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Found 18 results

  1. Happy Veterans Day to all of our vets, thank you for your service.
  2. Let me begin this post with saying I am laying no blame for the condition of this memorial to the ones who at one time may have been responsible for its upkeep. I am also not looking for any thanks for cleaning up this memorial or the upkeep I will do in the future. I am an Ohio Patriot Guard and damn proud of what I can do for the Vets that served our country. I myself am not a Vet. I am an ex police officer and understand what sacrifice means. My girlfreind and I started walking our dogs at a local University. We discovered a memorial to the Vets of the Vietnam era that was in poor condition. I called the groundskeeper of the University and was directed to who knows who. Some guy called me back and I asked for permission to take care of the site. Sure he says, do your thing. I called the Dean and made sure I had permission. She was very cordial and said she would look into the matter and call back. I am still waiting for that call. My partner Char and I cleaned the stone and killed the weeds. We laid mulch and straightened the flags. I added a proper 3x5 American flag to the site. I feel better now. I have enclosed a pic of Char with our results. What I would like the members here is to check on the sites they know about that may need some care. I will retire in a number of years. I know the PGR would keep me busy. In addition to those duties I am now considering making it an ambition to hunt these places. WW1 Vets, Civil War Vets or any forgotton place. My Uncle Johnny died in Nam. This is special to me. http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w109/chromeandleather/100_2447.jpg
  3. Free meals for Vets http://freebies.about.com/od/freefood/tp/veterans-day-free-meals.htm
  4. There are quite a few restaurants feeding vets for free again this year. I hope you all take advantage of the free food and recignition. If you happen to be in the Sugar Hill GA area, stop by The Applebee's and say hi. I'll be working from 2:00 'till close and I'd love to see some of you and say thanks.
  5. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa in private practice. I treat a whole variety of conditions, one of which is PTSD in Vets. I've recently been told by an Iraq Vet that the VA treatment he has received has not included exposure therapy or desensitization. I know that there are many Vets on this sight so I wanted to ask peoples experience with the VA and what treatment they or someone they know has gotten from the VA. Tim Lantz Iowa Guy
  6. Just thought the vets here might find this interesting.... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU-A7eqadho&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU-A7eqadho&feature=related[/ame] or give the other moderators something to track for a while
  7. Just saying thanks to all the vets and all they have done. Thank you.Bill
  8. there will be a rally in Frankfort,ky june 30 2:00est in support of and to attract attention to the second anniversary of the Talibans capture of Pfc Bowe Bergdhal all vets and interested are welcome to attend contact me for mor details steve
  9. Worth A Watch !! ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Subject: World War II Vets -will you help by just watching this 2 min. video? Keith Leibovitz's youngest nephew is working on a project for WW II veterans And enclosed is a trailer. Please view and forward. They are trying to get 5,000,000 views before Memorial Day. it is pretty poignant and is one of Seth's projects. Kindly forward so more can view it. You need to view the whole thing to be counted. Seth has been working on a full-length feature documentary about a program to honor WWII vets and has now released a trailer, and it would really help out if you watched it in full, and spread it around to other folks who would enjoy it. Working on this has been a very emotional experience, because the story is so, so powerful. I think you'll agree.-Pam Click on link below. http://media.causes.com/1060527?p_id=175378540
  10. Sgt 1st class Donald Shue was brought home today. Donald has spent the last 41+ years as a MIA. We provided an honor guard of nearly 2000 motorcycles today at the request of the remaining family. I am drained, my emotions have been very high all day. Having been in Viet Nam and have seen the carnage, I am proud that I could honor this hero. Rolling Thunder put on a fantastic operation and Patriot Guard was there in force. I could not tell you how many groups were there but it was awesome. I saw Nam Vets, Military Vets, Star Touring and Riding, Sons of Vets and soooo many more. The Army and Marine soldiers did a fantastic job of bringing him home and giving him the honor he deserved. In the 60's and 70's we were received as baby killers and pure trash. His home town of Concord/Kannapolis gave him the "welcome home" that all of the soldiers from Viet Nam deserved. The police and fire departments were out with all at attention and salute. This really made my love of this country come alive, God Bless the USA. I am humbled,
  11. An old friend sent this to me, and since I am sitting here in a pouring rain just thought I would share it with Boomer and the other vets. http://objflicks.com/MoreThanAName.htm Some things may be forgiven, but should never be forgotten.
  12. If any of you live near Newton, Iowa and want to be a part of a neat event on May 26th come on over. I plan to ride in it and I've heard that we have close to 400 cycles committed already. Attention all motorcycle enthusiasts!!! Jasper County will be sending close to forty WWII vets and a handful of Korea Vets to DC to see the monuments built in their honor. We will be meeting at the Jasper County Community Center (former Aldi's building) at 4:00 p.m. on the 26th of May. There will be two charter buses of WWII vets and their spouses headed to Prairie Meadows for a send off banquet. As a sign of respect and honor, there will be an escort of numerous motorcycles leading the way from Newton to Altoona over the route. All motorcylce enthusiasts are welcom to participate!!We hope to have the streets and bridges along the route lined with individuals showing their support and respect for theses veterans. The caravan will be lead by the Patriot riders group. We will pull out at 4:30 sharp. We will make our way up first avenue to Rusty Wallace Drive. We will proceed to I-80 where Sheriff Mike Balmer will escort us into Polk County. We will turn off at the Mitchellville/Altoona exit to Adventureland Drive. We hope to have the streets of Altoona lined with well wishers as we make our way to Prairie Meadows. Once we reach Prairie Meadows, the Marine Corps Color Guard will welcome the vets in and a bagpiper will lead them into the grand banquet hall. If you have any questions please email jasperhonorflight@yahoo.com Please feel free to share this information with any group or individuals that may be interested. These men and women gave up a large chunk of their lives in order to protect the freedoms that we hold so dearly. Please consider taking a small bit of time out of your schedule to show them that we appreciate their efforts!!
  13. Bring your flags and lets ride.
  14. Just sitting here listening to a call in show on the radio taking calls from in-country 'nam vets. During the calls, a common theme developed which got me curious. How many of you still carry a P38. I still do and would really feel naked without it.
  15. It's hard to believe there are people that would do this. How low is this world getting? In Toronto, a coward goes into a Canadian Legion with a gun to rob the Vets of their poppy money. http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Scarborough+vets+fight+armed+thief+poppy+drive/2216088/story.html
  16. http://www.applebees.com/vetsDay/default.aspx
  17. So, as I was driving through my neighborhood today I spotted a really sweet looking female Great Dane loose on the street. Nope, no tags either. Took her home, went back out and hung "found" signs and notified the local vets. Now the wait. Zeus is a little miffed but if no one claims her in 2 days then im keeping her.
  18. If anybody is interested... there is a poker run the local vets are running on the 23rd. of August in Cadott, WI. We are all meeting at J & J's in Cadott at noon. From what I've been told, it will be about 91 miles or so with raffles and such at the end of the ride which ends back at J & J's. If anybody is interested, please come join us. Thanx, Bill
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