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  1. I installed the clutch basket from the original motor and it sounded exactly the same. I've only ridden the bike a couple hundred miles on the highway. ( just got it on the road a couple days ago) I found that when riding with the wind, the gear noise sounds quite loud and I find it annoying. When riding into the wind it really isn't a big deal, not much can be heard over the wind noise.
  2. The cost of shipping makes it not worth it.
  3. I balanced the carbs and it idles noticeably smoother now! Replaced the old brake fluid on the front and rears. I also installed a set of stock Harley mufflers. I must admit that it sounds good, however, they are a bit too loud for me. So.... I also reinstalled the stock mufflers!
  4. I replaced mine with a pair of Roadliner calipers, I liked that they were newer and all silver like the stockers.
  5. My neighbor has a few welders. If I needed something welded, he would point me in the direction and say do it yourself. Now, I had gas welded before and TIG is sort of like that, so I wasn't terrible at that. But, my MIG and stick welding was almost the worst I've seen. So, I decided rather than being humiliated, I would buy my own welder and learn how. Some utube video's and a bunch of practice and my welding is at least better than a lot that I've seen. I built a utility trailer a couple years ago that was quite a bit of welding, I can see the difference between where I started and how much better my welds looked towards the end. BTW, get the gas bottle, you'll be happy you did.
  6. I've had 4 Roadstars- 2 with the two piston calipers that are the same as the Royal Star and 2 with the 4 piston calipers. I converted one of the two piston bikes to four piston calipers and did not change the master, as far as I could tell, it worked exactly the same as the four piston bike. I also had a Roadliner for a short while and it seemed to have the best brakes of them all. I would guess that the calipers are very similar but the pads are different. I hope that I end up with the same brake feel and power as the Roadliner!!!
  7. Thank you Sir!! I do like the drawing on the right!!
  8. I going to install some 4 piston calipers from a Roadliner on the front, and also install an electric fuel shut off valve on the output side of the fuel pump. I'm not so sure that the original engine didn't get catastrophically hydro locked from fuel leaking into the intake, so this will shut the fuel off every time I power down (cause I'll forget).
  9. I just bought a pair of Street Glide mufflers (same thing) for $35. Just need to find the bracket drawings now.
  10. While getting the new engine ready for installation on my 2009 RSTD, I decided to remove the air injection nozzles from the exhaust ports. I had already removed the plumbing and all the rest of the hardware on the bike related to the air injection (mostly just to de clutter the engine installation). While looking at the exhaust ports, I was shocked to see how far the injection nozzles protrude into the port and how much they would seem to block the exhaust flow. Prior to seeing the inside of the ports, I intended to simply block the tubes off. I used a slide hammer to pull the tubes out. With the tubes on the bench, I cut the top fitting part off and the lower tube part that protrudes into the port. This left the hollow (about 1" long) section that had been pressed into the head. I welded both the top and bottom of those pieces so they could be used as plugs and drove them back into the cylinder heads. Now the exhaust ports are unrestricted. My question is: The bike runs great, but I've never ridden a Royal Star before. Has anybody else done this and did they notice any difference in performance? I can imagine removing that much visible restriction to the exhaust port must free up a few horsepower, I'm just wondering if it also would cause a drop in low end torque?
  11. Does anybody know if the Roadliner calipers will work?
  12. My first thought when I got the bike was that it caused by a leaky float valve, although, I'm not sure how enough fuel flows through a fuel pump when not running to flood the carbs and a cylinder?? When I actually tore the engine apart and could see the 3/8" rust band on the bad cylinder that was clearly caused by water in the cylinder, I changed my mind. I inspected the carbs and they were absolutely spotless, I also adjusted the float level to factory specs (not convinced the manual is correct on this though). The fuel tank was drained and looked at too, It also is spotless. Just in case, I try to remember to shut the fuel off when I return from a ride. For now, the bike is under a cover in my shop, and plugged into my Harley tender with the fuel shut off. (for a 6 month sleep)
  13. One unexpected thing that was different between the original motor and the replacement was the wiring plugs. I don't know if it was the change from 09 to 08 or that I have a RSTD and the 08 replacement engine might have come from a Venture, but the ignition trigger connector and the Neutral / OD connector were different and had to be changed over.
  14. Is this the " I " basket that people refer to? if so, why is it referred to as that? I'll try out the spare clutch I have from the original motor long before I shell out $300 bucks for a "may fix".
  15. Thanks for the compliment! I agree with you on the ringing, its way too loud to just be gear whine. You can hear the noise increase while the revs go up until it hits the resonant frequency, then the amplitude starts to fall off with increased rpm.
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