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  1. Just picked up a 2007 Royal Star Venture Midnight edition with 15k miles for $4500. While think it’s a great looking bike, it’s super heavy and doesn't seem to accelerate out of 1st gear like my 83 Venture Royal. Is this just me or do need a tune up? I was told it had never seen a drop of ethanol and always maintained. I also feel like this bike gets thrown around on the highway. I’m going to try the wider front tire, soon as I decide if I keep it or fix 2nd gear in the 83. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am a new member and my name is Jeff, I am from Manchester, England but live in Thailand in the winter and have the pleasure of owning a Royal Star over here. The problem I have is that one or the conrods broke and one piece went through the crankcase and the other into the cylinder wall so you can imagine the mess, oh, and it bent the crankshaft as well. I have sourced a second hand engine in the States but before shipping it over I need to make sure it will fit in my bike. Mine is a 1997 model but the engine is off a 2005, can anybody help me here or has had similar experience with this problem, thanks Jeff
  3. Does anyone know what years the palomino version was offered? Also, was it offered as a Royal Star, and or Venture? Steve
  4. 1997 Royal Star "PALOMINO EDITION" Has anyone ever heard of this model/ I found one and the guy has a receipt CLAIMING that it sold brand new in 1997 for GET THIS!! $21,833 TT&T !!! AND he sent me a pic of the receipt and looks real but I just find it very hard to beleive
  5. For those looking for a solid and good looking hitch receiver CruiserCustomizing.com $200.00 Including shipping RECEIVER HITCH with CHROME PLATED TONGUE and WIRING KIT for 1999-2010 VENTURE and 1997-2001 and 2005-2009 ROYAL STAR TOUR DELUXE. Arriving 6/10/11 Now If I could just find a solid nice looking hitch for my 89 VR.
  6. Just got my 2nd gen. Venture (2000 MM edition) and am disappointed in the engine whine at 60-65 mph. Please tell me there's a cure. I have a '97 Royal Star and I don't think that made such a whine.
  7. I have a 06 Royal star tour deluxe, a buddy of mine is selling me a 09 Royal Star Venture Corbin Dual Tour Seat, and i wanted to know if it would fit on mine or not, he is on a different state so im not able to check. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks C""
  8. Yamaha Royal Star Venture - Models 2001 vs. 2007 (I have my 2007 RSV listed here in the classified - but maybe some people might find this little blurb of mine interesting?) One year ago I never thought that I could afford to ever own Yamaha Royal Star Venture. Today I own and ride 2 of them! PTL! A short note here to let the reader know the differences that I have experienced riding each. Handling 07 - Better in maneuvering from pushing it around in the garage or a parking lot to the open road. Both have 40 lbs air in both tires. 01 has Dunlop, 07 has Bridgestone tubeless tires. But there is more to it than handing, When I stop with the 07 at a light it stops straight as an arrow. The 01 is more difficult to balance for some unknown reason. In the turns/curves at highway speed, the 01 has to be pushed because it always wants to correct itself and stand upright. The 07 just loves them and allows a faster rate of speed with more confidence of the rider (me!). Transmission/drive train 07 - is much less noisy - in fact a very pleasant sound emanates from the powerful V4. I decided to put loud fishtail pipes on the 01 to distract from its annoying whining. the 07 shifts crisper and easier. The 07 engine seems to rev a little higher before the governor kicks in. Comfort About the same except that the 07 has better ergonomics in the shift & brake levers which are wider and more comfortable than the narrower 01's. Suspension 07 - feels better over the bumps, not much, but my wife & I noticed the difference when we rode the 07 again after riding the 01 for several monhs. Braking 07 - no squeak/squeal of the front brake and seems like less effort and a smoother stop than the 01. Keep in mind that there are only 500 more miles on the 01 than the 07!
  9. I'm back and looking to buy a Royal Star Venture. I've owned an 83, 86, and 89 Venture Royale. I was not able to flat foot these bikes but never had an issue until I had to have major back surgery (thank you Ms. drunk driver ). I sold my 89 after I almost dropped it when my foot slipped at a red light and the back pain it caused was almost too much to handle. I'm ready now to get back on one but not unless I can flat foot it. Yesterday I tried out a Royal Star Venture, Newer Goldwing, Kawasaki, and a Harley (all touring bikes). The only one I could comfortable flatfoot was the Harley and of course it was the most expensive. I really have my heart set on a Royal Star Venture. Is there a safe, logical way to lower these bikes that won't ruin the handling? Is there an aftermarket comfortable seat that may help? Thanks for any advice.
