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  1. 2009 RSV Bought it this spring.Was told the battery was a year old.Driving home the radio went out and the bike made it 2 more miles died .Took battery out and it was very warm. Went to Wally World and bought a cheap battery. Bike started right up and ran great for 1 month.Then had the same problem, radio goes out and bike goes 2 more miles.dead battery Battery seams warm.New battery, bike runs great . ?? Voltage Regulator ??Rectifier?? someone said now days they are both in one??? Not a electrical wizard HELP
  2. Looking for 1 red reflector to saddle bag saver. If anyone knows someone parting out a bike.
  3. Looking for the volume knob on the end of the black control box on the handle bar for a 2009 Royal Star Venture
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