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  1. I replaced mine once. Turned out that I bought the line from a local tractor supply, more for yard tools. Well they would collapse under heat and higher rpm. Took me a while to figure out. Just saying if you went with a thin wall fuel line.
  2. Quick update. I aired them up a couple pounds higher than manual suggested, I have run maybe 800 miles, and they seem perfectly fine now. I still have slight high spot in center of tire, but no vibrations at all, not even even low in the corners. I will keep an eye one them, I do not know how long they were run low.
  3. Fuse is in fuse box under cover where gas cap is. Relay is up by headlight. Explain what's going on, if no blinking it could be a ground or simply a bad bulb.
  4. So I recently picked up a different ride. Both front a rear tires were very low, I aired them up to spec per manual, and they seem to have an odd mild vibration, especially in turns. As you can see, it's a no brainer. Question. Is this something that might wear off, should I drop pressure a bit, should I simply replace, Is it highly dangerous to ride as is? It seems fine, no vibrations at cruising speed etc, it's the corners or leaning back and forth that you can tell. Thanks for any and all advise.
  5. You could buy a maintenance free one for your next battery, as you thought you had 😇
  6. Is the kickstand down?
  7. If it is a first gen, I have had great luck tieing the clutch lever with a rope, and letting it sit overnight. Seems the air works up to the top. Maybe one squeeze and loosen the banjo bolt at the top.
  8. My guess is you will have a hard time meeting the weight requirements on non stock size stuff.
  9. That does suck. Cheers to getting better.
  10. $94 to be exact. I found one in IL, guy shipped Friday, should be early next week. I have my 83 up for sale, some things I'll sell as is, a dripping rear master is not one of those things. There's an oem on ebay.
  11. How does one hone out the bore? I ask, I recently did some brake work, did not replace the rubber seals, slight leak with a tear in one of the rubbers (ordered oems today), but I only lightly sanded my bore as I did not easily find a hone (like a piston hone) readily available. Patmac6075. There is a cycle recycle place in Indianapolis that has a couple older Ventures, might call them http://www.newmotorcycleparts.net/
  12. The actually make a garage door lube that I use, lube Actually makes the door and hinges quiet as a mouse
  13. 1983 Yamaha Venture 1200 ci. Runs good, looks good, 52k miles. Classic bike known for going high mileage. I have the bags, mostly ride with them off. New tires and battery this spring. $1800. Update: sold 9/24/21.
  14. This one already has the throttle lock, same as my 83. Not the same as cruise, but I mostly ride for enjoyment in the country. No trunk, only two bags. (I've had my trunk and bags off my 83 since the day I bought it 8 years ago), although I did like that I could click my 83 trunk on in an instant. They do make a nice tour luggage bag that connects in the post for the rear passenger.
  15. LOL, I'm looking for a Hemi Cuda I can afford....
  16. Thanks everyone, little bugger is a rocket, holy crap, please pray for me...🙂
  17. I rode a few Gen 2s, I just can't handle the feet forward thing. Wanted something more current with a radiator, this is best I could find and afford.
  18. Been waffling on upgrading the 83 for couple years. Priced right, already had the upgraded seat for tall, fat boys (like me), exhaust really sounds nice. 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe Led lights, Pathfinder turn signals and running lights with integrated turn signals Kuryakan running lights ?, Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust installed with torque loops, Ultimate king seat. 24k miles, 1/2 worn tires. Great records, one owner, always dealer serviced.
  19. A Title got a typo some where down the line. If it were me, I'd plead stupid, title and plate it, and carry on.
  20. I'm a numbers guy. I believe the numbers are weighted towards, more likely to have complications without shot, than with. As far as cost, the govt has already spent the money, here in our state, vials are getting pitched. And I whole hearted agree that someone should not go to ER over a sneeze, gripes me to no end.
  21. That's why you paid the big bucks Glad all is fixed, that was quick!
  22. Perfect TicToc. back to the money thing. If the girl chooses to not get vaccine, and gets bad case of covid, goes to hospital, who should pay for this? I'm tired of my premiums going up for others poor choices. I am 100% cool with this scenario with the condition, don't use our resources, doctors and beds because you are too stubborn to get a simple shot that will help. Great part is it's free, I simply don't get it. ✌️
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