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  1. Thanks I think I may go back to the 150 for the stability
  2. I had an 2007 RSV and went to the 130 and really liked the change, but only had the bike a short time when I bought a GoldWing. Wing just didn't fit my body size, never got comfortable. Have since bought a 2013 RSV and am so happy with the switch back just so much more comfortable for me. The 2013 has the 130 front tire on it and am wondering if anyone has gone back to the 150 front tire, I just don't remember what it felt like when I had it on the 07. I am wondering about pros and cons Thanks
  3. blackstone or similar griddle has replaced my grill for the most part, possibilities are endless. Flavor unmatched
  4. Looks Great I'll check them out
  5. Has anyone put a Harley backrest on the RSV? The 05 I had several years ago had one on it and my wife really liked the armrest a lot. I don't know what Harley it was for or what to look for in order for it to mount up to my 2013 RSV Any thoughts?? A style similar to this
  6. Thanks, David, think I may order one and give it a shot, it looks nice Thanks
  7. like it thanks thats what I needed
  8. Thanks so much! I have a 2013 and am wondering how others have them postioned
  9. Can anyone post pictures of the long horn pegs mounted on the bike thanks
  10. Installed the polk 402's today, easy install, remember to take the grill off as well. Sounds a lot better, definatly cleaner and crisper sound
  11. Just ordered the Polk DB402 will update once they are installed
  12. Seems the DB401 is discontinued and am wondering if anyone has upgraded their speakers to the polk DB402 Any other suggestions?? Thanks
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