  10. As many of you already know I started making an auxiliary harness for the 2nd Gen Royal Star Ventures a few months ago. These plug in between the connectors under the seat that connect the main harness to the fender harness and allow you to easily make connections to the taillight, brake light and turn signal circuits for adding more lights or attaching to a trailer harness. I am happy to announce that with the help of some folks here and also over on Delphi that I can now expand the offering to include 1996 to 2001 original Royal Stars, 2005 and up Tour Deluxe, V-Stars and Road Stars. I was finally able to obtain the second style connector used by Yamaha. You can see a photo of the basic RS Venture harness in the Second Gen Parts Classified section. I am sorry to say that I still have not found the connectors for the GEN I Ventures and Venture Royales, but I am still looking. Thanks again to all that have purchased harnesses already and for all of the positive feed back I have received on them. Please do ride safe.
  11. www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?Category_ID=2&manufacturer_ID=935&product_ID=77431&mc=ESS-CC-NP111006&utm_source=JangoSMTP&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=ESS-CC-NP111006:lightbulb:Hal
  12. Hello Im completly new at this here street bike experience, I bought a 1996 Royal star. Not Realising that two of the carbs had striped fuel mixture screws holes, now Im searching and looking around on Ebay and so on for a used set of carbs. New each carb at Yamaha is almost $600 I cant not aford that at all. Im hoping that you guys might be able to tell me what years and models may be swaped onto my bike. I tried the local Yaamaha Dealers and the are not helpfull at all, they dont want to share part #s so I may compare and try to figure out what might swap. Thanks for your attention...
  13. Thanks to StarFan for finding this excellent video. I have move this to the Tech Library at his request. Don Found this neat video on youtube on how to change the speedo face on the 1996 to 2001 Royal Stars. Very detailed and recorded in good quality. Had started a thread some months ago asking how to do this with no results. Should/can we add this to the Technical Library ? Here is the link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLDGdo0DzZw]Changing the speedo face on my cruiser XVZ1300 XVZ 1300 Yamaha Royal Star - YouTube[/ame]
  14. wrecked the o6 venture i just bought last year at thanksgiving,( 11-27-11 ) went deer hunting with it on 12-2- 12! totaled it but i'm still here and able to start the heal'n process! found another 06 venture with 14k miles on it. Question? old one was a royal star venture, the title on this one says it's a royal star midnight venture? is there a difference , or just a xtra word on the title? bikes both look the same,only this one does'nt have any bling on it yet! same color and so on.l please let me know if yaz know anything? Thanks!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AN YOURS! May it be all you want and more!:bighug:
  15. are the triple trees the same on a royal star and a royal star venture. i found a set of barron raked trees but it says for a royal star/roadstar 96-12 need to know will they fit my 1999 venture and any mods if any needed
  16. Hi new to your site and am looking for some information from the experts here. I am going to look at a 1987 Venture Royal on Sunday and hoped that someone would be kind enough to tell me what some of the known issues or problems are related to that model. Any help is appreciated........
  17. I was recently at a car show in Palmyra N.Y. when I came across this crazy built up Royal Star. Its running nitrous and everything. Incredible custom work on the tank and what a paint job. Even has neon light. Is this one of our members? has anyone else ever seen this before outside of New York State?
  18. Same thing, different color. http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/products/modelhome/586/0/home.aspx
  19. :cool10:Hi Folks I just picked up another Venture.It is an 84 Royal in not bad shape.She has been sitting around for a long time but I will have her road worthy by spring.:cool10: [ATTACH]71599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71600[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71601[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71602[/ATTACH]
  20. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or vendor that makes chrome neck covers to fit a 2006 Royal Star Venture?
  21. I need an odometer for my '86 Venture Royal?
  22. My trip and mile-0-meter(speedo still works) quit over the weekend, has anyone had a problem like this? '86 Venture Royal
  23. Would like to put a self cancel turn signal unit on my 96 Royal Star. Where do you get them,is it hard to install???
  24. I just bought a 1989 Yamaha venture royal and can't seem to find a internet or catalog to buy parts for it if I need to. There is not a Yamaha shop here where I live the closest one is 200 miles away. Anyone no of a good web site or a catalog I can get to order parts? Thanks.
  25. I have a 2009 royal star touring deluxe and noticed that the swing are when on my lift has about a .003-.005 side play on the swing arm. The factory manual says there is not supposed to be any. Has anyone had this issue and if so what is the proceedure to take the side play out.
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