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  1. Skullcandy ear buds is what I have been using under my helmet for years and work great. I always got them at Target. around $10
  2. Hey Earl, I'm so glad to hear that you are improving each day. The next thing you know you'll be back in the shop. Just so fortunate it was found and corrected!
  3. I have a 2005 RSTD and have been all over the country on that thing. I'm 74 and the weight doesn't really affect much as it is low. As far as trading for that honda-------------Not in a million years. You've got a GREAT bike! Ride on
  4. Hey Earl, Wishing you the best and by now surgery is over and hope you heal quickly.
  5. Looks great Don. What you do and how you do it never ceases to amaze me 👍
  6. I live on a small rural road that was chip sealed this summer. I hate this friggen road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this winter the plows will plow all the loose crap off.
  7. Can't even imagine the amount of work involved in the switch over to say nothing of maintaining the site. Thanks for all that you do. Hope you all had a great vacation! and Squidly go to go? How great is that? 🤪
  8. I kinda wondered how many days it would take you to get her back up. It looks good, and thanks for all of your hard work, Now enjoy that houseboat!
  9. I've been thinking of how to say this, and there is no easy way: Dale committed suicide His wife called to tell me and asked me to tell you all. A number of years ago he came down with autoimmune Encephalitis and was lucky to live through that but it took a major part of his brain. He mostly could remember things through pictures, but mostly he kept that to himself and if you didn't know, you'd never guess. He was never the same after. Loosing his memory of life in general played a major part in this. I was looking forward to seeing him at he crud run next week. Can't believe I won
  10. A number of folks here that ran a nexan had that same issue including me. So with a suggestion at the time to run 45psi, that is what I ran and it took care of that issue, so like Holy, somewhere between 45 and 50 is what I'd try.
  11. A question is not a question if you know the answer too
  12. I have a2001 ram 2500 and a number of years ago I was thinking the same thing. After talking with lots of people, I put a 2" leveling kit on which raises the front and it is now level. Not sure that will solve your problem with a 5th wheel. I assume you know about drop hitches?
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