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  1. Yes KICKSTAND UP! My thanks to the 16 yr. old that was helping me for seeing this before I put that honkin' big bolt in! bongobobny: Makes sense. Geometry again. I already have the pull back risers on the stock handlebars. I guess raising the front end to stock is next. Many thanks for the comment. Side Note: After being "down" for almost 2 years with the whole chemo/radiation, surgery, and more Chemo routine, I find that after a day of wrenching I have to take a day off to let the swelling in my hands subside. Wow, what a wuss I've become!
  2. Condor: Good looking bike! Yes, I tried the 5 to 4 wire converter. I even got a new one because I thought it was bad. I'm sure I will ultimately resolve the issue by going all LED.....
  3. COWPUC: Well, that certainly sounds logical. I guess I will experiment with the pre-load for a while to try to find that sweet spot. I would certainly welcome any comments/tips/suggestions from Voyager owners! FLYINFOOL: Yes, Ground was what I first suspected. All the lights on my Voyager are mounted on fiberglass and have a separate ground wire that goes to each light. I ohmed these out and all are well connected. I think most of the problem is due to a mix of LED and Incandescent lighting. I have the load on the lighting of the bike itself balanced just enough that I use the stock Turn signal flasher so I can maintain the automatic Cancel feature. I am sure that if I went all LED and changed the flasher to one appropriate for the LEDs specifically, I could work the problem out. Maybe later, right now I am focused on getting the mechanics and ride right. I will say that the more I ride it, the easier it gets. I think I was just reacting to the difference between it and my many years on 2 wheels. I remain Happy!
  4. Well, it took some time but I finally got the Voyager Trike Kit and installed it on my RSV. I bought the kit used, and decided to try to "do it right." First I had to get my lowered bike restored to stock height. It had been lowered front and rear. The rear is now raised, but I have not yet raised the front, as I want to see how it handles first. Then I took all the parts that mount on the bike and sandblasted all the old paint, oil, and rust off them. Fortunately a friend had a sandblast station I could use. Then, I painted the parts and put them in the same friend's paint oven to bake on. While the paint was baking, I cleaned up the main portions of the trike. I found that the previous owner had done some kind of lighting modification, so I had to repair all the the wiring harness. No big deal. All back to stock so I was good to go. So I thought! More on this later. I then removed the tires and took them to have the balance checked. That's when I realized that although looking good, they were 8 yrs. old. At the tire place I asked if they could just pop one open so I could look inside. Sure enough, there was degradation and material loose inside the tire. So, a new pair of 13" radials went on. With things cleaned up/repaired, a friend and I started the installation. Definitely a 2 man job. It took about 5 hours, and if you follow the instructions, and use some common sense, geometry, and curse words, it eventually goes together. There were a couple of things we had to do twice, but we got it together, sat back, and congratulated each other. It looked pretty good! I then began the electrical wiring task. A converter for a 5 wire (RSV system) to 4 wire (Voyager system) was provided. Pretty straight forward. And that's when Murphy showed up. I had running lights, but no brake lights, and all four lights blinked no matter which signal was engaged. Also, the seemed to blink at a different rate than my LED turn signals. I rechecked all my wiring and connections. All looked good, so I deduced that the converter must be bad, and I got a new one, only to find the exact same problem existed. By now, I had spent several hours on this problem, so I decided to quit for the day, lest my mental state be reduced to rubble. The next morning I rechecked all the wiring, and re-did all splices in the wiring harness.That ate up another couple of hours. How could anything so simple be so Problematic? I am a Ham Radio enthusiast, so wiring is not an alien skill set for me. Becoming more and more frustrated, I finally broke down and called MTC Voyager to talk to a Tech about the problem. "Frank" and I walked through the wiring from the bike to each light step by step. All was correct. I sat back and just stared at the bike. It was at this point that the wisdom of old age led me to the philosophy of the "The Point of Diminishing Returns." I already had great rear LED lighting on the RSV itself. Did I really need Run/Turn/Brake incandescent lighting on the trike kit. Nice, but not really necessary. Thus, in order to keep myself from having a mental breakdown over the lights, I decided that Running lights were sufficient. I removed the 5 wire to 4 wire converter and just wired the running lights to the bike. By this time I had spent almost 2 days on the lighting issue. Done and Done. I took the bike out for a ride and WHOA BABY! This thing really needs some effort to turn! Gradually over the next hour I became more and more accustomed to having to steer vs. lean. I really had to make turns slowly compared to being on 2 wheels. I suspect that over time I will develop Popeye forearms, and I must admit that one time at a stop sign I put my feet down! Felt pretty stupid in that moment. The bike to runs straight, but I re-adjusted the pre-load to 3/4" as someone had suggested. I liked that ride better. So now I will spend time on local rides to get more and more accustomed to the "Trike" before any long trips. So far I'm HAPPY!
