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  1. i sprayed sum wd40 up there and it stopped the squeak still dont get what was squeaking though lol
  2. when ever i compress my forks they squeak real bad just can't think of a reason why they would do that any thorts ? have never come across it before damned annoying
  3. my 97 tc has mega miles on it. when i got it the key was jamming and sticking. so i pumped it full of graphite powder made it a lot better worth a try
  4. just give it a belt with the hamer have dun it several times to lots of different bikes with positive results . then tighten the bolt and keep it that way
  5. bring back the tuer classic as an option with a detuned 1700 vmax engine now that i would like to see
  6. ps i also have a vmax and a royal star.tc so the ventcher isnt all i have. like i said they weren't sold hear so generally no one hear knows how quick they are .and ridden properly she upsets the hell out of the sports bike crue which was kind of my pint
  7. they get the demostracion all right.there for the bike not me. its meant as a challenge and it works a treat . no need to get personal. if you don't get what its about than you just wont. pointless trying to explain it to you and again don't get personal mate
  8. I made a mini set of truck nutz out of billet for my 83 just to worn the sports bike riders . love hunting them then embarrassing them lol . the venture wasn't sold hear in oz so they have know idea what it has till there seeing the nutz swinging in the breeze
  9. has anyone dun this have herd tell of people putting vmax cams and springs in 96-7 toure classic . but would think maybe first gen cams would work better. thorts ? anyone dun ether of thous things ? have herd romers of this being dun but never from anyone first hand
  10. best fix is to fit 86 + gear set there are a lot of upgrades there and the ratios are the same. If you do change the gear set yous your shims on the new gear set so your midal gear will line up right
  11. 11 and 130mph smiling listening to radar love on the stereo
  12. So went down to yamaha stiller tried to order 4 new diaphragms for my 96 tour classic was told $150 each and only 2 left in japan and not making any more . So aney help would be apreashiated
  13. 1997 rstd with 793850 kilometers our 483.275.5 miles on the clock replast my speedo and this is the only secondhand speedo i could find has to be sum kind of record lol has aney one seen mour miles on one ?
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