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  1. Hello all, Working through my "87 project, coming along well. I got a set of rebuilt carbs for a deal and put them on, been reading all of the threads on adjusting, very interesting indeed. So, I have it running fairly well, but to do it I have the idle mixture screws out about 4 or five turns, I know that is not right, but for now that is where they are. I worked through adjusting the butterflys according to one of the threads, and now it will start pretty well, and doesn't crack and pop so badly on throttling down. Here is what I am noticing now though -- It was smoking when I was running it tonight (All of this is just running on the center stand) so I took the flashlight to see what and why. Well there is gas dripping out of at least one of the hoses that come out of the top of the carbs, some kind of overflow for the bowl I'm guessing. So I shut her down right now. Don't need to burn my bike down, right. So any insight, what does this mean and what should I do about it? Of course I am working toward getting them syncronized, but for now this is where I am Thanks for all of your help David
  2. Every time I go to post a new thread and enter the subject line this damn frame pops up with suggestions about other threads that might possibily have something to do with what I'm posting about. It's a PITA. Any way I can turn the thing off???
  3. I'm too lazy to respond to all of the other Merry Christmas threads so I decided to start my own. MERRY CHRISTMAS VR.ORG!!!!!
  4. Have seeb that in a fair amount of user pics, the TCI/CDI box is on top of the air box under the false tank. I'm guessing this is done to keep the unit cool, as it wouldn't be sitting directly over the engine. Is this a model year difference (I've got a Mk2 87) or is it a after-market user modification? In mine, it looks like its mounted to a frame rail. I noticed this as I've been looking at wiring and fuse block upgrade threads, and saw the box, and wasn't sure if it was an aftermarket or moving the original. Can't find a thread talking about it, so figured I would have to ask. Glenn in Tucson
  5. You will notice that I added back the "similar threads" feature that we had before the site upgrade. Let me know if this is a feature that you like or don't like. I can easily remove it if most of you find it more obtrusive than helpful.
  6. I have not seen any threads on this so I will ask. I have an 88 yvr that has water leaking into the trunk every time it rains. I cannot find where it is coming in. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so , how do I stop it? Thanks so much for any and all help I can get on this problem.
  7. I was installing the clutch slave cylinder on the 83, and when I went to snug up the bottom bolt, the threads in the block stripped. Any ideas how to fix them good enough to tighten up the bolt? I checked and it looks like there is about 1/8" or a bit more of good, unused threads left down in the blind hole, so I may try and see if I can find a bolt that is a little longer and see if there is enough left to hold. I don't think a heli-coil would be very easy to install. The female threads in the block are about 6" inside of the bulge in the stator cover, so I'd have to find a way to extend the installation tool. Also, the threads don't start at the surface, they are recessed about 1/8" so that the bolt will act as a pilot bushing also. The next best alternative that I see is to tap it for a larger bolt, probably a 1/4"-28 and open up the hole in the cylinder a bit. The Yammie bolt is 6mm or .236". I'll still have to come up with a way to extend the tap though. I haven't looked on the Grainger site yet, but do they make a tap extension so you can reach into recesses? Anybody ever have any luck with Devcon or something like this? Barb and I are leaving on the 89 Thursday, so it'll be sitting for a bit. Frank D.
