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  1. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, had a great day with the family. Got one of the best presents a person could ask for another grandchild. Conner Lee, he was born 3 days before my birthday.
  2. Bill it is going to be hard to catch up to the first gens, unless they are pushing there bike to.
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you can find comfort in the memories you have of Dakota.
  4. We had a great time at the meet, seen some of our old friends and made some ones. We got in a couple of good rides and did not get too wet. I got pay back for helping Phil & Diane, we were about 10 miles from home when we had a flat on the rear, had a small cut that we plugged with the help from 3 very nice and helpful men from Dallas Texas. thanks to everyone.
  5. Hope your not outside cooking on the grill.
  6. We are home but we will be in Eureka Springs around 11:00 am if we don't run in to a bunch of rain.
  7. Weather for northwest Arkansas Tue. 26th 20% chance of rain high 94, Wed. 27th 30% high 90, Thu. 28th 40% high 85. Fri. 29th 0 % high 81. Looks like we will have good weather for the meet. Have a safe trip, See you Friday
  8. Buddy my 2006 has a little over 104,000 miles only thing done other than regular maintenance was to replace the shock under warranty. Replaced battery after 7 years.
  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes, but Buddy is rushing things a bit birthday is not till Friday. Buddy and Playboy you two should be more careful talking about Joan,she might read what you said. That might not be good for me.
  10. Most of the bad weather stayed north of us last night. Weatherman said more bad storms in our area today. Keep the people of Moore in your prayers Raymond
  11. If mine will make it to March 17th that will be seven years and I have 98,900 miles on the bike now.
  12. KIMPEX® 60/22 DU BALL BEARINGS 60/22 DU, 44 mm o.d. x 22 mm i.d. x 12 mm large, 2 seals Yamaha – 93306-00420-00 Front Axle Replaces Yamaha 93306-00412-00 by removing both seals on the bearing. 1979-80 EC 540 1980-83 SS 440 1980-93 SR 540 except 1984 1981 SRX 440 1983-93 VMX 540 1984-94 PZ 480 1985-86/88 XL 540 1987-93 EX 570 1989-94 CS 340/VT 480 1994-98 ET 410 Yamaha – 93306-00412-00 Front axle 1971 GP 396 • SS 433 • SW 396 • 1971-73 SL 292 • SR 433 1971-74 SL 338 • 1972-73 EW 433, 643 • GP 643 • SR 643 • SW 433 1972-74 SL 433 • 1972-75 GP 292, 433 • 1973 EL 433 • SR 292 19
  13. Outkast I have a 2006 venture and the 6004 bearings were to small. I got the number from Yamaha dealer parts book. The number that worked was a NSK 60/22DU (yamaha 93306-0042)
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