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  1. i made a short video when i was setting and checking the float levels on a set of 28mm carbs and wrote of how i did it for some of the guys on delphi forum and thought i would post it here too.there's a way i do it and it has worked out good on the last several sets im have fixed for others and redid mine while i had them off, all you have to do is when you have the carbs torn down, put all the float and needle assembly together, turn them upside-down so the float is up, jiggle the carbs so the floatsts bounce around a little so they are seated in place and not binding. while you still holdin
  2. Greeting to all here, I'm a newbie to the Venture scene but I have ridden for about 40 years and I'm a life-long Yamaha fan (FJ1200, 550 Vision, FJR1300, FJ09, among others) and I do most of my own work. I have been working on this new project bike I just picked up, a pretty clean 83 Venture with a VMax (!) motor of unknown vintage, transplanted by the father of the previous owner, that doesn't seem to want to make power at large throttle openings. I'm suspecting the carbs but I haven't gotten into them yet. The bike came to me without an airbox cover so I got off of Ebay and it anything,
  3. Brakes: Hey guys, I’m brand new to Ventures and of limited mechanical ability, but I need to rebuild my calipers. I just bought a 1987 Venture in good condition except that the last time they parked it (3 years ago), they lost their back brakes on the ride home. Sure enough, when I went to look at the bike, there had been evidence of a leaky front caliper. Thanks to another thread, I learned about the linked braking. So I was planning on rebuilding the rear and left front calipers. But the right front caliper actually looked like it was more likely to be the culprit. The leak puddled on the r
  4. Hello all, Working through my "87 project, coming along well. I got a set of rebuilt carbs for a deal and put them on, been reading all of the threads on adjusting, very interesting indeed. So, I have it running fairly well, but to do it I have the idle mixture screws out about 4 or five turns, I know that is not right, but for now that is where they are. I worked through adjusting the butterflys according to one of the threads, and now it will start pretty well, and doesn't crack and pop so badly on throttling down. Here is what I am noticing now though -- It was smoking w
  5. I ordered a Carbtune Kit last week and it came in on Friday. I used it today on my 06 Midnight Venture after doing the 8,000 mile service. The Carbs were way off! It took me about 30 minutes but they are now synched. What should I expect now that the carbs are running in synch? I was getting abiut 35 miles MPG before the 8,000 mile service. I changed Spark Plugs as well. How often do I need to do a synch? The kit was rather expensive. If there is anyone in or near Southern AZ thats needs a synch done, please feel free to contact me. I am in Bisbee, AZ which is in the far
  6. WARNING - this is LONG, so unless you are actually going to adjust your valves, or just like to read mechanical cookbooks, you probably should just stop here! There is a LOT involved in this job. It needs to be done, but it is probably worth whatever you local shop is charging. I'd certainly pay $200 for it if I trusted the shop, and I'm very comfortable doing the job myself. If you don't trust your shop, or don't have the money, then read on! We periodically have questions and discussions here on valve adjustments, like how often? (26,600 miles), is it really needed? (yes), how to? (
  7. Does anyone know what would cause an '87 VR to red line in 2nd gear at 65 mph but not get above 4500rpm and 75 mph in 5th gear. It does sputter a little around 6000 rpm but will recover up to the red line. I normally don't do this to the engine but was trying to blow out the jets in the carbs after 2 cans of Sea Foam run through her this past year. It runs great but just a little slugesh in high gear. Any insight would be great and I just got carbs sync. this weekend. Is this normal? THANKS!!!
  8. Well, just got my 83 First gen back from a local shop and the whole ride home I've been sick to my stomach. I took it in for oil change, spedo replacement, and to synch the carbs. He said that the carbs are mechanically synced and that wouldn't be necessary. He did say he adjusted the screws to smooth it out. Boy now I'm messed up. This thing went from running 80% good to 45% good. Feels like it is missing or even possibly fouled out. I can't take it back till Monday but I feel like I messed up by allowing them to work on this carb. I described the synch tool with the four liquid levels b
  9. My 87VR always had carburation problems ever since I acquired her used at 40k miles. The last mechanic that worked on it before I gave up on other techs, and took over the full responsibility of being the only one to work on it told me that the intakes that were on the bike when i got it were the wrong intake manifolds. He said the ones on the bike were vmax manifolds that had a crossover port that the 87 xvz1300 did not have. He explained that the extra ports were sucking air that affected the air intake with the gas mixture to intake port causing the gas/air mixture feed to the spark plugs t
  10. Just checking to see if there is enough interst in getting together to tune carbs. etc this fall in Borger. If there is enough interest, I will set something up.
  11. On my previous bike I played with jetting a lot. In the end, I had more power (not verified with factual evidence) but I lost about five mpg. I have read comments here about carb mods and I am very hesitant to try anything for fear I might not be pleased with the results. Does anyone have dyno runs or other data regarding changes to carbs or air intake?
