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  1. Well I promised pictures of my new ride. Turns out waiting for the color I wanted I got a 2013 instead. They just released them last week. The only difference is that Victory is trying to come out from the Polaris shadow now and have redesigned the logo. I think the logo is better and very nice. I will be hanging around here and leave my info on the assistance page. This is a great site with great people and I appreciate all the help I have gotten either by asking or just researching all the great information here. Hats of to Don for keeping it so great!! Oh and it hasn't rained here in Michigan in over a month and I was saying it was because I haven't had a bike. Well guess what, I got rained on while riding home! Go figure. The drought will now cease.
  2. Thought the PGR riders would appreciate these. Cheap and $1.00 shipping is nice for these I think. You used to be able to get them with the PGR logo on them and I can not find them no where any more. These are blue. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251033570852?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_720wt_1270 Fuzzy
  3. Logo came off and broke..need one or two if anyone has any..out ov warrent 06 RSTD. Ron
  4. 1984 Venture for sale in New Hamburg. Owned by someone on this site. Custom embroidering on the seats. Look at the backrest, It has the Venturerider logo. http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-touring-1984-Yamaha-Venture-W0QQAdIdZ276536771
  5. hey everyone, Hope someone can help me with a couple things. Looking for visors for my turn signals and headlight. Already have them on running lights but they have no logo on them. would love to find the rest without logo. Does anyone know of a vender they recrecommend for this. Also can I get one onto the headlight without removing fairing ,or do I have to pull it.
  6. I guess there is quite a few cassette players on the shelf now. I always thought that logo on the cassette player was kind of cool, After removing it and adding gauges I took the logo off and put it here. My new star license plate holder add 3M backing tape and your good to go! [ATTACH]40964[/ATTACH] Now to put the cassette player in the tackle box for a line weight for the fishing poll.
  7. Folks, I have been somewhat struggling with a decision lately in regard to our classified section. We had a person join as a trial member and then posted an ad in our classifieds for some patches. I may end up making the classifieds for supporting members only and even then, I don't want to have people joining at $12.00 per year only for the purpose of hawking their goods on our site. The fact is, if I allowed people to start using the site and our classifieds as a store at $12.00 per year, this would end up being nothing but a spam filled site and I just won't allow that to happen. I just deleted the ad for patches in our classifieds and will be watching closely that it doesn't continue to happen. I block memberships here almost every day from spammers in China, India and other places that I know want nothing more than to spam our forum. It is a non-ending battle that requires me to be on constant lookout. Very rarely one will get through and we will see some spam posts but they are deleted quickly and those responsible are permanently banned from the site. I was also made aware today of a site in Australia that has VentureRider patches listed for sale. I don't know who the actual person is behind the site but I have not authorized that our logo be used for any retail purpose outside of our own products listed here on the site in the VentureRider Merchandise forum area. I do vaguely remember a request from a member some time ago asking if he could use our logo and put the outline of Australia in the background. I had no problem with that for one's personal use but NOT to be sold. There have been a few times over the years when I have received requests from members to reproduce our logo on their trailer or other items and I've never had a problem with that but again, that is for your own personal use ONLY. NOT to be reproduced and sold retail. If you find our logo being sold on products outside of this site, please let me know and PLEASE do not purchase those items.
  8. I posted a thread request for Cody 2011 Logos, but so far the thread has drifted off into the sunset... So I think I get it.... Ya'll want to get something for your efforts. So here's the deal. The member who designs the winning logo will receive 2 (one of each color) free T-shirts with their design emblazened across the back. Not enough you say?? OK, and a 6/pak of your favorite beverage... other than hard liquor... Hey, even we have our limits.. So are you feeling lucky?? Time to spread those creative wings, and send in your ideas.
  9. The Logo on the side of our tanks (RSTD 06),well mine flew off wed coming back from Pigeon Forge on 26. It had been lose thought I had it fixed...I Turned around and found two pieice but were non-repairable,,Does any one have an extra????or will I need to go with OEM???? Ron Jolly RET U S ARMY SFC Infantry
  10. OK all you graphic artist types, we're looking for a new logo for the Cody International T's and Patches. Here's an example of what we came up with for the '09 Round Up.. Now the planning committee would like to get some fresh ideas..... We're burnt out.... In one month.. 10/14... we'll pick the best of the best. http://www.cast-aways.com/codypics/black.jpg
  11. Where can a guy get a copy of the VentureRider logo? I was thinking of getting some vinyls made up for my helmet and truck. I also was thinking of having a master cylinder cover engraved with the logo. Thanks, Bill
  12. OK folks....this is just to find out if there is any interest at all. If not, then no big deal. I have worked out a deal where we can get these bags with the VentureRider logo on the back and a 10% discount IF I can buy them in a lot of 50 units. I already have a bag and don't really need one but would buy one with the VentureRider logo if there is enough interest to get the group purchase. So...any interest at all or should I just forget about it? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Royal-Star-Venture-Trunk-Rack-Bag-by-Bestem_W0QQitemZ400104858013QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item5d281ba19d
  13. First of all I would like to thank Squidley, Eusa1, and StudMuffin. Still need one more set though. For providing me with the parts I needed. I got a hold of some older Chrysler Emblems and starting hacking , dremaling , and I still am not done yet. But almost! I want you to tell me what you like or do not like. OR Don't even add the part. Should I place it on the bottom of the hatch or the middle? These are not even glued or set it. I just have them hanging and they still need to be cleaned up.. HEY , I gotta do something to keep me busy during this long long winter The one That (YOU) decide I should not use will go on my Trailer back-side. These are pics of Just the star and the other is with the star and logo. [ATTACH]41424[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]41425[/ATTACH] These are of just the star in the middle and lower of my trunk hatch # 1 - [ATTACH]41428[/ATTACH] # 2 - [ATTACH]41429[/ATTACH] These are of just the star with logo in the middle and lower of my trunk hatch # 3 - [ATTACH]41426[/ATTACH] #4 - [ATTACH]41427[/ATTACH] # 3 - [ATTACH]41454[/ATTACH] The one with the star logo does form better on the hatch I noticed and it is a bit wider. Thanks for your in-put! Jeff
  14. Ok, I am doing a top secret project on the trike with a Chrysler emblem and I am looking for another logo off one of these hundreds of decks that we all have pulled for the gauges. I am looking for one with the beige color in the logo. like shown in the pic. willing to pay for it. [ATTACH]41086[/ATTACH] OR maybe even one of the badges off the side of wrecked gas tank might be better as it will be a little larger. Thanks. Jeff
  15. Received my new pocket Tee shirt today. OUTSTANDING!!!! The new logo on the back really looks good. This one is black and the logo really stands out. Now to order a couple more in different colors.
