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  1. Prayers up!!!!! Any updates on his condition since the surgery on Thursday?
  2. I'm always late to the party! Happy B-day Mr. Puc!!!! Hope you guys are doing well!
  3. Hello @cowpuc Very good question about bypassing the ABS! The answer is YES, it can certainly be bypassed.......but there is a bit more to it then just bypassing and tying a few brake hoses together. The ABS servo unit on the 2005-2009 bikes do the pumping for you as the brake master cylinder on the handle bars and foot pedal only pressurize to tell the ABS servo to do the heavy lifting and generate the full pressure to apply the brakes. The 1999-2004 K1200LT's had a different ABS unit that was NOT servo driven and therefore much easier to bypass. But if there is a will, there is a way...
  4. Howdy SpencerPJ! As my good buddy cowpuc mentioned, I'm the proud owner of a couple of BMW K1200LT's. I have a 1999 and a 2005 model year in the collection. To be honest, I totally love the K1200LT's!! They are especially good if you know how to turn your own wrenches. If you don't like working on your own bikes then the BMW's are not the right bikes for you. The next part of honesty is the K1200LT depreciation, it is significant because of the cost for maintenance not because they are a bad bike. Guys take them into the dealer and it costs a $1000 to change the brake hoses and flush th
  5. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Nice work @BratmanXj ! You are correct, it is a Yamaha XJ900P - or police version of the Seca like you said.
  6. Hello Guys and Gals, let's play a game called "Name That Motorcycle - International Edition" I was in Amman Jordan a few weeks back and noticed all the local police were enjoying the lovely weather on their Yamaha's! Name that Yamaha Model if you can: By the way, if you ever go to Jordan, DO NOT DRIVE THERE! Lanes markers and traffic signs are only "suggestions", traffic circle are everywhere.....and the car horn is used as frequently as the brake pedal! I fortunately had a personal driver for my visit, otherwise they would have eaten me alive if I was driving a rental car. You have
  7. Hey videoarizona and @cowpuc I'm still alive and kicking! Sorry, I haven't had much time to keep up on the ol Venture forum....work totally has been cramping my style! Thanks for thinking of me! I should be down in AZ next week, if you are around let's do one of our usual "meetings to solve the world's problems"! Been too long since our last visit!
  8. Hey cowpuc so nice to hear from you!!!! It would be a total honour and privledge for me if you could name my 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp! You are a bike naming ledgend, and I always think of you brother when I hop on "AZZI" and "FiFi" the other 2 bikes that you provided names for. I'm sorry I neglected to get your advice with the naming of my last 2005 BMW K1200LT aquisition. I named her "Goldilocks"(because she is gold) which is rather uncreative compared to your excellent names, and I don't think the bike likes the name either! So if you have a better suggestion for the Beemer as well
  9. Hi @Steven G, I'm back to snowy Calgary Yes I prepped the Plastic as well as I could, striping, sanding, filling, and application of all the hard core plastic primer and plastic adhesion products I could find over the counter. Sounds like you know how hard it is to make paint stick to plastic! The plastic on this bike had a very rough life of sun damage and some pretty big scrapes and scars. Unfortunalty buying used panels is a rather difficult and expensive venture for this old bike, so I decided to make the best with the old ones. She will never be a beauty queen, but at least if I
  10. Finally found some time to head back to Phoenix where my Honda Transalp project has been patiently waiting for me. Frame painted, Motor painted, new tires, new chain, lots of plastic prep and paint. This basket case that was left for dead in the desert is slowly coming back to life! Yes, I'm breaking the cardinal rule of restoration....I'm changing the color from the "Fighting Honda Red" to the classic "Honda Red, White, and Blue" which matches the Honda Promo poster I had in my room when I was a kid dreaming of someday owning this mighty enduro back in the 1980's! This is what she
  11. Looking good @videoarizona!!! I'm heading down to AZ on the 27th for 3+ weeks, hope we can meet up! Please talk to the weather man for me to keep the nice riding weather going.
  12. Prayers up, and all the best to another brother from another mother.
  13. I personally ssed to use a simple carpenter's wood clamp with a 2x4 to break my motorcycle tire beads. I would put the 2X4 on the back side of the tire to support one side of the clamp on the solid rim and then the other side of the clamp that turns and pushes I would position as close to the bead as possible so it would push the rubber down near the rim edge. Simple and it always worked for me with no special tools. I now use a "bead buster" which works awesome. Here is a pic of the type of clamp I used to use: Here is a video I did a while back showing the "bead buster" in a
  14. Hey Condor, as you may know, in addition to Ventures I dabble with BMW scoots as well. So here are a couple of "personal opinions" I can contribute to your question. 1. Those BMW "oil head" engines are pretty well bulletproof. There is a reason BMW GS bikes are the prefered choice and what you hear people doing "around the world" trips on. Plus, that is basically the same engine that BMW has been using and refining over almost 90 years of the BMW Motorrad existence. Fairly route to see these motors go 200,000+ miles on the RS model Police bikes used by highway patrol departments (which has
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