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  1. Hi, I am stuck with an engine problem. SO the problem is i purchase a 1996 Royal Star Touring XVZ1300AT with a broken conrod thinking i'd just slot another engine in. I'm in Australia so there are not a lot of wrecked bikes for parts. Then in the USA was advertised a 1999 Royal Start Touring engine and i check the VIN suitability on eBay and went ahead and ordered it at a crazy price with freight but didn't really have an option. Then it arrived and I noticed the exhaust air injectors(maybe cap off so thats OK), but the carburetor boots are much larger on this engine so the old carby
  2. I finally had time to do a few things to my bike and one of them was to tighten up the head bearings. Now the wobble is gone but the bike seems to wander a bit on the road. Im thinking that i tightened the nut a little too mutch. What is the best way to know just how tight the steering bearings have to be ? I had my bike on the centerstand when i adjusted mine but i gave the nut a little extra snugness and that might be where the problem lies. Any ideas ?
  3. Greetings... If you are just passing through, or staying in the area for a few days, Here's a list of some of the more OUT-OF-THE-WAY roads that you'll definately want to ride on. Some short, some long -- but all fun. If Your definition of fun is winding, twisty turns, 180 degree climbing and diving hairpins intermingled with long flat out straightaways. Once you've done the Tourist roads - The Grand Mesa, The CO Nat Monument, etc, You might want to check out these smaller shorter drives. So fire up Google maps in another tab, center on Grand Junction, and find these roads! The
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6CX1RNLzoE]YouTube - Empire Flooring Commercial-In Your Home[/ame] On sunday mornings when i was a kid, This was branded in my Brain forever.
  5. ok so new to me bike 97 royal star ran fine during test ride no problems get it off the trailer and here we go clutch master cylinder goes out on me on my way to school make it back home somehow coolant spewing from under my seat soooooo here are the pics doesnt look like the oil so im ruling out head gasket correct? but look at my finger and the coolant tank and cap ..... is it the water pump? do replace the whole pump or just the seal? who will be the winner? thank you in advance for your help .
  6. Who do I talk to about the temperature. Just so happen to need to flush my heater core today and we've got -1 for a high... So whoever you are.... Show yourself!!!! I was gonna scold old Flyinfool for the snow too but It looks like everyone's beaten me to that!
  7. My sons' little dodge mini van seems to have blown a head gasket. The oil is like creamy pudding. How the heck do I clean the oil system up? I know it is going to take a couple of oil changes but should I be adding a cleaner to the oil ? This van has a 3.0 liter V-6 in it.... when I went to pick up the gasket set the guy at the parts store asked me if I wanted new Head Bolts. He said the norm is to change them when doing gaskets.... they are $165 for the set. Does anyone know if I need to? This motor has about 145,000 kilometers.... about 90,000 miles Any help would be great Kev
  8. I have 2014 Spyder, RT. 1330 engine, cognac in color, carries 2 up with ease, goes like scart rabbit. So far so good. Now the Dutch comes out in me.... after paying all that retirement cash for original purchase I cheaped out and did not add the CB intercom for about $1500. Instead I bought a JMCB 2003 with intercom for about $400. Everything worked kind of more or less fine,, well the intercom needed new cords as well to satisfy the Edset head gear, but after that addition the only problem that continued to rear it's head was the CB part,,, I could send, but didn't receive in the headset
  9. I bought a set of roto covers for my MKII a while back on craigslist, but it did not include the spacer. I thought that my machniest buddy could make a new spacer for me using the origional as a sample. I want to not shorten the OEM spacer incase I want to remover the roto covers for some reason, then I'll need the origional spacer. He can make one out of aluminum. My question is, would making one out of aluminum be ok. I would think it would be but I thougth I better ask. Another question: I need to remove the front axle, so I can get the spacer out. I see the axle nut head. But I
  10. OK, so yesterday I plan to head out for a ride after church with a couple of buddies on my 98 RSTD. When I get to church I smell some gas but am unable to find any leaks. When I leave and we are heading over to fuel up I smell it again and now look down to see fuel pouring down the right side of the cases (also some on the left side but not as much). When I stop to check it out it quits when I shut the engine down. Never having seen this before I start it up and try and see what is up but can only see gas coming from what appears to be the crank case breather assembly. Of course this makes no
  11. Once again I find the manual lacking enough info for a lowly so-so mechanic such as myself to get a job done without help. Is there anywhere on this forum that has a good description and hopefully pictures that can take me through the dismantaling process of the front cowling so I can get to the steering head bearings which I need to change. The quick fix of tightening the steering nut was not good enough to remove looseness. Bought roller bearings from Skydoc for the job. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying. On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head. The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no
  13. Was on trip to Myrtle Beach, had a short in the stabil horn and the radio went out? Well the head works, can change channels, bands, turn up volume, turn on and off the CB and what ever but no sound comes out of the speakers or the head sets? Have checked fuses? Any suggestions?
