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  1. These are a custom designed bell made exclusively for our club. Many have been sold already but I ordered extras so that I have some available for anybody who missed the original order or for new members who would like to have them. Price is $15.00 per bell and that includes shipping within the USA or $19.00 per bell to Canada. Payable via PayPal to dnelson@venturerider.org For those of you who may not know anything about Guardian Bells, here is the story. Legend has it that Evil Road Spirits have been latching themselves on to motorcycles for as long as there have been bikes on the
  2. jfoster

    Bell Mag 9

    Has anyone tried one of these helmets and your thoughts?
  3. My wife got me the venturerider guardian bell and it came today. Very nice, thank you Don.
  4. Was underneath the bike today and noticed my bell is gone. Key ring it was mounted with is still there though. Looks like the bell rubbed off a lot on the key ring. Does the pewter ring wear through? I like to have my bell swinging free. I am wondering if it needs to be installed so that it doesn't swing? Ross
  5. thanks to the generosity a fellow VR member...I will display my bell with pride. I had seen the bells but didn't really know the meaning of it until I was gifted the bell... it's a little thing in size BUT means the WORLD to me....
  6. Friend asked me a question about the Guardian Bell. When you buy new bike and trade in old bike do you take your bell off and place it on new bike or do you buy new bell and trade with some-one?
  7. This will probably last a full 30 seconds before heading south,but having spend over 30 years in federal law enforcement these types of incidents really ring my bell. http://www.charter.net/news/read.php?rip_id=%3CD9TU8E601%40news.ap.org%3E&ps=1011
  8. this week our employer had a new "team buillding" exercise. we divided into 5 groups to answer trivia questions... as we came to the end, my team was tied with one other for first place! the bonus question: "Where to women have the most curly hair?" I was first to ring the bell, called upon then shouted the answer! Anxiously awaited a positive response..... well -- apparently the correct answer was Africa... we lost..
  9. If you plan on coming to Vogel this year this is must reading for the safety of your bike. I dont know if a gremlin bell would help you in this case. The Official "I Dropped My Bike At Vogel" Thread http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13886
  10. I just ordered a Bell shorty helmet from Competition Accessories and would like to know if anyone has anything to say about them. My Fulmer shorty has fit well but is needing to be changed due to age. I bought a Scorpion last fall but it fits terrible. For the $50+change to get the Bell (includes freight) I thought I would give it a try. I used Bell helmets in the 60's for drag racing and motorcycles but I am sure they are owned out of this country by now.
  11. Was sent this attachment. Hope it comes out. Don't know if has been posted here before. This is awesome. I had no idea this was happening. God Bless this man. This is the first I've seen or heard of this bell. What an honorable thing for someone to do. If you delete this before opening, "Your loss". God bless this person.
  12. Can someone give me the URL for the bell exchange please? I left mine on the bike when I traded it and need to buy one for someone so I can get another for myself. Thanks......
  13. OK folks. Finally got around to taking a couple of pictures of our new Mascot. She is doing very well. Acts like she has been here forever and seems happy to have a good home. Goes to the vet on Wednesday for a good checkup but all is well so far. Here she is sporting her new VentureRider bell. Not 100% sure on a name yet but it looks like Eileen is leaning towards Lucy or Annie.
  14. Where do most of you place the bell?
  15. Got got the bell....Fantastic:dancefool: I'll hook it uo on my skid plate You know the one that is made out of plastic:rotfl:
  16. does anyone else need a guardianbell? i know at one time there was a swap done here among the members but that was before my time. anyone interested in doing another one? i need a bell and i know they work better if there given to you rather than bought yourself. ... just a thought
  17. Well I finally got to see what I thought was the sun today and got out all those parts I been gathering up all winter and decided to put some of them on. Lets see I put on the used Wagner grill (with special instructions from Steve W, Sarge 46 and Eck) Saddle bag guards Reinforcements for the FRT crash guard that connected to the bottom of the floor board (found a posting someplace and made the brackets and putt'em on today. Rick butler seat that came back a week or two ago Fired up the o'l girl and let'r run awhile. Dang that sounded sweet. Installed the gremlin bell Sarge46 gave me a
  18. Even though I got a guardian bell when the SS bike was presented to me.Yammer Dan gave me one and watched me hang it from my right crashbar at the Asheville meet. Well I can tell you that bell was busy I could constantly hear it ringing alot of times.It stayed on the scoot for around 5k miles but is gone now and I have to replace the rear tire due to a screw in the sidewall. I guess that it got filled with road demons and decided to eject so they would stay away from the SS bike. Yall keep an eye on yours and pay attention when the ring you never know what is on the road. Jeff
  19. I have ordered the cast Pewter Guardian bells with our VentureRider logo. I will take orders for the laser engraved black bells later if there is enough interest. The price isn't quiet as good as I had hoped and is costing me a fairly significant amount up front for the carving of a wax model and then the molds make from the model. For that reason, I am going to start taking the orders now in hopes of defraying some of that expense out of my pocket. The price will be $12.00 per bell plus $1.80 shipping per bell. For those ordering more than one bell, please add 50 cents shipping for
  20. So there I was at Carl’s Birthday Party thinking this is really nice and what a great bunch of folks. Honestly, the way VR’s mixed in with Carl’s family you’d think we were all related! I guess we are in a sense and it’s nice to see the family grow and faces become more familiar. The gathering was great and nothing was missing, except Hal’s ‘wings’ of course (long story, if you weren’t at the Rally perhaps you seen the photo’s), even the weather behaved. Smiles and laughter were all around amidst great stories and even better food... one would think it couldn’t get any better... well it did
  21. It's finally nice enough to ride here in Indiana. I'll be meeting up with Bummer so that we can buddy up and exchange guardian bells. So......I was thinking about where I should put my bell. I've heard you should mount it low to scare away those nasty road gremlins. Care to share where you mounted your bell on your bike? Pictures are always welcome. Bob
  22. for all of you smart people, here's a question. will a gremlin bell work in my shop? it seems that some of them lil suckers , fell out of my bell, and took up residence in my shop!!!! tools get moved around, parts get lost or mis-placed, "stuff" winds up on the floor, and under work benches! i know that it isn't MY doing, and my old German shepherd dog, swears HE didn't do it, so it must be gremlins! i wonder if a COW bell, would be big enough to catch them all? lol just jt
  23. OK folks...I am NOT asking anything from any of you because I know that many of you have given to a number of causes here and I know that all of us, me included, only have so much to give. What I AM asking is that you spread the word among any other groups that you might belong to. ANY groups...motorcycle, car, gardening, whatever other forums, clubs, associations you might be part of....please help spread the word about this cause. It truly is a worthy one. I have listed 5 of our VentureRider Guardian bells on Ebay as a fund raiser for Cliffno350's son. Some of you have likely seen pos
  24. I'm kind of new to the Guardian Bell thing and was wondering where it should be mounted on a 1st Gen. I appreciate any suggestions.
  25. I have a Guardian Bell I'd like to swap if anybody else is interested. Let me know here or PM.
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