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  1. You're in our thoughts today and our prayers for a speedy recovery. Rest up Don we have a lot to do yet.
  2. L-R Rod (Regina, Saskatchewan) , Hoss (Brookings SD), Ken ( Regina, Saskatchewan) & Garry (Champlin MN). Another great P.I.P. But sadly it was the last. Times are a changing we're getting older and fewer are still ridding so the thought was to maybe have another get together in a few years. Thanks Steve (Bubber) and Gary (land owner) for all the fun times and the best group of friends ever. Ride safe , Ride on. Bill
  3. If you need a left handed ferrule screw for your 1949 model 12 shotgun delivered to Tuktoyaktuk N.W.T. their your guys. But for anything else I wouldn't drive the 15 miles to the nearest store from me. They are the king of bait & switch and everything is "starting at $???" if you can find anything larger than a small.
  4. I live 30 miles from Hopkins . Don't get that way often, but what were you thinking .Bill
  5. When you walk through this massive plane (Oshkosh air show C-5 Galaxy ) it gives me goosebumps and makes us all proud. I thanked the Load Master for his service and he responded “ You’re worth it” had to turn around so he didn't see me welling up. That so moved me. Thanks
  6. ♫♪♫ " happy birthday puc " ♪♫♫
  7. All our prayers are with your brother and the family. Bill & Crew
  8. Hang in there Justin .Sure would like to see you and the family again at Oshkosh. I just last week I looked at your profile to see if you had been active. Take care and we'll see you again soon . Bill
  9. My was an 83 V-65 Magna . The bride said sell two of your bikes and then buy another so the Magna and my 85 Venture Royal left. And now the Goldwing works for me very well. Not to mechanical (I try) so there are no issues .
  10. Just make one Drill press scrap wood and there you go. I make them all the time for different cal.
  11. Glock makes a very fine gun and are smooth . I had this picture of a Glock and thought it was funny.
  12. Sorry to hear this, thoughts and prayers for your family. Bill
  13. A guy shouldn't tell anyone that you are retired the work load builds because you're not doing anything. Another tip don't tell anyone you can weld aluminum on or near a lake. Have fun shooting, I run a trap league at our Sportsmen's club.
  14. Not at all "Jack" is just "Jack" to strong in every way , for my liking.
  15. Between myself and my closest friend we do a lot of taste testing and we are self proclaimed Bourbon snobs. Love the stuff . We drink it straight up , no water no ice . Some Bourbons are to strong alcohol tasting some are sweeter. I have yet to find a Bourbon we like better than "Four Roses Small Batch" Got a bottle of Four Roses single barrel for Christmas from the bride Oh my that is very good too.
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