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  1. I have small VentureRider patches available for anybody who is interested. Price is $3.00 each and that includes shipping to the USA and Canada. Payment can made via PayPal to: PayPal to: dnelson@venturerider.org These are oval and about 3 1/2" wide and 2 3/4" tall.
  2. IN STOCK NOW. PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN. The VentureRider Domed Decals are now available. They are the same size as the small patches, approximately 2.75" tall x 3.5" wide. These are very nice I think. The pictures do not do them justice. The silver part of the text and border has an almost chrome look. These are NOT just regular flat decals. They printed on a metallic silver vinyl so that the silver text and scroll work will have a metallic, somewhat chrome look. They are then domed with a clear poly that gives them somewhat of a 3D look. They will look great on the trunk of the bikes, your auto window, wherever you wish to use them. They are designed for outdoor use. I ordered 250 decals this time. If we end up needing more than that, I can order more later. I don't know WHEN I will be able to order more though. The price break came at 250 so if we are only 50, 100, etc. short...I will not order again until I think that there is demand for at least a couple of hundred. So...you can start ordering whenever you like. They will be $4.00 each and that includes shipping within in the USA or $4.50 each shipped to Canada. Payable via PayPal to dknelson@zoominternet.net Please make sure that you include your mailing address in your PayPal payment.
  3. Just wanted to let you all know that I still have plenty of VentureRider Guardian Bells available. They make GREAT Christmas presents. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=17406
  4. Sorry girls, I didn't forget about your tops. The vendor had a rush job which had to take precedence over our shirts. Also the manufacturer of ladys tops we were looking at is discontinuing their line so we had to go to a new manufacturer for them. I'm told ,I will have the shirts in a DAY OR TWO .. I will post pictures of them at that time....Again, sorry for the delay...
  5. From our house to yours, we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  6. Wishing my VentureRider friends a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Safe New Year.
  7. I've noticed that there are some items in the VR Store that are out of stock to be reordered if enough interest. Don was kind enough to scare up a couple of patches for me (which I have proudly put on our jackets) but, I also want Domed decals and a few more patches for our other riding jackets. I'm sure there are others who are interested as well. ESPECIALLY THE NEW MEMBERS! So... I have attached a poll to let Freebird know if there is sufficient interest to reorder more! VentureRider Domed Decals VentureRider Guardian Bells Small VentureRider Patches C'mon guys, I'm sure you've gotten new jackets or helmets. SHOW YOUR Venture Riders PRIDE!
  8. I just received an email that the new VentureRider flags have shipped. I should have them in about 3 business days which means I should be able to get them in the mail to you next weekend. I'm exited to see them and will post a picture once they arrive.
  9. What a great site. So many top mechanics willing to offer any info to help another Venturerider. For what it's worth, I'm a pretty decent HVAC Tech, although I do commercial / industrial work, there's not much to the residential work, which is where I started. Since I can't profess enough knowledge about these bikes to help in that manner, if any of y'all need help with the home furnace or a/c, right down to a house call if you're within a reasonable distance, please let me know. I've never been shy about helping out when I can. I live in Central Ohio and would be only too happy to help a fellow Venturerider. PM me if you need help. I'll get it on my phone and I'll get back to ya shortly. Pay it forward. Thanks for being there. John:)
  10. As usual this group never ceases to amaze me! It was soooo great to see all of you again and a few that I met for the first time! There isn't a single Venturerider I don't like!! Having been around a while I prety much knew everybody but of course there were a couple of new faces, either newer members or in the case of Angel, people I haven't seen in person for the first time. The downside, with so many friends it's hard to spend quality time with everybody. Wish we had more time!! Even though I already knew, I was still astounded with the open hearts of the Pioneer crew! They treat us sooo wonderful it is amazing! While we are on the subject, I was ho9nored to see the Venturerider crew in action doing what they always do, help out en mass whenever anybody has a problem! Angel's bike was not the only bike that had a problem, there were a couple of other minor incidents that received the royal treatment as well! You guys amaze me!! Besides all the dedicated work that the entire rally crew did I also want to give a special kudos to Wizard765 in helping out with the last minute prep work on the shower. Wayne has many talents and was a joy to work with! As a team we work exceptionally well together! I also want to thank all the volunteers on Thursday afternoon who worked in the rain to get the shower torn down and the materials returned to my place! The lumber is also for a project happening at my place, a new storage closet and a half bath off the kitchen. All I know is I am exhausted today partially physically and partially emotionally. Can't wait for the next event...
  11. I will apologize right up front for anybody that I miss so please add to this list if you know of one that I've forgotten about. I want to thank those who donated prizes for our raffle at Maintenance Day though. You are all very much appreciated. Eusa1 - Diamond cut engine fins Baggershield - Adjustable windshield Carbon_One - Trailer Hitch Bob Myers - Delrin engine mounts Aussie Annie - Australian souvenirs Dingy - Sunglasses That crazy Stardbog even gave away two of his Heineken's. NOT a small thing to HIM. I want to thank my wife for picking up some small items for the ladies gift bags. I also threw in a VentureRider coffee mug, a VentureRider cap and some speakers to help sweeten the pot a bit. I know it wasn't much but I hope you all enjoy them. I KNOW that I'm missing somebody. Please let me know.