  14. Gonna give you guys the white Christmas you all want and then thats it for the ssssnnnoooow..YOUR WELCOME NORTHEAST....Bah Humbug !!!
  15. WELL... The world didn't end yesterday. I'm shocked and saddened because I sold everything off so I could die a wealthy man
  16. All this talk about a depressed economy and yet folks are lined up two deep outside the Foot Locker store at the Sprawl of America just to get a raffle ticket to be allowed to spend $1,800.00 for a pair of Nike sneakers????????? :bang head:
  17. Without going into details....... The handlebar mounted radio/CB control box got broken off. Does anyone have an extra they would consider parting with?
  18. Looked out the window and there is this white stuff falling from the sky......"ITS THE END OF THE WORLD I TELL YA !" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH !!
  19. At the risk of beating a dead horse for you members, I have a couple questions. First, does the fairing come off in one piece. I've removed the luggage, side trim, left and right tops off the upper, the lowers and the trim around the head light. I can see several mounting bolts, but can't determine if the head light as well as all the wiring and the instrument panel will stay with the bike. Not much room in there for my big hands to start undoing plugs etc. Second one concerns the replacing the collector. Do you have to drop the entire exhaust? Whats the secret hand shake for getting the two
  20. Folks, I received an email from a new member. Username roger podoll has not posted here yet. Here is the message that he sent to me. I hope you will all keep him and his boys in your prayers. haven't had much time to check your site.My wife of 36 years was killed on oct. 27. head on collision with camper.She was on her 250 helix an I was on 650KLR.Do need prayers at this time.Have a13 an 15 year old boys at home yet.very hard on them.
  21. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, Barb and I are heading on another trip. First off, we'll be heading down to south of Nashville to watch our grandson quarterback his grade school football team. (ScarryLarry---it's the weekend again, and I suppose you're busy.) We'll visit there, and then Sunday afternoon head back up to near Cairo, IL and meet our friends at their house (they ride a '12 Wing). Monday morning the 4 of us will head west. We're heading to Albuquerque by Oct. 6 so we can see the start of the Balloon Fiesta, but seeing that we have some 'extra' time, we plan on heading for Col
  22. Well its for sure the head gasket I pulled the head today and found a gasket that was in bad shape. The heads looked good and the cylinders look good. But I am wondering about the bearings the engine still sounded good but I have no idea of how long it had been drove this way. I did find that they had put stop leak in it so I am sure the PO new about this and thats why he traded it off, Is there a way to test the other head with out pulling it . Orlinhttp://0358/
  23. Anyone have 2 of those small plastic caps that goes over the allen head screws that holds the right Fairing Cover onto the Faring.
  24. OK your busted Miller47 shame on you for getting such a big head start on the Eureka Springs Meet & Eat and leaving us here to ride in the rain all by ourselves. Hey that scoot and trailer looked good going down the road. You two have a safe ride up and hopefully will see you there. Issac may be weakening some
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