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  1. Did you have Taco Bell by chance?
  2. Not everyone that rides a rice rocket is an idiot. They also ride big bikes and drive cars. I happen to live near a motorcycle magnet. It is call Geneva on the Lake and located on the shores of Lake Erie. Big biker draw. I rest at night and wake up at 3 AM to a motorcycle going at top RPM down the street. Some of these brain surgeons have to top 100MPH. I lay there hoping I do not hear the wreck. So far I have been lucky. As a former LEO I have seen the aftermath. I know when I was young I also was invincible. Still never acted like that on a bike. I really think God watches the stupid at times. At times he must not.
  3. Nice vid. I love summer riding. In the winter I sit on the bike and have three big fans blowing on me. Steppenwolf is in the background. The old lady is shooting dead bugs at me with a slingshot. How good can it get?
  4. I have a 2006 RSTD. I am looking for a solo brown leather seat that fits the factory mounts. I saw a seat that was modeled after a saddle that was beutiful a few years back. Wish I would have bought that one. The stiching and inlay were amazing. I do have a pearl RSTD but no Lone Ranger jokes OK? Hi Ho Silver...away!!!!!!
  5. I had the Sportster out for a ride once and had the bright idea to look at somthing under the engine. I poked my head in there and contacted the drag pipe with my forehead. Funny how time slows when you do something stupid. It ended up that I lost about a 25 cent piece size of skin to the hot chrome. The skin stuck right to the pipe. Smelled like bacon if I remember right.
  6. I am thinking of selling the Honda and having a trike kit installed on the Royalstar. I cant afford the Hannigan type kits at $13000 with the solid axle. I am looking at the ones that still use the rear tire. I think most of them run over $4000. Anybody have one of these styles they have or would reccomend?
  7. There was a car dealer that customized something like 200 Gremmies and installed a 401 big block in them.
  8. May 1985. Five tornados hit Trumbull County in Ohio. I was a Deputy and on vacation at the time. I got a phone call and did not get home for three days. My heart goes out to those victims and families.
  9. Don't nobody laugh. My favorite car was a '74 Gremlin. V-8, Holley carb, manifold and headers. This car would smoke a 396 Chevelle off the line.
  10. 40 years ago I was 18 years old. I worked with an old guy named Tony who had a deer camp in Pa. At that time I rode dirt bikes and knew nothing really about street bikes. Tony offered for free an old bike that was leaning against a tree at his camp. Said it was there when he bought the place and was complete. I told him thanks but what was I going to do with an old rusty street bike? Never took him up on his offer to get the bike. What was the name he told me? Oh yeah.... He called it an Indian. Anybody got a tissue?
  11. I sold tires for a living in the old days. If you insist on using a patch take off the tire and patch the inside also. You are really taking a chance with your life by riding a patched tire. The cords will be compromised with a patch and can cause a catastrophe failure. By that I mean a big hole blowout. I had one in a pickup truck doing 70mph on the highway. It became a scary situation real fast. I would not even like to think about a bike tire blowing. Do what you want but your life is more valuable than that.
  12. Thanks for being the starting point for the PGR Phelps. We will continue on our path.
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