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  1. Been round and round with this exhaust problem. The good news is that now that I've had it apart 3 times, and have lubed the pipes and collector with a hi temp never seize, it all comes apart and goes together quickly. I pulled it all apart to get the closest inspection of the collector. I was sure there would be some visible signs of failure, but there's not. Externally it looks great. No cracks, all metal seems solid, but put it back together paying special attention to all gaskets and connections, and she still has "the sound" .....you know...the "hotrod" sound. I'm out of options. The baffles must be having an issue inside the collector. My question is: If I cut a square as big as possible out of the bottom of the collector, will I be able to gain enough access to weld the naughty baffle (s) back in place? I did a search and found only pics of the collector with baffles removed. I'd like to keep mine as quiet as possible, so would a competent welder such as myself have anything to work with once I open it up, or should I spend the big bucks and get a replacement...??? The ones I see on e-bay right now are going for $150 , which is OK, but the ones I'm seeing look to be in worse shape than the one I have. I'm planning on pulling it back apart tomorrow, but I don't know what to expect when I open it up. Anybody out there who's done this before? Thanks:confused24:
  2. The outside controller for the water and ice has a small round door that opens so the ice can slide down from the ice maker through the round door into the glass. For no reason both the water and ice stopped dispensing and this small round door keeps opening and then after the small round door opens fully the spring then shuts the door quickly. This cycle occurs every about every 7 seconds give or take a second. Several lights on the controller door keeps flashing. The water dispenser was flowing water very fast to the filter today so it is not pluged. I have pretty much dismantled the the controller door, looking at the small mother board and the motor unit to the ice dispenser. This where I could use some suggestions please.
  3. I purchased a set of E 3's last summer and love them. I have about 6,000 miles on them now and the tread still looks new. I am going from Ohio to California and back in August and will be about an 8,000 mile round trip. Trying to figure out if I should put a new set on before I leave or will my current set get me there and back safely?
  4. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all here at VR. May we be thankfull in good times and bad that we know we have support from one another here year round. Larry
  5. Anyone doing online contests? I am doing the fiat USA Facebook contest and the fox.com/Alcatraz contest for a new mustang. I missed the 1st round so working on the 2nd round. I got the the 1st answer (puzzle 16) and couldn't figure out the rest. I think of myself as a smart person but these things I haven't got a clue. Thankfully there are folks out there that have figured it out and posted the answers and explanations in most cases. Even after the answers are explained I still have no clue how to solve it after trying to reverse engineer the puzzles.
  6. I had my dogs in the back fenced yard and they went ballistic. I looked out and there was a fox stumbling around outside the fence. Obviously it was rabbid which we have had much of in my part of the county this last year. I grabbed the nearest firearm which happened to be my Colt Diamondback that I used to carry as a deputy. At 45-50 feet with one round the fox was "grave yard dead". I haven't fired this particular gun in near thirty years but I keep it loaded just the same. Now I will have to clean it for the next thirty years.
  7. I am thinking about buying a new RUGER SR9C pistol so i'm wondering if anybody has one that can give me any info good or bad about it. It comes with a 10 & 17 round mag. It has a lot of nice safety features.
  8. I posted a video to YouTube of the process I used to install round aviation vents in my winshield. It's about 11 minutes. I hope it helps!
  9. THe second round of St. Jude Auctions is over, and the winners are.................. 1. Colesgrandpaw.................47.00 (2 auctions) 2. Rockhound.......................25.00 3. Relic...............................20.00 You can make you donation to partin_guy@yahoo.com or message me for my addy if you wish to pay by snail mail. (partin_guy) there is an underscore between partin & guy Thanks for your support!!!!!! Lewis
  10. My ignition was going bad, so we removed the cover and the tank, and thought it would be a simple matter of removing two bolts, taking the old one out and popping the new one in. Only the bolts were smooth round head bolts with no way to get at them. Not sure why they were not hex head or some other kind of normal bolt, but we had to drill the heads off to get them out. The rest of the replacement was a snap. Anyone know why these bolts would be smooth round heads? I was thinking for anti-theft reasons, but that makes no sense either. And how would a dealer get them out unless they did the same thing I did? Very puzzling. Only downside to a new ignition is now I have to use an ignition key, and my original key for the bag locks and helmet locks, which is no big deal, but still a bit of a pain. The upside is that my RSV won't be crapping out on me anymore!
  11. I have a 08 Venture and for some reason the metal bar that they call a stay keeps tearing the threads off my bolts and its a real pain to get them off and you cant tighten them down. I switch from the clear view to a factory one I cut way down. I went to the hardware store and matched them up in stainless but they seem week and the threads just tear off. The factory bolts have soft heads and round out way to easy so I wanted hex head. Anyone else have this issue? And if so what did you do to fix it. Thanks for any help:fingers-crossed-emo
  12. Well the time has come I am looking at this sat the 2nd of july for my saddlesore ride. I will be leaving Traverse City Mi by 5 am and should reach Crittendon Ky around 2 pm where I will be turning around and heading back to TC. My question, is there anyone around that area that could meet me at the gas station and sign my paperwork for my turn a round witness. It should be about 2 figure I could text whoever from my last stop to give you about a 2 hour notice. Please let me know asap and thanks in advance
  13. I have about 2000 miles on nankang car tire 2006 rsv midnight. Today I blew the cobbs out and hit rev limiter in 3rd gear, about the time 95-100 mph got the wobble. It felt more like the bike was weaving in the back end. Just finnished a 600 mile round trip to KC for bbq riding 2 up no problems. I will probably stay on the darkside as I don't usually go past 75mph.
  14. Breakfast - Me, the 16 yr old son, the 9 yr old son and the 9 yr old daughter. 19 yr old son is far too cool to get up for breakfast. 16 yr old looks out the window at the bright sunny morning and asks "Can you give me a ride to school on the bike this morning?" That started a chorus of 9 yr old "Me too!" Ok. 16 yr old first. 12 km round trip. Then the daughter. 8 km round trip. Then the other son. Another 8 km. Wake the 19 yr old so he'll get himself off to work on time, stow the kiddie helmet in the rack. Grab my tank bag (laptop and stuff for work) and off to the office. 18 km 1 way. Total 46 km. I'm 22 minutes late for work, but for some reason I can't stop smiling...
  15. BCLII

