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  1. I think it is the only 10mm I can find ...lol
  2. I have a new Rock Island M1911 A1 10mm I am going to take it to the range with my Springfield 1911 .45 ACP with a match grade barrel and do a comparison between them.
  3. I just bought some of these online and for now I don't think is a bad price for good ammo. Australian Outback .223 REM – 69gr Sierra HPBT MatchKing - UPC 9332153001865 (globalordnance.com)
  4. Sorry no pictures , all I can do is tell what all I had to do and I could take a picture now .....steering head , forks , brakes , cleaned up the brake rotors in my metal lathe , speedometer , wire harness , start relay , charging system , clutch basket bushings ,  fuel pump-- connections at the pump , Windshield , removed trailer hitch , new tires , seat . I will be doing Manitoba Safety inspection next week ..

    I can assure that there was hardly a bolt left turned .......This is my 4th project bike in 3 years .

    My next project bike is a 1966 Honda 125

  5. No one will believe you without pics....
  6. I picked this up from a charity auction for 610$ and it came with 2 new covers and 6 qts of Bel Ray oil (I never heard of the oil until now). It is a 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade that has been parked since 2015 the PO had medical issues and passed away. I have a notebook of his that had all maintenence that was done and even everytime he put gas in it how many gallons and how much it cost. So far I put a battery in it and I am doing an inspection on it. The starter relay clicks but it doesn't turn over and the clutch system needs to be rebuilt. The air ride has a leak somewhere because the pump wont shut off so I unplugged it for now. I think with some sweat this will be a nice ride because the PO took great care of it until it was parked. It had an oil change and new Conti tires done 200 miles before it was parked but I am still changing all fluids. I will keep updated because I want to ride it to Vogel. I have the windshield they took it off for transport.
  7. I am looking to see if anyone lives near the Greenville, S.C area. I am looking to buy a pull behind trailer for the bike but the business is not open on the weekend or Thanksgiving week so I am hoping someone can pick it up for me (it will be paid for) and then I can head up there and pick it up. Tom
  8. tufftom4


    [h=1]Vote for Vogel as a Top Campground[/h][TABLE=class: x_gd_combo_table, width: 100%] [TR] [TD] We're so excited that Vogel State Park was nominated by USA Today as one of the nation’s best state parks for RV campers. By voting in USA Today’s “10 best” run-off, you can help Vogel win Best in U.S. Everyone can cast their selection daily through October 12. Thank you to all who have voted! We're honored to know that Vogel has been creating family memories for decades. [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  9. Damn yes he does look like a young hacksaw.
  10. tufftom4

    Vogel 2021

    I would love to go again but I would be caging it.
  11. I have been working on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just about anything and have rebuilt my share of engines but I have never heard of a bucket tool so school me.
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