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  1. I have a set of TD on my 07 RSMV and have been wanting a little noise from them. Has anyone drilled the TD mufflers out for a "little" more sound? I have been considering buying the RK mufflers to get a little more sound from them but before I do, has anyone drilled the TD mufflers? If so how did they sound? Hard to take a drill after any of them before I know what it will do. I bet some of you have had some experience with this?
  2. In the process of wiring up my new Polk 401 speakers. From what I have read the rear speakers are only mono. Has anyone rewired the rears for a true stereo sound? Can this be done? Everything is apart so I can run new wires to the rear, bypassing the stock wiring. Thanks for any info.
  3. Mrs. Yamadawg has a VTX 1300 Trike with the Motor Trike conversion and it has a windshield instead of the fairing. We would like to add a sound system and need some recommendations and watch outs. We are looking to do a permanent mount with radio and need ports for a MP3 player and future technologies. I would appreciate any input and ideas. Thanks! Don
  4. Please add to this list if you think of something that I have missed. Chirp. There has been a lot of discussion on the "chirping" sound on the second gen Venture and Royal Stars. There is often some confusion about this sound. These bikes use straight cut gears which create a whine that is best described as the sound made by an old granny gear truck when you are letting it coast. That is a normal sound that is characteristic of the straight cut gears. The sound that is NOT normal is a high pitched chirping sound. This is a result of improper clutch basket clearances. Yamaha has repla
  5. pbjman