    HF Axle ?

    When you guys flip the axle over on the trailer to put it on top of the springs, do you still rest it on the flat part (open channel up) or the round shaft side( open channel side down as in manual on the spring? Weld plates on or just drill the shaft to align the spacing? thanks
  16. Boy, no matter how good a friend someone may be, it turns out you just can't trust them. After the Pork in the Pines last year, I left my Virago with Gary (Whoomp). You know, the one that I went to all the trouble to customize the tank up on the Ber Tooth during the Cody Round Up. Well, just look at what he is trying to hand back to me. I mean, does that look anything at all like the scoot I left with him And no peanut gallery comments from you Rocket about seeing it for the first time off the trailer....
  17. After 23 years and seeing stuff I never thought I would see, I have joined the ranks of the retired! Or at least semi-retired anyway. My job at the jail is done my penence is paid. I will now be a school bus driver for fun...that means summers off, holidays off...no more shift work, no more missed birthdays, Christmas' or other special events. Its a bit surreal right now as I just woke up after working my last night shift ever! The wheels on the bus go round and round lmao!
  18. I need to replace a brake light in the left trunk assembly. I look up in the service manual how to do the job...3 nuts and the assembly falls out, right? WRONG! The nut in the middle just spins round and round like it wants to be a ballerina or something. I guess the stud broke loose from its' base. I've thought about it and thought about it and can't come up with any ideas that don't involve damaging plastic in some way. Anyone have an idea?
  19. etcswjoe


    During a recent round of VR scavenger hunt the target was musems and I was wondering if anyone had ever been to the Classic Bike Musem in Ashboro NC? http://www.visitnc.com/listings/view/32708/american-classic-motorcycle-museum
  20. We just got unburied and recovered from the last round of snow. Now forecast is Thur, Sat, Sun, Mon.......SNOW Will it ever quit?
  21. Is it just me or is this whole winter being a PITA for riding. This morning, early, the driveway was finally almost cleared of snow and the road looked pretty good. Decided I'd take the little bike out for a while, checked the tires and went in to get ready to ride. Looked out and "surprise" it was snowing like heck. Now we've got an additional 4" or so and it's still going strong. (and the temps are supposed to be in the 50's by Sunday!!) I'm gettin' cabin fever! I know y'all in the frozen north are used to this (used to live in Mich and Ia myself) but come on, this is Dixie! I usually get to ride several time a month year round, but NOT this year...
  22. Sleeperhawk says this is what First Gens are great for!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkJTeTpxAgc]YouTube- Redneck Merry Go Round[/ame]
  23. I need to order a RAM mount for my GPS. Looking at the mounting options has me confused what will fit on an 89 1st Gen. There doesn't seem to be much room between the actual round bars and the reservoirs. Any examples or pictures of what has been done or works? The reservoir mounts
  24. i have an 83 venture original Radio/intercom unit installed on my buke. i would like to get a headset to go with my radio however i dont know what cord to buy the opening on the console is square. so far all the headsets i have seen are round 5 pin connectors. can anyonec help me figure out what i need to complete my set. Thank for any help
  25. I just came across, a great find. an old light bar set of an old Harley Davidson Police motorcycle. with the Big dark Red Round light.and I want to get them re-chromed. anyone know of a good chromer?
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