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  1. I use to ride with my phone on the handlebars, gps and everything. Apple phones and many people have issues with the vibration ruining the camera, so I quit and only do so when I need to. https://www.hotcars.com/this-is-why-you-should-never-mount-your-iphone-on-a-motorcycle/#:~:text=On September 10%2C 2021%2C a,models after the iPhone 7.
  2. Prayers for you and your wife my friend, at least you still have the internet to watch the hooligans and their antics.
  3. Parents don't parent, they stare at their phones. It takes effort to parent. The evil one has created the ultimate environment, my 2 cents is he runs social media.
  4. Amen. I couldn't do that huge city life, just watching the video gets my anxiety worked up, lol.
  5. Also put it on Craigslist, I sold my 83 last fall at a premium on Craigslist, if no-one in our community is interested.
  6. We actually have a Forum with links to any / all manuals. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/82-manuals-guides-parts-diagrams-etc/
  7. It does seem like the steering head bearings could be a touch too tight. That said, I always ran Shinko tires on my 83, never any issues. One other thing, double check tire pressures, and if I recall correctly, if I ran more than a couple pounds of air in the front forks they would get drifty.
  8. You should post a few more pictures. That clean of an older bike, there will be interest on here and FB.
  9. My 83 always ran fin on 87. It actually did not like higher octane. I always stored it with a full tank of treated gas.
  10. I use stuff in orange bottle. But usually slip on Harbor Freight disposable black gloves and stay grease free
  11. Looks great Freebird, enjoy and be safe with it.
  12. 17 degrees does sound like a lot, I'd shim it probably. Can you put on center stand to analyze better?
  13. I do not know the measurements, but even the smallest slop in the fork piece will cause a large change. The frame piece could have a slight bend in it as well, maybe someone sat on bike over the years with kickstand down. As long as everything seems solid, bolt is secure, personally I wouldn't lose sleep over it. You could also insert a washer or two on the correct side of fork and probably gain some height.
  14. I ran Shinkos on my 83, that singing and moaning, if I ever got it, it was always time to recheck air pressure and they where typically low, just my experience. I'll probably run Bridegstone tires on my F6B though. expensive... Side note: I hear there are several tire delays going on, be smart, if you know you'll need them, start doing your homework and order now.
  15. My guess, bleed it more. I have had great success with tie off clutch handle to bars, let sit overnight, air rises. Release and do not touch. There will be a banjo connection by reservoir. Loosen, and squeeze handle one time in the morning, there might be that last bit or air right there. Tighten banjo bolt prior to releasing handle, as you would bleeding anything, not suck air back in. You can bleed it there a couple times depending on the air you hear or feel. Good luck.
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