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  1. Hi All Jean and I are taking an Alaskan cruise. We are looking for cheaper parking near the ferry docks.Does anyone have suggestions.Thanks all.
  2. 1 the last bar on the fuel gauge is the reserve. So turn the petcock or the bike will die. 2 it's very easy to hit the cutoff switch with bulky winter gloves on. 3 this bike is a real handful at parking lot speeds. I was was the only non-harley in this group but wasn't lacking a thing other than the HD shield. This bike will do anything I need it to and more. Many more miles to come.
  3. Having been born in Brooklyn in 1955 and leaving there in 1990 for Florida I thought maybe a nice visit back home would be nice. So, we took a plane up to NYC last week for 4 days vacation and our anniversary. Never again. While the food was still the best, you sure do pay for it. We also rented a car. The roads are just as lousy if not worse then I remember. Driving around was akin to being in a Mad Max movie and im not making this up. I must have had 10 close calls in those 4 days. Parking is abysimal. Double parking is rampant. You pay for parking through the nose. Maybe I have been gone from there too long but people are just plain rude. And some of the old neighborhoods are now looking like some other country. Flushing Queens now looks like any street in Hong Cong and I dont just mean the people. The stores all have the bright garish signs that you see in shots of Hong Cong. Jackson Heights reminds me of some third world area. Buildings are stuck just about anywhere with no thought given to its surroundings. My old hang-outs like Pizza City and the big Bow-Wow in Howard Beach are all gone. White Castle dont taste the same. Many cars now sport BumperBully's, a rubber drape that covers your rear bumper so the idiot parking behind you dont scratch your bumper when he hits it, and he will. Laguardia Airport looks like it should be condemned. Its filthy. Guess im used to clean places now. Jax and Baltimore airports are spotless. Some good points: SouthWest airlines was first rate. Hotel was good. We stopped for lunch at Katz' Deli in lower Manhattan on Houston street. Paid 3 bucks to park for 1 hour and 15 bucks for a Pastrami on rye. But, this sandwich was the bomb. If you have never eaten a steamed pastrami or corned beef sandwich you dont know what your missing.Had some great Spumoni Ice Cream at Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, TWICE!! (eat your heart out Tom!) Maspeth Pizza is still the best and Palermos Italian Pastries, well, you know:smile5:...3 boxes of italian pastries barely made it home in the luggage. The cannolis were totaled but with the help of a spoon, tasted great. We spent some time with relatives and other then the above things all was well. I resorted to some of my old language while driving though. And to think that I drove a tractor trailer in this mess for 15 years. No wonder im nuts..... Even Jean was glad we're back home as was the "kids". Next vacation will be someplace with a view, balcony, kitchenette and maybe an ocean for good measure. Florida Keys maybe or a mountain cabin in NC. OK, ill go to bed now.....
  4. Well Mini and I went to New York for Christmas with her family as we do every year and when I got home I noticed that there was one empty parking space in the yard. Has anyone seen a white 12 wing that is missing a fat guy on it? As some of you know I had surgery on my left ankle on 12-6 and the doctor said that I would be off the foot for as long as 4 months depending on how well it heals.So I dont even look over to the bike parking area.No need to depress myself. I think I know who has the wing but am not sure Hopefully my bike will be at the annual even though I will be in a cage with the foot in a boot that I cant walk on. Keep your eyes open and let me know if yall see my bike Depressed grounded fat man (jeff)
  5. guys/gals if you can make this ride it's a great ride for a GREAT cause!!! they come from 4 directions that join in at the children's home....lots of fun and lots of bikers.. Staging Places with Kickstands Up If you do not want to ride in a group just Join us at the home at NOON Amory, Mississippi--Wal-Mart--10:00 am Hamilton, Alabama --Exit 14 River Road Citgo--10:00 am Jasper, Alabama--Berean Christian Book Store--10:30 am Russellville, Tuscumbia and Florence Area Meet at Customized Cyclez 1110 Hwy 72 west Tuscumbia AL 8 am. Leave at 9 am Hwy 72 east to Hwy 43 turn right on Hwy 43 to Russellville. Arrive in Russellville AL. at 9:30 am Fred's,Old Food World parking lot 13150 Hwy 43 s Leave Russellville at 10:00 am for Haleyville AL. Hwy 43 s to Hwy 5. Be in Haleyville AL.10:30 am No stops. Natural Bridge at 10:40 am No stops turn right Hwy 278 go about 500 yds turn left on Hwy 13 to Eldridge Children`s Home by 11:30 am. Sulligent, Alabama--Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot--10:15 am Sumiton, Alabama--Alfa Ins./Wal-Mart--10:00 am Tuscaloosa, Alabama--Northport Civic Center--10:00 am Winfield/Guin, Alabama--Plaza BBQ Parking Lot--10:30 am http://www.alchaptertgwrra.org/page.asp?tab=19&category=66&page=175 http://www.echbenefit.com/
