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  1. I did my 83 last year. No, I did not take fairing off. One trick that helped me get the lower race out, was a long sharp punch, and I used a Dremel to make a notch in the race so I had something to snag tapping it out. This was the punch that did the trick for me.
  2. If I had a starter issue with my 83, and I had it out, NO WAY would I rebuild it or put another 2 brush back in. Totally go 4 brush. If you are super frugal, there are places on the web and I'm sure a search on this site would show you how to take apart and cleanup.
  3. Figures they would say that, but I kinda understand. Something I've learned, I have a local cycle shop that mounts my tires, but I also order through them. They easily match online prices, and they cut me a break on mounting because I bought through them. I like better to do this, as I tell them do NOT mount a tire over a year old on it, plus now with your circumstance, warranty work would play out easier. Just a thought, again happy you caught it.
  4. On auto tires, Firestone claims that is normal and acceptable. I agree with you, just sharing my experience with car tires. Firestone says sidewall cracks are a problem, but the rubber between the treads is very thin and does not impact the treads stuck to the belts.
  5. Sig P365 is my carry as well. That's a nice addition, like the wood.
  6. I'd send them an email with pic, and express your disappointment. https://shinkotireusa.com/contact
  7. I have always been good with the Shinko 230 tour masters. As you said, his has left a bad taste left. I had similar experience with Firestone Destination tires on SUV, I'll never buy another Firestone, although they certainly make some good tires. Glad you caught the problem before it potentially failed you.
  8. I sometimes struggle getting good search results on this Forum. Maybe Google 'replacing the U-Joint venturerider' There are plenty of links to articles in our Forum. Good Luck!
  9. Might not be the best way, but I slide my old school brake adjustment tool (or prybar, screwdriver), but anyways, I'd put the caliber and loose brake shoes back over the rotor and use the rotor and brake shoes as my pivot point. Actually I do this before I even take the old ones out. I'm sure they also make a tool to spread them, maybe AutoZone loans one out?
  10. Thanks very helpful . I do not get a trail of fluids, seems to only drip out when sitting. Unless it gets worse, I'll probably save it as a winter project, right now a piece of cardboard keeps the oil off the garage floor, lol. I do plan to order that cover gasket first, it's a must see behind there.
  11. I'm sure it's tough as I believe he has given up riding. I wish him the best and thank him for anytime and every time he has helped me. His extensive knowledge will be missed. Just like another older Great, Dingy, I saw on a Facebook Venture group that he recently sold his yellow Venture / vMax ride.
  12. Did the shock hold air? Mine holds air, so not thinking it is the problem. I will check though, thx
  13. when you jumped straight to the starter, was it the bikes battery, or another known good one? My 83 starter is the old 2 brush junk, but still works fine with a decent battery and some connection mods. Personally, I'd start with a solid jump from a known good battery that is fully charged. I'm sure you need a new battery, just hate throwing money at it until the bike seems known to be salvageable.
  14. Thanks alot David, After another ride, and sitting a bit more level, it is forward a bit from my above picture. My rear valve covers seem dry, It's been dripping a large drop after every ride for a few months now. Oil level not noticeably down. I really need to get some engine cleaner, purple stuff, and get the area clean. It's really tough to see, even with mirrors, because the exhaust collector is in the way. Not to appear super stupid, but the cover you have off, isn't that the crankcase cover? Maybe I should start by ordering the gasket for that, it sure seems that opens up a lot more for viewing purposes. ps: it's Paul, not Ronnie, lol.
  15. Not losing any brake / clutch fluid, seems like oil. Kinda hard to see above exhaust, hoping others have had similar drip and suggestions. I know I need to start off with a good cleaning. ps: it's a 83.
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