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  1. I have a next to brand new viper venom...or is it venom viper? Front was new but a few years old when I put it on and it weather checked so badly within the first season it is unsafe. so...what’s a good replacement front tire that will work well with the viper rear tire?
  2. Hi all! Remember me? I have been lurking on and off but let my membership lapse long ago. It sucks to get old. My hips and knees are bad so I haven't ridden since 2018. so I'm selling off everything. My ad is in classified. On nice days I would rather be on my boat
  3. I've been away for awhile...lurking but not a member. But I renewed because I have 3 bikes to part out ....all 1st Gen 83 and 84 blonde and 84 red I have all the plastic, electrical and mechanical...even some new parts! This is how I would like it to work. Let me know what you want and I'll check the condition If they are good enough to sell then we can discuss price. those of you who may remember me know I am honest and will not misrepresent the condition of the parts. If I can get a picture of the item without a lot of work I certainly will....but otherwise you will have
  4. So...I’ve been lurking off and on but haven’t posted for awhile. My burgundy ‘87 is still in pieces.... you may remember I had an issue doing a valve adjustment wit a broken and rewelded tool and mushroomed the head. NP I thought...I have parts bikes. So I figured I would just change the heads. Long story short in changing heads I dropped the parts tray and mixed up the valve pots...so Since then I have had zero confidence in ever getting the thing running again. I had put new tires, brake pads, complete new clutch and springs, a new gen2 shifter dog(the castle shaped part behind the cl
  5. That's only an hour or so from me. Great riding area up here! who knows...I might even have a bike on the road by then
  6. Are you sure it's running on all 4 cylinders? These bikes run amazingly well on 3!
  7. A friend owns a 2005 Roadstar 1700. He just changed the battery and now, every time he shuts off the bike an alarm goes off! He is not at all hands on...just rides it...this is probably the first time he's done anything himself. He didn't even know he had an alarm on it! Any suggestions on how he can get it reset?
  8. A member here (Skydoc) sells a block off kit to eliminate the anti dive units. If you put progressive springs in you don't really need them. A lot of us have done that. Check out his classified ads...he offers lots of parts and kits that have all the bits and pieces you need for many jobs I would also suggest you install a "Super Brace".... which is a heavier clamp that holds the forks just above the front fender. It makes a big difference in handling.
  9. But we have seen Don try to deal with abusive posters...and remove them if they don't tone it down
  10. Many comments here are quasi-political so I will throw out a quasi-religious comment. Do you really think God cares about a dotted line on a map? No matter where you go in the world there are people who have some personal pride and consideration for others...or not. All we can do is be the best person we can without imposing our will, beliefs or preferences on others.
  11. Your is a Mark I Adjustable back rest is only on Mark II
  12. The member offering this has not been on the forum for over a year. did you look in the tech library? i believe there is a full wiring diagram there
  13. I thought the "stand your ground" law means all they need is to "feel threatened". If a ticked off biker with a gun comes up to a car in a menacing manner someone might feel threatened. BANG You're dead. even if they get prosecuted...you're still dead. or...what if they see your gun and pull one themselves? too many idiots in the world...just pull over and let them pass
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