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  1. I saw Brian Fries and Connie in Regina.It was seeing him again.
  2. It was great to see the old gang again.I hope everyone got home safely including Carl...I worked on my tan riding in this heat.
  3. I might make Aug 6th too.Will bring my RSV.
  4. I will be traveling through Alberta and Saskatchewan Aug 9 to 16th.If there are any members out there that would like to meet , eat and tell stories I would love to meet up with you.I am driving so wheels are no problem.Arriving and departing from Calgary.Cheers all.
  5. It was a great time for all that attended.Many laughs were had and memories rekindled.Long time friends were re united and new members introduced.Thanks Don for this suggestion for a gathering.Everyone have a safe riding season wherever you are.Our gathering was in the beautiful town of Paris,Southern Ontario Canada.
  6. Sorry I missed you guys .My RSV was getting new shoes so I took the Spyder.I met people at the Brantford airport and someone knew who Carl was.I ended up leading the group as there were no experienced leaders.We had a blast and met some new friends
  7. What time are you meeting there.Maybe I could jion you too
  8. Congrats to you Thomas with the bike.I think I have seen it before somewhere....lol.lets ride together soon.
  9. I would be looking for a stand too.
  10. You are very resourceful. I hope it works out for you. As you know they are a lot of bike to wrangle.
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