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  1. SO IT THE 777 still the hot lick for our bikes? going back to the office post covid, so i need to get the bike ready.
  2. So I recovered my seat with one of the chinese's knockoff upholstery kits this weekend. Pretty straightforward. Pleant of you tube videos out there showing the process. Only issue was my 2007 came with the tucked seat the cover didn't have provision for hat so its not a smooth seat. I did rewrap the foam in a plastic bag to make it work proof. I don't know if the front saddle was sewn a little crooked or i missed pulled the vinyl as ai have a small 45 wrinkle.. I'll give it a week with my fat butt and florida sun to stretch a bit. then pull one side and restyle to try and work it out. i've not down upholstery work since the early 80's.A few close ups of the details
  3. Funny? mine works at 35mph in 3rd gear cruising the beach last weekend
  4. So the RSV is parked under cover most days, but i do drive her in the rain and sometimes it rains sideways into the car port. I use a nano based cleaner/finisher in my wash bucket and do wax occasionally. The problem is I've got 12 year old chrome and aluminum. Most of it very is very good. A few pieces are starting to look their age. Such as the master cylinder covers (chrome) the master cylinders them selves (aluminum) Mirror mount backs of the mirror ect. Any tips on easy or quick clean up? I can polish sand polish and wax or even, pull some parts and strip and polish and re-clear coat. I'm just looking for something "down and dirty" to enhance the curb appeal. thinking of trading for a newer bike. Also has anyone tried the seat upholstery kits from eBay? Have some cat damage on mine.
  5. one day during deer season I heard a man and a woman arguing about 100 yds up the trail as i approached the clearing I saw a lady with a 12 guage and a bright orange vest arguing with a game warden. Finally in exasperation the game warden yells OKAY LADY ITS YOUR DEER JUST LET ME GET MY SADDLE BACK!
  6. Me I usually lift the fist, how far up and out depends on circumstances. Occasionally I'll lift a few fingers of the left hand if speed corner lean angle dictate! Usually I try and acknowledge BIKERS. Mopeds and scooters have lost my respect as they try and act like bicycles and motorcycles at the same time, Using the dedicated bike lane and the berm to pass traffic splitting lanes and just generally being A$$holes. I WILL NOT WAVE TO SCOOTERS OR MOPEDS EVER!
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/motorcycles/five-reasons-you-should-nod-not-wave/ar-AAGUmxG?li=BBnb4R5
  8. I did it on the 96, i order to replace the head gasket. One of the top rails actually unbolted and allows to lift the front head out. Watch the dang timing chain and cam alignment markers when reinstalling, did mine 3 times as the shop manual was a bit unclear. Don't know if and when the frame changed probably can looks it up online somewhere.
  9. I miss the torque of my 86 for sure. Once I learned the throttle position/engine sound combo I could lift the front wheel while rolling in first and second. I also broke a drive shaft LOL.
  10. I highly recommend the stage three (haha) I did it on my bike years ago. After that just keep up on the oil changes and it will shift well for a long time
  11. Didn't we go thru this a few years back? I thought we changed the posting rules in the classified section and some others. Could just be old guy faully memory too
  12. I'm sure you all have seen the ads and pop up for the various top coats and NANO waxes like F-11, nano tech, superior nano and others. I use a product called "magnum motorcycle juice" by Gerry Dean to wash my bike it has "nano" technology, He's local to the tampa bay I actually met him a bike night, over all i'm happy with the shine retention and the way it sheds some of the dirt and rain. The claims and videos from some of these others take me back to the old informercials about ASTONISH! Has anyone used and of these on either their cage or the bike and what kind results and any trick to the prep and application?
  13. In the words of many an older man keep it simple S##$%head. LOL. start with cable connections both, bolt to frame and cable to solenoid and check for corrosion inside the crimped cable ends.I chased every component but the cable on a 96 RSTD actually melted a terminal at one point. turned out the cable to the colenoid was corroded inside the crimp! New end and the bike never had an electrical hiccough again.
  14. https://www.laminarlip.com/kwik/kkindex.htm This is what i use even great on hot days cover the seat handle bar and tank.
  15. I think you just answered your question.
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