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  1. IN STOCK NOW. PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN. The VentureRider Domed Decals are now available. They are the same size as the small patches, approximately 2.75" tall x 3.5" wide. These are very nice I think. The pictures do not do them justice. The silver part of the text and border has an almost chrome look. These are NOT just regular flat decals. They printed on a metallic silver vinyl so that the silver text and scroll work will have a metallic, somewhat chrome look. They are then domed with a clear poly that gives them somewhat of a 3D look. They will look great on the trunk of the bikes, your auto window, wherever you wish to use them. They are designed for outdoor use. I ordered 250 decals this time. If we end up needing more than that, I can order more later. I don't know WHEN I will be able to order more though. The price break came at 250 so if we are only 50, 100, etc. short...I will not order again until I think that there is demand for at least a couple of hundred. So...you can start ordering whenever you like. They will be $4.00 each and that includes shipping within in the USA or $4.50 each shipped to Canada. Payable via PayPal to dknelson@zoominternet.net Please make sure that you include your mailing address in your PayPal payment.
  2. I'll try to explain where my problem exists. On the side of the rear fender, bolted to the fender, there is a chrome strip that the passenger "Oh Sh** handle" and the forward luggage rack support bolts to. I found two bolts missing, one for the passenger handle and the front luggage rack support. My question is; Are there nuts on the inside of that chrome strip, or are there threads built into the strip or some kind of plate fixed on the inside of the chrome strip that the bolts screw in to? Do I need to remove this strip? Does it require removal of the rear wheel? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  3. Our discount with Rumbling Pride had expired. You can still receive a 10% discount. Here is the message that I received when I emailed them. Hi Don, Unfortunately your discount code is no longer valid due to inactivity for a year a longer. If any of your members would like a 10% discount as we no longer offer a 20% discount, please have them call our offices at 863-859-0533 to place an order and have them mention the club. Thank you, Heather@ Rumbling Pride Ltd. Co.
  4. Well, after owning the '99 since....'99, I think I am now done with the engine chrome. Unless something else shows up. Diamond cut fins, balled milled twinky covers, carb covers and air breather covers. The twinky covers were here when I got home today. I'm happy with it.
  5. Not for the bike, for my laptop. I am trying to change my browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome and I go thru the steps to load it and it says it is loaded, but it does not appear to be there. It does not show up in my programs section either. I tried to download Foxfire, but it made all kinds of changes to my computer, so I uninstalled it. What am I doing wrong? RandyA
  6. Hi new to the forum .... Love the info here to maintain these bikes . I have a 2005 rstd. And just received the chrome fender tips . Bought these tips new from eBay and save over 120.00 from buying them here in Canada. The question I have is how to install them without scratching the paint job on the front and rear fenders. The bike was just presently repainted and I want to avoid any damage. Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help.
  7. I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed this forum and how much it has helped me to make the right choices for my 2008 RSVS. Based upon what I’ve read on this site and the technical library I have in the past month accomplished the following updates. Lift adaptor with legs (purchased from Carbon_One) Engine Guard support brackets (purchased from Carbon_One) Stebel Air Horn (purchased from Carbon_One bracket and harness) Upgraded the stock passenger floorboards Leather Lever grips Tachometer Driver back rest (purchased from Diamond R) Highway pegs with Long Horn adjustable mounts Luggage insert set (monogramed from TLC Products) Light Bar Passing lights and visors MP3 Venture from Spain (vs. a CD player) Trunk Rack Radiator Grill Chrome Choke Knob Front Fender Rails Saddle Bag Rails (lower) LED License Plate Frame Scorpio i900 Alarm system 3 Pocket Leather Harley dash mounted storage Chrome Rear Break Reservoir cover Chrome side covers (purchased from Diamond R) Tire Guard monitoring system Tuxedo Bib Chrome Tail Light cover Signal Dynamics BackOff XP Kuryakyn Battery Monitor Flash2Pass Joe Florida Accent LEDs TouraTech GPS locking mount with RAM Garmin 665 Cycle Pump and Tire Repair kit Sync Pro Motion Pro carb sync meter Progressive air shock pump Trunk Lid Accessory insert Clymer Service Manual Schubreth C3 World Black helmet with SRC All of this self-installed from instructions found on this forum. I bought this bike with 400 miles on it last October 2011. It had been ridden 3 times once each year since new and stored inside a heated guest house by the owner. The owner was a family friend. When he passed away unexpectedly the family hoped I would want to buy it. They were correct. It is a wonderful bike and deserved these upgrades. I am preparing for a coast to coast ride next year with my father-in-law who dreams of this ride for his 70th birthday. I’ll be making sure he has a good trip. He has a new Yamaha Stratoliner 1900. We should have little trouble if we plan it out right. Thanks to everyone who contributes on this forum for all the great advice from your experience I have been able to use to great advantage. I appreciate it more than I can express.