  12. If you plan to stay at the New Grand, pls ensure you tell them that you are with the Venturerider group when reserving your room(s).
  13. ...to wish the Venturerider family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  14. I"ve had a couple of requests for Guardian Bells. I am out of them at this time and am thinking about having some more made. I just need to know how much interest there is.
  15. Just a fun little contest for all of you. I picked up a new toy this weekend. Really got it for Eileen as she recently saw one and fell in love with it. I'm going to post a picture or two a day until somebody correctly guesses what it is. The first one to correctly identify the new toy wins a small VentureRider patch and a VentureRider domed decal. So...without further ado, here is the first clue.
  16. I have posted 4 new auctions in the Classified/St. Jude Auctions. St. Jude Auctions - VentureRider Classifieds
  17. I am starting a Poll to find out witch belt buckle everybody wants , The Stainless Steel from one of our rally supporters , Bill told me his have a life time warranty , no matter what you do to it , he will replace it . it is just like the pic but it will have VentureRider at the top and your name or handle at the bottom, cost $55.00 shipped in US $3.00 more to CAN. PM me me for other countrys Min. to order in lots of 10 The leather one are from Wayne , a local guy here Rockport , the same as the the pic but with your name on it , no warrantry cost $ 35.00 shipped in US $ 3.00 to CAN. Min. to order in lots of 25 If any money is left over I'll hit the donate button Thom
  18. Cody, WY - July 25 - 28 (though most folks are arriving on Sunday evening - July 24th). The rally will soon be upon us - just a little more than 5 weeks away!! Wanted to post some updates for everyone: LODGING: I will be releasing our VentureRider special reserved room blocks on JUNE 16 - so IF you haven't made room reservations yet, please consider doing so now. We have been given very special - discounted - rates - after release of these blocks, the rates will revert back to the regular rates which are going to be MUCH MORE - so, save some money, and make your plans now (if something suddenly came up, you can cancel a room per the cancellation policy of the property - each is different, so know the fine print)! The special VentureRider hotel / campground rates at all properties are only for those members (and / or their guest or trial members) registered and participating at our Rally. The rates are posted in the International VR Flyer EVENT PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 1st, 2011. Registration is available at the event - but slightly more - so again, don't hesitate, send it in today and save some This is going to be an awesome meet and greet with some great food, a Chili Cookoff, fun, stories, and most of all lots of incredible riding around the areas - some of the best roads in the nation can be found here (and did I mention ).. All culminating with our Annual Banquet Weds. evening. Don't miss out - see more information at: http://www.cast-aways.com/NewCody.htm ALSO, be sure to check out the Rides and Rallies section here - tons of information under the VentureRider International Rally Thread!!!!!!! Is it time to roll yet - can't wait to ride in and see you all there!!
  19. Last nite at Girbralter Trade Center in Mount Clemens I saw a all black Venture. I've seen it there before and even put a Venturerider card on it hoping to get a new member. Is it anybody from here?
  20. 1984 Venture for sale in New Hamburg. Owned by someone on this site. Custom embroidering on the seats. Look at the backrest, It has the Venturerider logo. http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-touring-1984-Yamaha-Venture-W0QQAdIdZ276536771
  21. OK...a little quickie contest. The attached picture is a collage of 16 bikes that I've owned over the years....it would be more but I don't have pictures of near all the bikes that I've owned. Anyway, the first person to correctly identify all 16 bikes and the year models within 2 years either way, will win a VentureRider lapel pin. Have fun.
  22. Please welcome VentureRider's newest discount vendor. 15% Discount for VentureRider members. http://www.venturerider.org/images/pioneer.jpg Pioneer Motorsport 12220 Olean Rd. Chaffee, NY 14030 (716)-496-6000 www.pioneermotorsport.com 15% Discount Chad Armstrong If customers visit our website and select shop online, this will allow them to access our online catalogs. For Venture riders, the Yamaha Star catalog is located at the bottom of the page. We do also have an online parts fiche where riders can lookup there own parts. If a customer calls to order parts please have them ask for myself and indicate they are a member of VentureRider and I will automatically figure in the 15% discount. For online purchases if the customer types in VentureRider in the comments section of the checkout page, then we can figure the discount from there. Any other questions please let me know. Chad
  23. Ok I've searched high and low so its time to ask. Are the Venturerider flags still available? The last post I could find was from 2008 with a link that didn't send me any where. Thanks Keith
  24. Christmas time is a great reminder to hit the donate button on those venturerider dues for 2011. Well worth the price for another year.
  25. Got any Venturerider decals left
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