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  1. I've looked on this site and the internet for you, no luck. Ya hate making it up, might get rejected and open a whole new can of worms. If I were you, I would call a Yamaha Dealer in MN and ask them for advise. Surely they can point you in the right direction.
  2. Welcome to the Forum. Great place, I'd never keep my 83 running without all the smart guys around here.
  3. Looks and sounds great. I've always had an interest in home brewing, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience.
  4. Ya, I went and undeleted the recording, it was Julys event, and the main one I was thinking of did not hammer and it was Blue at $63k. I looked on their website, I must have been seeing newer models or small blocks, because I'm not seeing late 60s big block 4 spds on their website in the 20s. Sorry to alarm you. Good luck, fun ole car if you find one. My bucket list is an early 70s Hemi Cuda 4spd. Friend had a 440 6pk back in the day, oh what fun we had. Had an automatic. I never will forget the time he punched it, ripped the driveshaft out of the rear end yoke. You don't forget those fe
  5. I usually take a piece of paper and press around the area to make an indent, and go from there.
  6. I've never dealt with them but I was watching a rerun last night and there were several Vettes, bigblock, 4 spd, like you want at the last one in Indy. Many under 20k, I was surprised.
  7. Looks Great. Be careful in that mud, that's a heavy bike 😏
  8. If you found a number stamped onto the engine, that's it. I know on my 83 I have an engine number, It's not handy for me to go look, but I recall seeing it stamped into engine. Whatever you see on it, give to the DMV. Not like you're trying to pull one over. Good luck, and stick around. There are some great smart ones that keep me running. 👍
  9. I mowed yesterday, went for a 2hr ride today. Warm in Indy. Like a dummy, I fertilized 2 weeks ago, Fall Food, boy did it perk up with last weeks rain.
  10. The sad part is, many of us use Google or ________, and they give us the answer they want us to see. If you type: 'what is global warming' or 'should guns be restricted' as examples, depending on where you are, feeds a different response. It is called mind manipulation, and it is being done at the massive level, regional level, global level. Ever wonder why we stand and fight more and more for a position we feel emotions about, because the internet keeps feeding us based on wherever we get our information, or tries changing or position, all done with high dollar tracking computers and algor
  11. Thanks cowpuc. Just so everyone knows, the link cowpuc gave is NOT the documentary that is on Netflix, it is a just a conversation about the documentary with Katie Couric.
  12. No MarCarl, if you have Netflix do a quick search. You and cowpuc would like it. Edit: There is a Trailer too. This might link you https://www.netflix.com/title/81254224?source=35
  13. Hands down, the best educational documentary I’ve ever watched. Many of the original senior executives from companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc discuss AI (artificial intelligence) and the revolution. Friends, scary stuff, scary statistics, and by far the greatest world crisis we have. Covid, Trump/Biden, global warming, oil drilling, gun laws, nothing compares with what is going on under our noses, especially to our youth, our kids, our grandkids, but to you and I as well. Truly a must watch (and no, it’s nothing political). Enjoy, post you
  14. I'm sorry for your loss, sounds like a great guy and enjoyed a good long life.
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