  8. Greetings fellow Ventureriders ! Saw this bike for sale on eBay and gotta say it is one purdy looking bike http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/One-original-owner-ton-accsesories-alarm-navigation-radio-and-much-more-/290694427948?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item43aebcf52c ! Noticed these two "Safety Chrome" accessories that I have never seen before. The outer chrome rings on the wheels/rims and the chrome cover where the original horn should be. You guys know if this is custom made or if this is available somewhere ? Want to be safe and need all the chrome I can get
  9. Anyone Know where you can buy the 15" chrome bezel ed light bar for under the trunk on a 2nd gen. Custom dynamics doesn't show it on there web site and all others that I find don't have the chrome.
  10. Hey VR buddies!! Can someone please post pictures of their bike with the AD Chrome carb covers on it. Been lookin and lookin but can't find any? sorry. Thanks!!
  11. [attach]72992[/attach] [attach]72993[/attach] [attach]72994[/attach]
  12. Well since the wife or I had no suggestions for each other for Christmas this year we decided we would give each other chrome for our scoot. I first thought this would be the easiest shopping season yet but oh so many decisions. I wonder if Santa will install it if I leave him a 6 pack. PS no suggestions are needed
  13. I just noticed my '89 VR is missing one of the bolts that holds the chrome covers over my brake reservour. Not sure of the thread size on that and could just go to the hardware store but would like a true chrome replacement. Anyone know the screw size and if I can find one somewhere? thanks. Gary
  14. Hello to all, I am a new member on Venture Rider but already have a tough question. I am riding a 2009 RSV and want to get hold of some engine chrome does anyone have any ideas were to find these very items. Thank Ghostrider7:bobby:
  15. How do I remove the chrome ring around the headlight? The bike (RS Venture) has the chrome visors on all the lights and I bumped the visor on the headlight and it came off. I need to get the chrome ring off to put the visor back on. I removed the bolt at the bottom, but something is still holding on. I need your help. Thank you! Owen.
  16. What would you think would be a good fair price to ask? 2008 RSTD blue and black. Added trunk.passing lamps.highway pegs.saddle bag rails,harley rear brake light,grips and pillow top seats and also driver back rest also have chrome front fender guard but not on yet. Check out the picture's I'm thinking $8900.00 less then 10,000 miles and still has 3 years left on warrenty. Joe
  17. Some pages want to load up in a foreign language (Catlin) Google then asks me if I would like it translated to english. There is a drop down list of languages...but english is greyed out. How can I make english the default language?
  18. Anyone know where one can order replacement lenses. Small one is for the lower wrap around side bag guard. Larger one is for the lower chrome unit below the turn signal and Yamaha Lens.
