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  1. Congrats, hope all the little gremlins are easy fixes.
  2. During riding season, mine only clicks a few times the following day. I feel like it holds pressure and clicks less if the fuel tank is full rather than low, maybe I'm crazy though.
  3. Yes, 9mm Sig, 10 round clips. Ammo, can find basic brass range ammo local, had to order Federal tactical online. If we drag our camper to MI this summer, I'll look you up.
  4. Very nice Puc, I've never shot one of those. I've been spending my guberment handouts wisely, came across a new Sig P365, and must say, it's smooth for it's size.
  5. Problem with an out the door kit, you might end up with 75% crap you really don't need or will use. Good luck. Seems I saw some better stuff at a Northern Tool place as well.
  6. Harbor Freight actually has a great selection of the chests, I've debated doing it. Wait for a sale, they take about 50% off the list. https://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage-organization.html
  7. Great story, as I can relate, only my wife does not ride, and I had girls that were basketball and volleyball junkies. They are moved out now, and I try to get an early afternoon ride in every day possible. I prefer that blue color over all the others as well. Be safe!
  8. My 83 averages 40-42 mpg every tank, that includes a bit of hot-rodding too. I count on it, my gas gauge quit being reliable a couple years ago, I judge by odometer, never to stretch it past 200 miles usually getting gas at 150. If you are only getting 20 ish, I would start with plugs and wires, fuel filter, air filter, the basics. Good luck.
  9. Nice bike. My gas smell comes from the large rubber boots around the carbs that connect the air filter. Reposition and get them right, much less of a smell. My 83 has no petcock either.
  10. I use old school Prestone green (or generic) on my old 83. I prefer to buy the 50/50 blend, but if you get full strength, dilute with distilled water.
  11. I had a weird issue with that plug / fuse, the big red one on the + side. I messed with it, all good ever since. I'd be examining all connections based on your last comment.
  12. Great write up, glad you survived. I would have tried as well, I don't like those places. Prayers for full healing 🙏 A UTube video attachment would have been great, 😄
  13. I do not know how much or when an 83 should spark, but you mentioned you do have spark at times. I'm just throwing this out there. My first start in the spring with my 83, no way will it start unless I squirt a little starting fluid in the carbs. little. It always perks up and fires. Never have figured out why, I think the carbs drain out, and I will have to do this anytime it has sat more than a few weeks.
  14. As mentioned, I'd clean and examine all the starting process connections. There is a starter solenoid up to the left of the battery as well. Starters on the early models were 2 brush and not the best. Many exchange them for a 4 brush unit. I still have my original 2 brush and it works adequate. Make sure you check and clean the ground by the starter as well.
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