressive's "Snapshot" discount? They give you a gadget that plugs into your OBD port that tracks for mileage, time of day and braking. FYI, they consider excessive braking to be a decrease in speed of 7mph/sec. or more. I decided to give it a try and I don't like it at all. I think its way to sensitive. I find myself rolling through stop signs and hitting the gas to run through a yellow light now, when I didn't before just to keep the damn thing from beeping. I've tried several times now to stop for a yellow light before it turned red, only to have it beep at me. I don't feel as though I was breaking heavily at all. If I broke any less, I would've been in the hit the red light while in the intersection. I think my grandma would've set this thing off. Anybody else have a similar feelings toward these things? Bill OK, I take that back. Progressive counts 21 hard brakes since the 5th. I was told I would hear it each time I brake to hard. I guess someone was full of crap! Way more sensitive than I thought!
  17. I don't know if this has been posted on here yet or not but a new law in Illinois now allows a motorcycle to LEGALLY run a red light if it hasn't changed after waiting for 2 minutes. The law went into effect Jan. 1st 2012. Just a little FYI for people that don't know.
  18. I like to know what type of aheasive is best to use to put a new Venture Emblem on the Red Reflector of the rear trunk (91 VR)?
  19. So I am out in the back yard working on the house. This white van pulls up and the driver asks if I am interested in some asphalt work. He says that he is doing a major job in the area and will have some leftover asphalt, just enough to do my gravel drive. He then pulls a magnetic sign out of the back seat to show me who he is and the sign says that his rate is only $4.65 per sq ft. He said that since I would be helping him out by using his excess material he would do my job for $2.00 per sq ft. Hmmm odd that a contractor would keep his magnetic sign in the back seat and not where it could do some good. Looking at the area I determind it to be 20 x 30 or 600 sq ft. I asked him if he agreed with my area assessment and he said yes. He then told me that he could do the job for just $1375. Red flag number one. I said that was still more than I could afford right now and he dropped the job to $1000. I thought that was interesting and asked if I could call him back later tonight to let him know. I then asked him for a business card. He said he did not have one with him. they were all in his other truck at the job site. What business owner does not keep his wallet stuffed with cards. Red flag number 2. I did get his name and phone number. The phone number was from Framingham MA. I am in WI. Why would a local contractor have an out of state phone number. Red flag no 3 As soon as I got in the house after finishing what I was working on, I got on the puter ad Googled William Stanley and the phone number and got scam alerts from all over the country. They even had his picture in a NJ courtroom getting convicted of the paving scam. OK now I have a boatload of red flags. After reading the scam stuff, this guys spiel matched right down to his name and picture. The way the scam works is that he offers to do cut rate work for a real good price. once you accept he shows up and does some work and then hits you with a drastically inflated bill of more than 10 times the agreed price. He then gets nasty and threatens to take a contractors lien on your property. This guy is constantly moving across state lines. I have instructed my GF that if anyone shows up to try to do work to not answer the door or talk to them, call 911 immediately and THEN call me at work.
  20. I passed a Venture on the Red River Gorge Road Saturday in Kentucky. I believe it was a Red and Silver 03 but not 100% sure. Was wondering if it was anyone from the board. It was in a group of 6 or 7 headed south.
  21. Was on the Original 9/11 ride for pride in Columbus caught a glimpse of another RSV in the 300 plus bikes there. Was it anyone here? I was the one who dropped a red one in the parking lot (front brake and slick shoes are a bad combination).
  22. Does anyone have a right side dash vent off a 1st gen It's the vent right beside the speaker grill. Red arrow shows the part I need...but I only need the RIGHT side vent. Anyone???
  23. I have a problem at red lights. The sensor in the road doesn't see the RSV. I added a green light trigger magnet and it still dosen't see it. My last bike was a 04 V-Star and it triggered the lights just fine. Anyone have any ideas? I have a large bar magnet that I'm thinking of strapping to the underside of the bike.
  24. I have my bike all torn apart, gas tank removed, faring parted. But I can't find the red wire with a yellow stripe on it anywhere to save my life. Here is a picture of the wires that are outside the harness. The first picture shows no red wires. The second picture shows a neutral coloured connector with one red wire with a yellow stripe in it. This is the only red/yellow wire I can see anywhere. Could someone please confirm if this is the correct wire to tap into in order to have my driving lights on at all times? Thank you in advance Chris in Red Deer, Alberta
  25. Just wondering if it someone on here or not. I spotted a red RSV nearby the Oak Ridge National Lab entrance (I believe that it was on Bethel road headed the opposite direction of the lab entrance). I didn't get a good enough look to tell if it was the Red as in the 2000 RSV or the red and black of another year. It was a quick glimpse as it passed and I saw the rear end in the mirror to verify that it was an RSV. I, unfortunately, was not on mine.
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