  8. Is there a list of words that are currently "Off limits" for subects in the wateringhole? I know politics are off limits... but what else? 99.99999 percent of my theads have been Motorcycle related. There have been many non-motorcycle related threads on this forum. My fear is that a very few here, are going to go out of their way, to get threads deleted they don't like. thanks in advance Joe
  9. Since there seems to be some "What's this" threads floating around, I figured I'd try and stump the group. So here's my contribution. -Andrew
  10. Well, As you know from reading my other thread, I had a freakin monster of a time getting my front axle to break lose once I took the pinch bolt out. I worked with it for about an our at night, and then got on it the next morning. I had to grunt, holler, and pull with all my 300lbs of weight to finally get it to break lose. As I'm finding out from some of you and a few friends locally, once I took the pinch bolt out, it shouldn't have been that hard. Well, now I'm realizing why there was a problem. When I got the axle out, I had noticed the threads had what looked like some sort of maybe thread locker stuff on it, and they also had what I now realize was some thread trash on them. At that time, I just cleaned them up real good, and took a brush to them and got them shiny looking again. I wasn't even thinking to look at the threads inside the fork tube. Well, today I got my new tire on the rim, and started back remounting the wheel on the fork tubes. When I got the axle snug, I put my torque wrench on it, set to 56 ftlbs, and I didn't turn it hardly any and I felt the threads get weak. The torque wrench hadn't even got to the point of clicking yet. I stopped instantly and realized what I had felt. I backed the axle back out, and looked inside the fork tube and confirmed what my suspicions were. The threads were in pretty ruff shape and had been semi stripped. I now realize that the last time I had the tire replaced at the bike shop, they must've overtightend and partially stripped it, so they then put a thread locker on it to make it stay in place. That had to be why it took an act of God to get it to break loose. So, I'm in a predicament. I need suggestions for next steps. Do I have to buy a new fork tube? Has anyone had to go through this and maybe fixed it another way? If I do have to buy a new fork tube, does anyone have one that I could buy cheap? etc, etc, etc. The suckish thing is, the shop that I had the work done at, went out of business, then was bought and opened by new owners. So, there's no way I can get retribution. Need help, please.
  11. I got a leak from the oil plug. I don't know if it is the plug or the oil pan threads that are stripped but I would assume that it is the oil pan threads. What do I have to do to fix this? I have a 8 hr trip to Sioux City planned for Friday. Iowa Guy
  12. I'm looking for the end cap that threads over the speedometer threads. I want to make a tool with it. Please PM me if you have a broken speedometer cable and would like to get rid of it. I'll pay for shipping.
  13. The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts. When I click on "New Posts", I sometimes get the above message below the list. I really don't understand it ... especially for the most recent one which was my own thread that has no posts other than my own. ?????????????????
  14. Can I change the number of threads displayed? When I click on the "New Posts" link at the top of the page I always get up to 25 threads listed, is there a way to increase this number? I do have the replies per page at the max number for when I am in a thread but can not find the setting to increase the number of threads displayed in "New Posts". If I actually have to do work at work there is always pages of new posts by the time I get back here. Sometimes if there are a lot of threads that need reading and or replies the system will timeout and I will end up missing the older ones on the later pages.
  15. Darnitall if I can find a thread I know I saw not too long ago. Subject matter: converted the space (some of it, at least) where the radio equipment used to be into a fine looking storage cubby. Pretty sure it was either stainless or aluminum. Somebody point me to that thread(s) please! Thanks!
  16. The video of the dissappearing dots example has been posted twice and I can not find it. I have looked at about the last 25 pages of watering hole and in the safty and video threads and still cannot find it. Not sure the best word or phrase to search. RandyA Just found it. http://www.msf-usa.org/motion.html
  17. I do not have any more. Two additional members have showned interest so I'll start a 2nd Group order. Pricing will depend on the order quantity. Your posting here is not a committment to purchase but just an interest depending on the cost. Lets temporarly set 7 April as a cut off day. Please post here if you interested in one. ************************ 1) The threads that are cut on the tool to go on the Speedometer are cut to match the threads exactly so there is so very little room for grease to make its way out the threads. He took measurements of the origional coupling threads and the threads on the speedometer. 2) The tool is screwed onto the speedometer several, several, several times so the grease has a long way to travel before it could come out the coupling threads if it could get past 1) above. 3) The tool can also be screwed onto the speedometer so far that the end of the speedometer can actually seat inside the tool to the end of its thread. but it is not recommended to screw all the way till it is seated for you will want to leave about 1 full turn left to give you wiggle room in case the grease fitting nipple is pointed in the wrong direction. 4) The threads on the other end where the grease fitting screws into was cut with a flaired threading the last 3/4 of a turn so to also give more wiggle room in case the grease nipple is pointed in the wrong direction. I recommend putting lock tight on this thread. I included a procedure instructions so one can align the tool with the lock tight. Then to remove the tool and allowing the lock tight to cure before using. When I used my tool, It pumped easy at first to fill the void with grease then I felt the resistence. I'm not a real strong person but I gave it one good solid hard pump. I was squeezing so tight that my hand and arm shook before grease came out the fitting where the grease gun goes on.