  6. Has anyone developed a parking brake for a 2nd gen. Now that I have a sidecar, I can't use my kickstand anymore.
  7. Got this from a member (with his permission) off the GL1800Riders board. Thought it was a good "guide" for all to consider when parking your scoot in a parking lot with the trailer hooked up for safety. http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/minimumriskparkinga1.jpg
  8. I had originally put the teardrop passing lights on my RSTD with the LED parking light / turn signal. I first had them with the wide side up but this looked rather bazarre relative to the headlight, so I flipped them. I had them this way until several close calls with autos and feedback that my turn signal was not well seen in the front. I had not changed the flasher so I was getting the rapid flash. I decided to swap to the Yamaha passing light and put the HD outer ring suggested on this site that gives the hooded look similar to the headlight. I had already moved the original front parking light / turn signals to the back to give me three across parking lights, so I purchased new original front parking light / turn signals but went with the yellow lenses as I liked these better than the white / clear. Here are some pics. Also, I did put in a relay along with a 3 fuse panel from Beaver Electric. It worked out great! I have made some other mods, some worked out some didn't. I'll post those over the next few days. Thanks so much to those on this site who helped me to find many products and ideas for using them. R.
  9. I had to find a way to have my son enjoy this sport with me, and this was my solution. I just got it installed and still need to wire it before I can hit the road. I have road it around the neighborhood and in an empty parking lot. It is very different but kinda fun. I still have a lot to learn but I am getting there.
  10. I rode my VR to work today for the first time. Everything went well until I was coming back from lunch. About a 1/2 mile from work, my clutch started slipping. By the time I pulled into the parking lot, I had to just idle into the parking space because if I tried to give it any gas, it would just slip. I had a similar problem before but only when I got on the gas really hard. After bleeding the clutch, the problem seemed to stop. Now I'm faced with the problem of getting the bike home this afternoon. Any idea what would have caused this to happen?
  11. I removed the teardrop passing light / turn signals off of my RSTD. The LED's did not seem to attract the other drivers attention well enough and I had multiple situations of people cutting in front of me. Scary. So I got the Yamaha passing lights and put those on. I had already installed a relay, seperate small fuse panel, etc. so the passing lights are working. I must have accidently touched a wire to ground and blew the headlight fuse. I haven't replaced that yet, but the reason I blew the fuse was I was pecking around for the wire for the parking lights in the front. I have the turn signal part of the bulb wired and they work. I thought the black / white wire with the dual connection in the headlight bucket was the parking light wire. But I got nothing out of it. Is there a fuse panel other than the one behind the left side cover? Do I have the wrong wire?
  12. I've seen some stupid stuff in my life and the morons that come with the show but geesh!, I had something happen that threw me completely today. What would be the last thing that you would think that someone would try to steal off your bike in the middle of the afternoon, in a Wally World parking lot at the end of the lane not 75 feet from the front entrance? Something real easy right? Something that would be real handy to just grab and go or cut off real fast right. How about the rear turn signal? Not just the lens but the whole danged thing! I park in that spot 5 days week doing my service route for my part time job. I'm usually in the store for 45 minutes to an hour. Some times less. I was walking up to the bike and saw something on the ground. It was the turn signal lens. First thought was some fool clipped the bike turning the corner. But no, the lens is in one piece. I saw the reflector for the light hanging down and the screws were gone. Got to looking and the taillight housing itself was pulled away from the bike an inch or so. I found the nut and washer for that on the ground under the bike along with one screw from the reflector and the screws for the lens. All they had left to do was jerk the wires loose and it would have been gone. I was ticked! How close did I come to walking up to them while they were taking my bike apart in the parking lot? I went over and asked a few Wally World workers taking their smoke breaks out front if they had seen anything going on over by my bike. Only one gal remembered seeing two other bikes parked by mine in the last 10 minutes or so but they had just left. Got my kit out and put it all back together and headed home. Still smoldering. I'm gonna keep parking my bike in the same spot. I'm going to start keeping an eye on it from the front of the store. I'm looking forward to introducing myself to the fool. He needs to meet me in person. I'm sure he will remember me after that. How bigga sack does it take to pull a stunt like that? Don't answer that.... no need to. Mike
  13. So I had a lot of running around to meetings today so I took the 89. I have yet to see another 1st Gen in town. Got to one of the Defense Contractors and parked in the front lot in the cycle parking. And there she was...obviously separated at birth, born to different mothers, was my brunette's twin.
  14. Please tell me this is not you out there today....... http://twitter.com/#!/BarkingMadSpeed/status/141258363051843584/photo/1 you know everyone loves the parking guys
  16. I purchased a set of the Doss Teardrop spotlights with built in amber parking light / turn signal. The parking light / turn signal is LED. The turn signal works fine, although it flashes a bit fast, but with my stock rear turn signals all is still fine. That said, the parking light does not work when wired to my stock parking light wiring. Does anyone have experience with these? I am sure my stock parking light wiring has power both through my test light and it will light the LED when wired through the LED turn signal feed. Help?