  19. After the bike being on the lift for about a year she will be coming back to earth in a few days. Just got to add fluid to all the brakes/clutch and bleed, route some electrical accessories, install the tank and seat and it'll be good to go. Should be like a new bike with all the work that went into it. Should get another 10 years out of it. I dont need no stinkin "new" Venture anyways..... Lets see: rebuilt and deburred and polished the lower legs and beer cans. Progressive springs and Amsoil fork oil. Polished the R-1 calipers as well as the front rotors. Also polished the rotor bolts as well as the brake banjo bolts. Polished the lower tree as well. New neck bearings and races. Flanders bar conversion. Chrome switch housings. Polished the brake and clutch masters along with SS brake and clutch lines. Rebuilt rear caliper. Chrome front and rear wheels. Rebuilt said wheels as well with new bearings, seals spacers, dampeners. New saddlebag rails. VMAX rear. Saddleman seat. Assorted chrome accessories. (im still finding stuff that I have ordered while I was under the OXY spell) (no, for you newbies, it was for knee replacement, not a crack hoe addiction) And I did order much stuff..lol Even taught myself to mount the tires. I didnt want the shop to scratch the chrome. Im sure there is more stuff that ill uncover but thats all I can think of right now. I still need to strip and polish some of the old billet covers that the chrome has been fading off. Thats something that I can do as the winter sets in here in Florida. I was hoping that Eck would have invested in a new paint job for his future investment but, ah, well.........
  20. I have 3 accessories. 1) Markland Trailer Hitch; 2) Lower Chrome wrap around lights; and 3rd) the Lower Chrome Side bag protector guard. My question is can I mount the Markland Trailer Hitch and the Side Bag Chrome Guard first and the Lower wrap round lights later with out taking off the Markland Trailer Hitch?
  21. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or vendor that makes chrome neck covers to fit a 2006 Royal Star Venture?
  22. The pasted message below was my last email that I sent to chrome pros in Corpus Christie Texas. As you can see the customer service sucks big time. While the wheels came out nice, they also left in the dampeners in the rear wheel, causing me a whole ton of extra labor to remove them. Unfortunately for me I didnt order them through Ebay, but directly on the phone, which may have given me more protection. But, if there is no response from them by Friday then I will file credit card fraud charges against them with my Citi card. So, some of you PM'ed me about this company possibly considering using them for plating. Right now I would not recommend them to anyone. Ill see what happens after Friday. Sure do wish that we had a member in the Corpus Christie area to go there but apparently not. "Ben, this is the third email that I have sent you. You still havent answered my previous emails. When we spoke on the phone you promised to inspect the return core wheels this past Monday and issue the 485.00 credit as you promised to my card. That has not happened. I spoke to another rep on Tuesday who assured me that the wheels would be inspected and a credit issued. When I asked for his name he hung up. Still no credit to my account nor any response from your company. You had no problems responding to my inquiries for the last few months but now that payment was made all that I am getting is the runaround it seems. I need a commitment from Chrome Pros as to when the credit will be issued. Jeff Koppelman"
  23. Is this worth it? I cannot find enough on the value expect KBB and they say 5k.. 2002 Midnight Venture For sale. Fully Loaded with 33,000 miles. asking $7,500 Kuryakyn Grips, am/fm stereo, CB Radio, Electronic cruise control, Drivers back rest, Show Chrome Windshield, Hooker Tuneable Exhaust System, Garage Kept, Custom pinstripping, Passing lamps, Luggage Rack, Chrome Forks, Service work done at Yamaha Dealership. (Original exhaust and windshield will go with bike. One headset also included.)
