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  1. Back again . 96 Royal Star tour classic. Can jump blue n white white with power probe and engine rolls over. Key on it's hot. No diagrams available. Also note I can do it from headlight nacelle at connection there. Last resort is to open switch and apply ground there. Any one familiar???
  2. Trying to get all the plugs reconnected on 1996 Royal Star. Last one I cant find. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Wondering if I should send pics of Bluebirds innards???
  4. Okay since we are discussing dissection of a TCI. I have one that I will be in process of doing such deed too. I'll try to take pics along the way.
  5. I'm sure the I fo will arrive shortly as soon as we know what ya need in way of info.....
  6. First suggestion spend 12 bucks and join the mayhem n chaos.....best 12 bucks I ever spent....And welcome.
  7. Ok.....gonna go out in a limb. Battery in machine is questionable. I'm gonna try a swap to a known good battery on the basis if I got one not putting out correct voltage that 30 year TCI probably aint:fingers-crossed-emo too happy.
  8. Yammer. Carbs were rebuilt prior to purchase . Scary fast as is. Just cold cylinder sparks great.
  9. Hello all. Here's the issue. Have a 83 Venture Mk1. Upgrades in progress. Mk2 tubes. R6 calipers.. Issue I'm have is all things check out to specs. Did find a bad boost sensor. Located one and replaced. Machine much improved. Carbs rebuilt prior to purchase . Did the sea foam regime to er on caution. Inspected all sides with air cleaner assembly removed all move accordingly. So I'm open to suggestions......I also I stalled a know good TCI from the beast.
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