    Whine? What is this 'whine' so many of you speak of? I think I don't have a whine to whine about. Really, none. Unless I'm deaf. But I don't think so. If I had it, I would know it, right? I think I musta got a good one? What does it sound like? Anybody have audio?
  6. I would like to buy a set of jardines but after a week of searching I've had no luck. So I was thinking about removing the mufflers at the slip connector and putting on some 24" chrome tip turndowns, I have also looked for sound clips of option two with no luck. Does anyone have an idea if it would sound good or if it would just sound terrible. I can no longer take riding around on a bike that sounds like it belongs on the Jetson's
  7. Hello guys, I'm a newby Venture owner. I just purchased a really nice 1989 Yamaha Venture Royale and it is a great bike. The only thing missing on the bike is the cover for the sound pick up on the radio. I don't know exactly what it is called but it picks up wind speed or road noise or something that makes the volume increase on the radio. Is there any place to get a replacement part or is there any ideas of something I could use as a substitute??? Thanks Steve
  8. Was on trip to Myrtle Beach, had a short in the stabil horn and the radio went out? Well the head works, can change channels, bands, turn up volume, turn on and off the CB and what ever but no sound comes out of the speakers or the head sets? Have checked fuses? Any suggestions?
  9. Well i wnt on a ride today rode in34degree weather the bike sounded like it droped a cylinder every now and then then picked it back up have jardens for mufflers. Or was it the wind changing the sound
  10. Went to crank bike yesterday and while hitting start button I heard a diffinate sound then sound of engine turning over changed to it just turning over but no fire and start. I don't hear the clicking of the fuel pump pressurizing anymore. All fuses appear good. I'm thinking fuel pump relay failure. Any thoughts?
  11. Just read this on Wired.com.... http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/10/roadkill-strobes/ Maybe find a way to change a 2nd Gen whine to a sound like an animal in distress and add "predator" eyes to the front?
  12. Have a few questions on this whine. I always understood there was two sounds the drive train made. One fairly high pitched sound that changes with RPM and goes away or can’t always be heard. Also I understand there was a deeper sound as well, which you hear about the same times as the higher pitch sound. The high pitched sound does not bother me but this deeper sound just started and has gotten louder in the past 500 miles. I have an 08 RSV with 21,500 miles, upgraded the clutch with PCW kit, 1,500 miles ago, new tires. I hear the deeper sound at about 30 miles an hour in 3rd and as
  13. Expert ideas? Ive got this new sound in the last few days that seems to be coming from low in the bottom left front of the crankcase. When the engine is idling there is no clatter noise and it only seems to appear when I am under light to medium acceleration (I dont know if it makes it under WOT as the mufflers are making too much noise), as soon as I back off the throttle or pull in the clutch the noise goes away. The noise is not loud in 1st gear and seems to increase in 2nd and 3rd gearand continues in 4th and 5th. I am afraid it sounds to me like ive got a spun bearing somewhere in th
  14. I was tooling down the road the other day and the vulchures were having lunch in the middle of the road. I though I would give a toot so they might dispirse BEFORE I got there. My stebel sort of made this squeaky sound and after maybe 3-5 seconds it finnaly started to sound like it use to. I tried it again a couple times today and same sort of deal. Any ideas? Do I maybe need a small shot of WD 40 in the intake of the horn so the compressor picks it up? I hate to think I'm gonna have to replace it.
  15. I have had my 84 for just over a year now, and it's always had a slight sound that I've found annoying. I only noticed it at idle, but then I probably wouldn't notice it at an RPM or a speed much above that. I would guess it's what other members have been calling the Jetson car sound...sure seemed like that to me. Well I've finally traced mine down to the YICS system. I guess that after exhausting other possibilities, it just became necessary to check. I tried spraying the system, but never noticed any change in sound or rpm. So I pulled off the YICS chamber(s) and plugged all of the ports/
  16. I posted this in the audio thread but wanted to throw this out here and see if anyone had the same issue. I just picked up my 85 and installed a new set of 100W speakers since the old ones sounded like the cones were dried out. Well that was a waste of time and money. The new ones sound the same. It is very distorted and the bass and lower frequencies are the worse. The volume also appears to be very high. What would make the system distort and sound like broken speaker mebranes. Sounds the same with AM/FM/Casette. I do not have headsets. I do notice that when I walk around the bike with the
  17. Was doing a carb sync last night getting ready for a day ride tomorrow and four day trip beginning next Thursday. Normally I can get the sync done quickly, but this time the motor ran a little bit longer than ususal and the "FAN" kicked on. I am sure it's been on before but never paid much attention. This time however there was a "Loud Rattleing' sound like something was loose or had fallen into the area of the FAN and was caught there. Is there an easy way to check this without tearing down the whole front, end. Lowers, Seat, Tank, etc. Of course I turned it off for about 5 minutes,
  18. (1)Radio is on but no sound from speakers(2)If I turn steering back and forth there is a crackling sound thru the speakers>Im thinking a short but where do I start ?
  19. Uncledj is having a 'new' noise on his Venture. I can not determine what it is either. It is a somewhat metallic sound in the low end RPM ranges, seems to clear up above 4000 or so when I rode bike. I tried recording a clip of sound on each side with my Iphone, but noise is not very obvious on recording, and the right side clip sounds totally different from left side on recording which is not actual case. He has had complete exhaust system apart with nothing apparent found there. Gary [ame=http://s1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/?action=view&current=IMG_2923.mp4]
  20. Been round and round with this exhaust problem. The good news is that now that I've had it apart 3 times, and have lubed the pipes and collector with a hi temp never seize, it all comes apart and goes together quickly. I pulled it all apart to get the closest inspection of the collector. I was sure there would be some visible signs of failure, but there's not. Externally it looks great. No cracks, all metal seems solid, but put it back together paying special attention to all gaskets and connections, and she still has "the sound" .....you know...the "hotrod" sound. I'm out of opti
  21. So I really want a bit more sound outa the new bike. I've seen a youtube vid for V&H Monster Ovals - they sound really nice with a deep soft tone. Think I'll go for the ones with the black tips. So the thing is: do I just simply order ones for a R/King off V&H? What year? My bike is an '08 Midnight Venture. Also I've seen the adapter brackets for them on ebay. Is that all I need to fit them?
  22. I cut out the back of the mufflers and went crazy with the drill. First two holes that turned to four holes that turned to six drilled holes. I am a reformed Harley drag pipe guy. I went mad I think. I kinda like the rumble of the small block Chevy sound. But as I age I also appreciate the quiet morning runs that do not wake the birds in their nests. I am converting back to stock. Question. How many here regretted drilling their pipes and like the stock sound? Anybody need some drilled pipes?
  23. I have used a GL1500 sound system and J&M. in both instances the systems had plenty of volume to provide adequate sound in the helmet even with ear plugs. I use my helmet and headset I used with the GOldWing. with the Venture I often can barely hear. I'm wondering if this is typical for the Venture or maybe I have some other problem. I tried a small amp between the ipod and Venture but got too much distortion. suggestions anyone?
  24. treecol

    new pipes!!!

    [ame] [/ame] I hope the link works as I really don't know what I'm doing!!! Got these as a temporary sound fix!!! Really pleased with easy fitment & sound till my Bub's arrive. Highway Hawk universal slip ons.
  25. Got a bit fed up waiting for the Bub's - they'll be 5 weeks at least. So went to my local chrome shop. These are Highway Hawk universal slip ons. They do them longer too, but as he had these in stock, I thought for the price, £110, I'd give it a go. The bracket that comes with them is long & adjustable, so that bit was easy, & they just slipped on. I love the sound! I will post a video on you tube of a drive by as soon as the rain stops. I'll also try to post a video in the right section. Meanwhile here's some pics. http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/002-1.jpg http
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