  17. Was on the Original 9/11 ride for pride in Columbus caught a glimpse of another RSV in the 300 plus bikes there. Was it anyone here? I was the one who dropped a red one in the parking lot (front brake and slick shoes are a bad combination).
  18. I have been working the 12 "death march" shift at my new job, and after getting off of work Wednesday afternoon, I stopped at the "New" Wal Mart in the area to pick up a gallon of milk. I cruised into the parking lot, in no big hurry, and pulled thru the first parking space into the second diagonal space so I could pull straight out after my shopping was done. Stopped the bike, put down the kick stand, pulled the key from the ignition, and was just about to get off of the bike when a Lifted Ford F250 slammed right into the rear of my 87'VR! The impact shot my bike about 30 feet from the parking spot, the bike was in neutral, and I was able to get my hands on the handle bars and keep her upright. The Ventureline Backrest basically "saved my bacon", it kept me from being flipped off of the seat, and kept the sheared off trunk from hitting me in the back. I was not able to ride the bike home, and it was roll backed to the local Yamaha Dealer. The young man driving the truck was shocked beyond comprehension, he kept apologizing over and over again. He said he just didn't see my 7 foot long, 51/2 high full bagger motorcycle setting in a parking space! It was so hot, 101F, and I was so tired, I couldn't hardly be mad, BUT I was bumbed. The bike will come home Tuesday, the dealer and Ins. Company want to total the bike. I will not let that happen. The Ins. Adjuster has agreed to let me take a run at restoring the bike. Needless to say, If anyone has a trunk or rear baggage lids for the Elegant/Birch Brown 1987 Venture Royale, I would love to speak with you. I will post some pics when the bike is delivered. Earl
  19. What happened? I took off my wheels and had new tires mounted. Got it all back together, backed into the street, put it in first, but when I let the clutch out it bound up like when you forget to release the parking brake on your car. With the clutch in, or in neutral, it moves freely. I've done this before and never had any trouble. Any ideas?
  20. Pulling into work this morning I spotted a Silver 99 parked in the contractors parking, nobody around. Left a note on it with the website.
  21. Last November, since I was recovering from my surgery and no using it for at least 45 days, I had to move my bike to the winter parking. I remember that I was not able to started easily, and after a couple of starts, it come up but also a yellow light show up. After that, I stopped after parking on the right spot, and didn't used at all during this time. Winter weather plus my surgery recover didn't let me be close to the bike to take care of it. Somebody remember what was that yellow engine light? Was not Oil, was the engine but it never showed up in the past since I have that bike. I'll start to prepare it for this year, and before to do anything, I want to be sure that nothing went wrong. Thanks, calperin :sick:
  22. http://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-afb5-923e.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-afc6-1a98.jpg Lining up to leave for DC. http://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-b003-320c.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-b00f-769c.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-b03d-3ea9.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/47a3f31c-b052-7539.jpg At the Pentagon parking lot waiting to roll out to the memorials and parade.
  23. My future son-in-law has been wanting to learn to ride, always asking me to teach him. I continually told him to take the MSF beginner class, that I wouldn't teach him on my bikes. Well.... after he got off work last night one of his co-workers said he could ride his 1100 Honda in the parking lot, Let's just say it didn't go as planned. 2 laps around the lot... over the parking block... side swiped the building before hitting the cement filled steel pole with his knee which caused him and the bike on top of him to go skidding 15 feet across the pavement He now has multiple patches of road rash, a knee the size of a grapefruit and a complete understanding of why I told him to take the MSF and wear protective gear. Here's a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment.
  24. My closest call ever to being in a motorcycle accident. Canadian (Asian) pulled around me doing 60 - 65 in a 35 mph zone (2 lane road) Pulled back in front of me with less than 2 feet of clearance so he wouldn't head on a car in the other lane. The passenger in the back seat was watching and put her hand over her mouth. I locked up the back brakes, collected myself and followed him into the casino parking lot. I had to follow him around the lot for a bit because he probably thought I was going to clean his clock. When he finally backed into a parking spot I put the front wheel of my motorcycle right up to his bumper and motioned for him to step out. He shook his head "No" so I repeated the motion two more times. He got out and I chewed his a$$ and reminded him about the speed limit how close he came to hitting me. I'm still shaking...that was close.
  25. As some may know one of my co-workers (Keith) bought Gunboat's 2-wheel '99. Soon as he gets internet at his house he'll join us. I rode it home for him last weekend, as he does not yet have his endorsement. He also had "butterflies" about getting on the RSV as he did not realize just how big these bikes are. He has not been on a bike in 20 some odd years. Well this afternoon BigBoyinMS and I got Keith over to a church parking lot for a 1st ride. I let him start out on my "little" bike, then move up to the RSV. I didn't get a picture of the smile, but about 15 minutes after moving up to the RSV I could tell from the SMILE, that "the bug" had bitten him big time!!!
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