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know about Ivans jet kits available online installed in my venture-actually uses smaller main jets and finally got my carbs synced right and it has more power and is smoother
  13. Having recently gotten a bike to rehab that has set awhile I got around to really digging in to it today. Removed the tank and gave it a quart of kerosene to rinse it out. The hoses are a bit checked so they where replaced. Makes sense to at least take off the float bowls and assess whether or not to take it down further. The clamps on the intake boots are loose and the carbs are still a bit snug. The manual makes it sound as if you can remove the carbs right off the boots but I'm a big guy with a large set of easy outs to prove my ability to snap stuff off. Can these be pried up or should I t
  14. I recently started a restoration on an 85 Vmax for my son. The bike has only 11K miles on it but has been sitting since 1999. So far most everything has been in pretty good shape, considering the lengthy down time. The carbs, however are history. I am having a difficult time finding a set of carbs for it that are not way out of his price range, but I can find first gen Venture carbs fairly reasonable. Would these fit on the vmax? I'm sure if they do, there would be some loss in performance, but would they suffice until he can find OE carbs.
  15. Does anyone have a carb sync tool I could borrow or possibly buy? I took the carbs off the bike to do the valve adjustment and I cleaned up the carbs some too. When i got them back on and the bike running it pops out of the right pipe. When i take the little rubber boot off of the sync nipple it'll rev up momentarily but there really is no change. Took a little Brake parts cleaner and sprayeed it in the hole and she smoked a little but never idled up or down. I dont trust any of the shops in my town and I know i need the carbs synced. I'm just hoping it'll take care of the problem
  16. Puc, Here are a few pics of my '77 MGB i've owned for around 3 yrs. Since these pics i've lowered the car some and done some exhaust work. Did a complete engine rebuild, SU carbs and all suspension pieces approx. 10K miles ago. This is what is replacing our totaled '07 RSTD.
  17. I have questions as to why my 88 venture will not start, it cranks, backfires and pops but not running. This is the same bike that the carbs were just rebuilt, it ran well Saturday but not today, any known fixes.
  18. Seeking a new-looking exhaust pipes for my '06 RSTD. Hopefully inexpensive. If you've replaced yours and and just want to get rid of the stock mufflers, I'll be glad to pay for the shipping to WA. The RSTD I bought came with aftermarket pipes and I prefer the quieter stock ones. Question: I'm assuming that when the previous owner put on aftermarket pipes he had to have the carbs re-jetted, yes? I also assume that this means if I put stock pipes back on that I have to have the carbs re-jetted back to the stock settings, yes? Thanks for any help you might provide.
  19. I'm still in the process of getting my '83 roadready. I did actually ride it for the first time the other day. She really runs nice considering I haven't had the carbs adjusted yet. The problem I'm having now is that the red warning light is always flashing. Where do I begin in the process of chasing down the problem?
  20. I guy's. I have just recently added Khromwerks mufflers, k&n filters and iridium plugs to my 06 Venture. My question is, do I have to rejet the carbs? All information will be gratefully recieved. Regards Keith.
  21. Hello All, Quick question and background. Son rides a valkyrie. We just went thru all 6 carbs and reinstalled... REAL pita to reinstall airbox runners onto top of carbs. We reinstalled and cranked up and have a low idle issues that we believe to be an air leak, further investigation tomorrow. Now for the question, one of his forum buddies we visited had a fuel "bag/cell" hanging from the ceiling with a hose and pinch clamp to run bike without the tank on... Great idea huh. Have any of you made one and if so, out of what with what??? Wanting to make one tomorrow that I will use also on RSV when
  22. So I got this Venture about a week ago as a project bike. It wasn't in too bad a condition for sitting for four years, so after two days of cleaning it up it looked pretty good. Spent the better part of another two days making repairs and cleaning the carbs. Put it back together synched the carbs and it now runs like a champ. Thanks to all for suggestions and comments!
  23. I fixed the starter clutch and started the bike with some difficult at half throttle so I put 6 ounce of redline in the tank. Now it will not start (hit) at all. Checked gas flow and it is working good and cleaned and checked firing of the plugs, Good. When I spray starter fluid in the carbs direct, it runs with the starter fluid and quits. I see no gas spray out of the carbs at all.
  24. I just picked up an 85 with carbs removed. I am not sure if i have all the hoses correctly routed and the book is no help. I also need some help on how to best press the carb bodies back onto the boots by myself in 40 degree weather. I see only 3 hoses on the upper section coming from under the seat that i believe should connect to the 4 carb air vents on the carb bowls that are on a 45 degree angle. I do have the 4 little drain hoses on the bottom. I also have the canister on the left side that is not completely connected. Any help with all these hoses would be appreciated I have worked
  25. Hello Im completly new at this here street bike experience, I bought a 1996 Royal star. Not Realising that two of the carbs had striped fuel mixture screws holes, now Im searching and looking around on Ebay and so on for a used set of carbs. New each carb at Yamaha is almost $600 I cant not aford that at all. Im hoping that you guys might be able to tell me what years and models may be swaped onto my bike. I tried the local Yaamaha Dealers and the are not helpfull at all, they dont want to share part #s so I may compare and try to figure out what might swap. Thanks for your attention...
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