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  1. Don the position is entirely different from the V Star and the Venture, but I will get use to it. I never realized the Valk was so big till I sat on it, but I can put both feet flat on the ground with ease. Totally different animal it is!!
  2. Couldn't stay off the bike, I was going stir crazy so I went out and bought another bike that I can tinker on and ride. 1999 Valkyrie Interstate.
  3. For the first time in almost 20 years my garage does not have any motorcycles in it. The trike sold on Friday and the couple that bought it came back today, Sunday and bought the V Star 1300. It was fun while it lasted for Charlene and I. We met many wonderful people that we consider family now. We will still be frequenting the VR site to see how things and people are doing, we might even cage it to some meet and eats and such. Now starting new chapter of our life without bikes is going to be quite a change.
  4. SOLD 2009 V Star 1300 Tour mileage 23,586 Batwing Fairing with Nakamichi Stereo with 6 x 9 speakers. Factory windshield included. 3 windscreens for fairing. Crash Bars. LED headlight. Has trickle charger hookup along with a USB adapter. Tires very good. Fuel injected Water cooled Belt Drive Also have helmets, and motorcycle jack if want to purchase them. Bike has been garage kept its entire life. Never dropped or been down. Located in Newnan, Ga. $4200.00 Firm
  5. I have always been partial to Vogel for some unkown reason!!!!!!
  6. 2021 and 2022 have not been good to Charlene and I. I had to have surgery on both eyes in Sept of 2021. Right eye had a detached retina, a very bad one at that. The left eye had numerous tears and holes in it. The left eye was done first and I can see fine with it, will just need a corrective lens for distance, but the right eye did not go as well as the left. I can see but it's fuzzy and straight lines have waves in them, the Dr can do the surgery again but no guarantee that it would get better. So no my peripheral vision is a little off. So riding has become not as enjoyable as it was because of my vision, as for Charlene she just had 2 spinal surgeries to remove and replace the old hardware from her previous surgery. The rods now go further up her spine so she has very limited range there, and her recovery could take over a year it was such a major surgery. So time has come to part with my bikes and start another chapter without motorcycles. It was not a hard decision to make but one that was needed. Who knows after Charlene recovers things might change but I am not holding my breath. We have met so many wonderful people in VR and had so many good times getting together with everyone, it just all became family, and I may not be riding, but I will still frequent the VR site and who knows we might even show up at some meets and rallies. We definitely wont be doing Vogel this year, its just too hard for Charlene to get around right now. Both my Venture trike and my V Star 1300 are going up for sale in the classifieds on VR.
  7. Finally found some time to post pics/ 852044980_Lewisphone282.mp4 Lewis phone 284.mp4
  8. Some intros VID_20210814_112854.mp4 VID_20210814_112854.mp4
  9. Thanks Ron. Great meeting and riding with you.
  10. Just wanted everybody to know that I will not be on VR for a while. While we were Vogel the North Georgia mountains last weekend I developed a tear and a detached retina in my right eye. After visiting a specialist upon examination that I have several tears of the retina in my left eye also, I will be having laser surgery on my left eye this afternoon Wed. to correct my vision in that eye, as soon as that is healed sufficiently within two or three weeks I will be having inpatient surgery on my right eye which involves cutting and laser to fix that problem. I will likely not get my full vision back in the right eye but chances are good that my vision will be restored in the left eye. As far as the right eye it's not expected to get back to the same vision I had before it happened. Would appreciate your prayers at this time
  11. Small group but a fun group.
  12. We are here just waiting to check in at Seasons Inn.
  13. We are all packed and ready to go. Should be arriving before noon barring accidents and complications. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  14. Does anybody have a source of 223 ammo at a decent price. Haven't been able to find any in stock at a reasonable price.
  15. Prayers sent for successful surgery and quick recovery.
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