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  1. Kind of disappointed like many. Harley came out with a water cooled V-Twin this year on their Milwaukee 8 engine for the Ultra Limited. Same price tag and all the buzzers and whistles for the most part. It's a good looking bike but I don't see dumping my RSMV for this. I have 140k on my '07 but I think she has another 100k left in her so I guess I won't be in the market for another few years. We'll see how this one evolves but I would be amazed if it had the life of the RSV design. Time will tell but this was a little ant-climactic for me.
  2. Did anyone else get the email about the new unveiling? Dear Yamaha Motorcycle Enthusiast: Join us for the unveiling of our incredible, new transcontinental touring machine June 5th at Americade in beautiful Lake George, New York. Or, if you’re unable to attend, see it via live streaming on our website – and witness history in the making. I got this from Yamaha today. Anyone have any information?
  3. I was doing some work on the bike today and noticed that I have a small bit of oil in my coolant. There is no coolant in the oil so I'm guessing maybe it's the mechanical seal in the water pump. I called a shop I know and they agreed. Does anyone have any experience replacing those seals? I've never had the pump off. It doesn't look too involved looking at the schematic but you never know until you're in it.
  4. It's not WHAT you ride but THAT you ride. My son and most of my friends ride Harleys and I ride a RSMV. We rag each other constantly and I would take a bullet for most of them. If you're "thin skinned" why are you on a bike at all? Part of the brotherhood is the ability to be honest with each other and speak our minds. I have to live my life PC because of my job and the society we now live in. When I throw my leg over the saddle PC is gone. Great post Freebird and to coin a phrase, "toughen up cupcake". With respect and love to all my brothers.
  5. This is a little off topic but you guys are some of the best mechanics I know so........ I have a 2 stroke trimmer and my sone decided it would be a good idea to put regular gas in it. He started it and it ran for a couple minutes until it quit. My wife asked him about the gas and he said he didn't know so he emptied the tank and put the gas mix in. I haven't been able to get it to start. It's not seized but it won't turn over. It the engine toast or is there something I can do to get it started again with the proper gas? I'd rather not have to buy a new trimmer but I may have to.
  6. It's great to live in the south. You ride all year down here and the cold weather only have a couple more weeks.
  7. Sheldon is the best. (Rock, paper, scissors, lizzard, Spock)
  8. More power to you guys. Just another reason to live in the sunny south. I have loud pipes and I will disagree with you. Like the guy in the article I have had numerous situations in traffic in a major city like Atlanta where cars have stopped coming over on me because I reved the engine and they noticed me. Did it "save my life"? probably not but it did prevent a dicey situation that could have become ugly. Next thing you know they'll have everyone riding electric bikes and driving Nissan Leafs. Not in any way bashing our friends to the north. I grew up in London Ont. and there are
  9. Welcome. Very nice bike. I had an '89 and loved it. You'll be very happy and the people here are great.
  10. There are quite a few restaurants feeding vets for free again this year. I hope you all take advantage of the free food and recignition. If you happen to be in the Sugar Hill GA area, stop by The Applebee's and say hi. I'll be working from 2:00 'till close and I'd love to see some of you and say thanks.
  11. I hope everyone does take the time to vote. No vote, no complaining about the result.
  12. There are definate advantages to living south of the Mason Dixon.
  13. I have done many charity rides and litteraly hundreds of others including large funeral escorts but I have never been in something as apparently disorganized as that. Where was the single lane stagger? These idiots were weaving between 3 and 4 lanes. Is this isolated or is this something that's common in other parts of the country? That's a serious question. My rides have all been in the SE and this was in California. I know the laws are different but common sense shouldn't be.
  14. Does that make us a club? I thought this was a Forum. Not that it matters but that's why I don't join clubs, not very good with rules.
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