  18. I have to hit preview for this new thread post. But cannot do any "REPLIES" on other threads?
  19. I'm in the middle of trying to remove my carburetors. Its kind of tough getting the carbs off of the bike. I've got the owners manual and it really isnt much help. i figure one your threads can help, maybe with picture. anyone with any insight would be much appreciated!
  20. I am really tired of sitting on my bike and rocking it back and forth to fill the tank to the top. I am thinking of drilling some holes in the inside sleeve of my gas tank. The sleeve is solid and goes into the tank about 2 inches from the inside edge of the collar. It keeps me from filling the tank that last half gallon unless the rocking ( which looks really ridiculous) and it burps fuel all over sometimes. Anybody else have this kind of experience? Editing because after this posted the threads for this topic came up and I saw the fix and comments from V7 Goose. Don't know why these threads didn't show up on search. BTW thanks V7 Goose, I would have drained the tank, pumped in co2 and drilled it but like your idea much better!
  21. When I visit the site and look at the forums, but not the threads, the forum gods think I have viewed each thread and so when I return later in the day and ask to see the NEW POSTS, I am offered only those that have been started since my last visit. The threads that were ongoing when I last visited are now marked as "read", even though I did not read them. I have to wade through all the threads to make sure I haven't missed anything. Is it a Firefox setting I can adjust?
  22. before I even ask this I should know better by now but here goes. Just ordered a new trailer that has factory Led's and is wired for 4 wires. From other threads looks like the Hoppy 4 to 5 converter will work and a lot cheaper than the other isolators,converters, and sub wiring harness that I have looked at. #1 Will the Hoppy converter be more economical than installing two more lights to the trailer for turn signals? #2 Will installing two more lights for turn signals require any kind of isolator? #3 Will wiring trailer directly to bike harm the bikes electrical system ? From what have read the isolator puts the load on the battery and not the bikes charging system. I'm not using any heated gear or planning any other lighting upgrades other than maybe some strip leds under the tank etc.. In theory trailer will only be used a few times a year. I have read so many old threads and opinions that I have information overload so give me some more and maybe it will fix this hangover.
  23. Need to get to fuse panel. The inner cowling screw near the brake pedal just turns with no in or out movement no matter which way I turn screw.. Pressure against the cowling plastic doesn't help. Any trick to this? Seems like threads or nut? behind this is fubar. First time for me to try and remove. I guessing it has been off before since middle bottom push screw is missing. Wally
  24. My searching ability must really be lacking because I usually have a hard time finding past threads, etc on here when I try to search for a specific topic. Anyway, is there a write up or instructions on removing the inner faring? I have split mine many times, but I need to be able to move the inner faring forward a couple of inches to install new handlebar risers. I've got one that the threads are almost stripped out and I want to replace that sucker ASAP. As always, I really appreciate any help I can get.
  25. I have a 08 Venture and for some reason the metal bar that they call a stay keeps tearing the threads off my bolts and its a real pain to get them off and you cant tighten them down. I switch from the clear view to a factory one I cut way down. I went to the hardware store and matched them up in stainless but they seem week and the threads just tear off. The factory bolts have soft heads and round out way to easy so I wanted hex head. Anyone else have this issue? And if so what did you do to fix it. Thanks for any help:fingers-crossed-emo
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