  16. we collected a total of $456 for St Judes!!! $356 came from the belt buckle raffle and we made $100 from the Pie throwing Tuesday night... I think we did good..............I sent the money along with freebird to give to u at vogel...... thanks to everyone who bought tickets and made donations at the pie throw..... the kids had a blast......abbigail was a little afraid to throw that first one at her dad "ic23b" but we finally convinced her she wouldnt get in trouble.....then she had fun.... thanks also to all my victims who stepped up and took the pies in the face. and by the way......the buckles were beautiful......... bongobob won the vr logo buckle and IH Truck guy won the one with the rally logo
  17. OK folks, several of you have requested that we offer some new shirts for our members. I'm very pleased to announce that Big Tom has offered to head up this project and we will be offering something very soon. I suggested that we keep it simple and just offer a couple of colors and styles but Tom said that it's not a huge deal to offer several colors and styles so we will see what he comes up with. These shirts WILL have our new revised logo on the back and probably just VentureRiders text in the front pocket area. YES...I did tell him that some of you insist on pockets so we do plan to offer those also. I've attached the new logo for those of you who may not have seen it. A huge thanks to Gray Ghost for his work on the Logo.
  18. i have been trying to come up with something to get our customary donations for our st. jude ride that dragonrider does every year in sept.. oldventure8 has donated 2 stainless steel belt buckles that a friend of his made especially for the 09 rally. these are one of a kind buckles and are valued over $100.00 each. you will not be able to see the buckles unless you attend the rally and will have to be present to buy the raffle tickets and win the buckles. we will have one winner for each buckle. here is the web site of the artist that makes these buckles. www.exoticstainlesssteel.com . this artist has custom made buckles for many celebs that are listed on the web site. one of the buckles we have will have the 09 rally logo like the t-shirts have, and the other will have the venture rider logo. if you win you will have the only one in existence. i want to thank the artist and oldventure8 for this very thoughtful donation. check out the website, he also has many buckles to choose from if you want to buy one.
  19. was down at st.louis bread co. for my morning coffee, and had the wing parked where it was facing me. on my windshield i have a large venturerider.org logo that i had made. the more i looked at it the more i thought. why do i have that on a goldwing. the reason is that i am proud to be a venturerider. last weekend at my st. charles meet i had a group of the finest people anyone would want to know. i have met so many great people from the usa and canada, can't leave out squeeze, and annie, from germany and australia even though i never met them. i just wish i had the time and energy to make all the meets. this site is so full of great folks, and i have aquired so many friends, that i show that logo on my windshield with great pride. i take this site very serious cuz it is my family. just want to thank you all for being there and putting up with this old wing riding fart. if you don't like me thats to bad. your stuck with me. snarly bill
  20. Ran into these two listings on Ebay for a couple of polo shirts with the gold '83 logo. I suspect that they came from Shirt's'n'Things as I already have a T with the same logo. Anyway I went ahead and bid $.99 on each item, but if anyone on the board would like one or both go ahead and have at it. It won't break my heart. I have a ton of T's. One polo is an XXXL and the other is an XLG. The seller states that he sold his VR a year ago, and may very well be a member here???? 270313196410 270313210259
  21. I see a third theme called default. When selected, it shows the what seems to be the default vBulletin page with the vBulletin logo.
  22. Where can I find a pic, illustration, etc. of the Venture logo? Not the Yamaha star, the fancy looking "V". Don H.
  23. Well...sort of a picture. I used the picture of the blue and yellow wax model and did some special effects to it. So....this is not a picture of the actual bell but at least you can get the basic idea of what they will look like. On the back side it has our logo...Life's a Venture....Get on and Ride!
  24. There have been a number of discussions here about the "gremlin" or "guardian" bells. I am working on getting some custom made with our logo and or club name on them. Is there any interest?
  25. Folks, I'm almost out of small VentureRider patches. I need to get some new ones ordered but wanted to check with you first. Those of you who have purchased the patches, were you happy with them? Is our LOGO still OK or are you ready for something different? As always, your opinions are important.
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