  5. UPDATE: After speaking with Trip Trike again, I have decided not to go that route. Two things drove this decision: 1. I asked if they would pass my contact info on to the owner of the RSTD pictured on their webpage that had the kit installed. I wanted to ask him a few questions. I was told they "don't write down the kind of bike on the paperwork," so they could not do that. Hmmmm.... 2. All sales are cash only. That always bothers me when a business with a defined and advertised product does that. So, later this week I'll travel to NC to pick up a used Voyager Classic kit that is coming off an RSTD. The good news is that I will not have to purchase an Installation kit! It's going to be a Daddy - Daughter Road trip! Haven't had one of those in many, many years, and I really need someone to share the driving. Will keep this thread posted as the project progresses. Steve
  6. Thanks for all the input / tips. My apologies for not responding sooner. I have this nagging cold that seems to come and go, and now I think the BOSS has the flu! It's gonna be ugly around here! After thinking about the 1000 mile trip I would have to make to pick up a used voyager that came off an RSTD (mounting kit is the same), I have been giving some consideration to a new Trip Trike. ( http://www.triptrike.com ) They are only 75 miles away, and I visited them earlier this month. They are a Mom & Pop operation (former truck drivers) who said they have been in business for 7 years and have sold 700 units. While their facilities are spartan by today's standards, I know of many similar shops that have produced good stuff. Family members also work there, and they seemed like the good old, down home, Alabama people I like. They use heavy duty materials, and there are four significant differences that I can see from other kits on the market: 1. The adjustable air ride suspension. They were truck drivers so this seems like a natural result, and they have patented it. 2. Their rear tie-in to the frame is up high where the bike fenders are attached. They say it provides more stability, and I can see that. 3. Their outrigger wheels are 5-6 inches behind the axle of the bike. I'm struggling a bit to understand whether this has any pro or con. It looks interesting! 4. They offer Running Boards. Nice touch. They are working on a reverse option, but that is not ready yet. And now, I go take my cold medication....and hopefully get some relief, while I let the Trike Kit Fairies dance through my dwindling brain cells. Steve
  7. Yammer Dan & Condor, Do either of you have the installation instructions for the RSV? I'm trying to determine if I can do the installation myself, or I will need to pay someone to do it..... Steve
  8. First: CONGRATULATIONS!!! 5yrs!!! GREAT NEWS!!!! I did send the serial number to MTC and they said the frame will fit, so I guess I just have to decide if I want to make the trip.... Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks Condor. Your trike looks good! Can the side bags open all the way? I think I have located a kit that is currently on an RSTD and the owner is willing to sell separately. Should be direct fitment to the RSV. The issue at hand, however, is that MTC says the kit was originally sold for a Harley Dresser. Therefore it must have been moved from the Dresser to the RSTD....and I hope done with the proper hardware! It's a Classic kit that is 6.5 years old. Price is $2500. Unfortunately, I will have to make a 1000 mile round trip just to put my eyes on it! Surgery & Chemo are complete. Have had 3 subsequent scans which have been clear! Time to get back to RIDING!!! Steve
  10. Wow! Before you purchased that trike, they agreed to a deal with me, then changed their numbers the day before I was headed there to pick it up! I was going to trade in my 2013 RSV as after the Cancer/Chemo thing, I need to go to 3 wheels.... Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
  11. Yea, it's a Voyager "B" frame model I'm looking for, but I'd probably consider an Insta Trike kit also. The issue with Insta Trike is that the manufacturer will not sell just the mounting kit, so I'd have to find an Insta Trike kit that came off an RSV. "Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day"
  12. Thank you Snyper316. Have had 3 follow-up scans that are clear. The Chemo absolutely kicked my a$$! I've never felt so weak, sick, and tired. Doing better now, but don't know that I will ever return to the shape I was in before the cancer. "Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day"
  13. Cancer surgery & Chemo have left me weaker (and age doesn't help), so I need to get off 2 wheels. I'm looking for a Voyager Kit to put on my 2 Gen RSV. Contact Steve at 256-509-0415 or samoz@hotmail.com I NEED TO CONTINUE RIDING!!!
  14. Good morning all, Father Time, abuse of my body while young, and a recent bout with Cancer have brought me to that dreaded, but necessary, decision that I do not belong on 2 wheels anymore. I do not want to give up riding, however, but cannot afford a full blown trike. I have a 2013 Venture which I love, but had to lower to accommodate my short legs. Since I need the RSV lowered to get my feet on the ground to back the bike up, I need a kit that does not require my RSV (Amanda) to be raised back to stock height, OR I need a kit that requires Amanda to be a stock height but provides reverse. My research shows that: Voyager requires stock height and has expensive reverse Trigg is apparently out of business Trip Trike requires stock height and does not have a reverse option Tow Pac Insta Trike Has no proven reverse (see this thread for the horror story https://www.triketalk.com/forum/threads/46416-My-Tow-Pac-14-quot-InstaTrike-Install-on-Ultra-Classic-Harley/page4 ) But their folks seem to "think" the Insta Tike kit would work on a lowered RSV, but "might" have an issue for 14 in. wheels with side bag lids when opened. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of fitment experience. So, my fellow Ventureriders, has anyone actually put an Insta Trike kit on a lowered 2 Gen RSV? Side bag lid clearance? Other problems? Many thanks....Steve
  15. Just so you know, these will cause contact in a full turn with the cowling around the ignition. If you cowling is the black plastic version, it will flex and not cause an issue. If you cowling is the hard plastic chrome version, it will probably crack.
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