  24. http://venturerider.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1039&pictureid=6985I mounted my Stebel in front, I made a bracket from scrap that mounts above ( I slid it behind) my driving light bracket. I did run a clear hose on it and will in the future find some chrome plumbing and bend it up and run it into the fairing to keep dirt and moisture out of the horn. http://venturerider.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1039&pictureid=6986 http://venturerider.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1039&pictureid=6984
  25. Greetings all! My name is Jason... most folks call me "Ghostman." What a great forum and group of enthusiasts you all are! I ride with another member here named Bobby G in STAR Touring chapter #352 So about 2.5 weeks ago I ran across this absolutely sexy old 1983 Venture Royale. Odometer says 47k miles and she appears to have been kept inside for most of her life. I didn't see any leaks beneath her and she started slow but seems to run strong. Seller has the bike on consignment from the owner and it had been sitting for a few months at this point... On the 30 mile ride home we stopped for gas... she started a little slower... stopped for cracker barrel and she started slow again. I figure she needs a new battery since she was sitting for a while. Common stuff right? I fell in love on the highway ride home... what huge difference over my Vstar 1100 and Virago 250 commuter. My tailbone just doesn't like the cruiser seating style... although the Airhawk R cushion helps. After the 5 hour ride to Mrytle Beach for bike week... I was set on more comfortable long distance option than the vstar 1100. Made it home and poked on her for a few then took my gal out to feel how comfy the VR was on the road... start was slower now. Also she had stalled as I arrived home. After a few miles we stopped for drinks at a convenient store then it happened... waaa waaa waaa click. Employee tried to jump us off and no dice. Figuring the battery was needing replacement we goofed around for a while as advance charged up a new battery... walk back and get waa waaa waaa... no start. hmmmm... used a jump box... no start. Frustrated my gal and I push start the big beast and get her going so I can get us the 3 miles home. On the ride back she doesn't stall (new batt) and gets us back. I turn it off and a few minutes later I try to start her up... waaa waaa waaa click. hmmm... Well after doing gobs of research here... I poke around a little and decide to replaced the greasy black starter with a 2nd gen starter for a 99 RSV. Figuring if I was going that deep I wanted the 4 brush starter lol. While installing the starter I discover a 4 gauge battery cable has been installed already! This starter problem has been happening before I bought it and the PO was trying to fix it with tips from HERE! This also means that the slow starter has been taking its toll on the starter clutch too huh? Figuring I will upgrade that with Danos deal later in the year so It doesn't give me trouble later on. The only oring I didn't have on hand was for that bypass fitting at the bottom of the silly tstat housing. It is still currently giving me a mild drip that I am going to have to return to... After topping up the new battery she starts strong and the starter spins fast as crap! Woohoo! Although she sure doesn't like it if that battery is slightly low huh? So as I have things torn apart I start noticing a bunch of things different... seems someone had been actively upgrading this old blonde bombshell. Here is what I found stainless steel brake lines front and rear including front discs tied together rather than linked. LEDs in almost every light 4ga battery cable upgrade wolo horn... unworking (trouble shoot that later) upgraded Hella headlight kit Well as of yesterday she started and idled great... took her out for a run to shake her down. Suddenly the tach drops to zero and it feels like it is running on two cylinders! Up and down... she willl run strong for a few and then the tach drops to nothing again. After a nervous ride home going from to sluggish to suddenly rip your arms off when it catches... I grab the Ipad and head back HERE. From my searching it sounds like the heavy rain a few days back ( while she was uncovered) may have gotten some moisture in my TCI or related connections. So after I check the coil wire connection going to #2 I will tear into it and see what it up with that old TCI and its connectors. Who knows it may have dried out by today and run fine... lol. Not sure I can relocate my TCI though as my headlight ballast seems to have been mounted on top of the air box. We shall see shortly when I throw a leg over... I aim to run seafoam through her this week to help clear out some gunk from sitting... but all in all... for the $1500 I paid for her I don't mind fixing some age related issues! I will continue tuning her up with plugs, wires, check carbs diaphragms, synch carbs etc.... Once I get her wrinkles ironed out I am sure I will be happy camper and put many many more miles on her. Such a comfortable and strong ride... I have paid my $12 today because this site is extremely useful and a store house of knowledge... You all rock! So after some diligent searching I have been able to start troubleshooting this old girl and fixing her up... Thanks to all who have contributed to this forum in the past. Your past contributions continue to help us VR newbs with knowledge we need to keep these MKIs on the road... Now... time for pics yes??? She is quit the sexy old girl and seems to have been fairly well maintained... not to mention it looks like she has almost every piece of chrome available at the time. Love the chrome! lol Well that's my story and now time to see how she rides to day... Ghostman
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