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  1. Greetings I had to replace my Battery today, on the road, and was wondering if 4 years on the OEM Battery is normal or below normal, for a well maintained Battery?
  2. Ordered the grips at the below link. Anyone using these? Suppose to be able to use the OEM weights so that is why I ordered them...Wanted something other than the Kuryakyn Grips.... Here's the link to the grips page age Big Bike Parts.. The OEM weights will not slide into the grip ends...JUST a LITTLE to big... Also I assume that on the throttle side there is no need to open up the cable housing? Just remove grip like the left side.... Thoughts if any would be appreciated... Long Tall Lynchburg, VA http://www.bigbikeparts.com/Inventory/Navision/17-376?catalogNo=1
  3. i'm in need of a pair of oem passenger floorboards for a venture.if ya got some pm me.thanks, bill
  4. looking for stock RSV handlebars
  5. Currently on my 84 I have a few lights added to the oem setup. I have: 1. the rear light bar which has 8 Baron mini twin running lights 2. a pair of 50 watt driving lights 3. a small amp for my MP3 I have the factory radio turned off. When I drive around with just the amp, the OEM lights & the markers on everything is good. If I turn on the driving lights on the charging drops below 12 volt at 3000 rpm. if I shut them off goes to 13.5. Obviously the light are too much for the charging system. I'm going to replace the bulbs from 2 - 50 watt to something lower. Can somebody tell me what would be the max wattage I should use?
  6. I've just realized that my "new to me" 03 RSV didn't come with the OEM tool kit. I called the seller, but in case he doesn't have it, I want to find something that will do at least the basics. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for a good aftermarket tool-kit that works out for the RSV? Or any idea where I might find an OEM kit?
  7. The OEM shock on my 03 Venture finally gave out. Ive read just about every thread on the subject and determine another OEM shock is out. Now to choose between two popular replacements; Works vs Hagon. Based on my initial contact with both companies, online research and the feedback here, Im going with Hagon and the remote pre-load adjuster. Ill be traveling to Southern California about the time when this custom shock arrives so Ill visit thier office and pick it up live.....
  8. Hey Folks, I just came accross a Yamaha dealer that has the best online oem parts and accessory prices I have ever seen. Recently I had to buy a new front cowling for my 07 Midnight Venture and started searching online dealers to see what prices were out there. And I started with MR Cycles out of Ashville, NC who I had bought from before, where I felt they had some of the best discounts on oem parts. Well for some reason I decided to Google the part number and at the top of the search was Stadium Yamaha with a price of $711 for a $1,000 part, which was about $100 less than any of the usual discount dealerships including Ron Ayers, MR Cycles, Bike Bandit, etc. When I did the math, this came to a 30% discount. I felt this dealership was in the DFW Metroplex, but when I looked further I discovered it was really my old Irving Yamaha dealership, under a new owner and name. So I called their on-line parts manager Kirk Gross and discovered that they are purposely going after this oem on-line parts market and are discounting oem parts and accessories as low as Yamaha will allow. And like other dealers that do this, Yamaha has to deliver parts to them and they turnaround and ship it to you via UPS and do not mark the shipping up any. So, if you are ever in the market for a new Yamaha oem part, you really need to take a look at this dealership and their on-line prices. Here is the link to their site: http://www.stadiumyamaha.com/ And if you need to talk to a real person, you can contact Kirk Gross 972-445-0825 Hope this helps, Rick
  9. Guest

    Price check!

    I have a friend with a first gen that needs a set of progressive fork springs. The best price I can find on them is at OEM for $59. Anyone know where they may be cheaper?.
  10. I'm thinking about the BikeMaster seals. My dad used em in Lady Blue before me and before they started to leak, they did okay. Anyone with experience on em? Dust seals, oem as well? and to top it off... Covers. I love the fact my forks look good uncovered, but a little bit of protection couldn't hurt... If oem, can't someone point the seals out for me in the parts fisch -.-' every time I look at it, my head hurts.
  11. My question is what are the advantages of converting the oem cartridge filters to the spin on variety? Are the spin on versions a better filtering system then the oem's or is it because there's more choices using the spin ons? Also if switching to a spin on type who or where has the best conversion adapters? This is for an 83. Larry
  12. Are there any replacement antennas for both the CB and the AM/FM OEM whips on a 2nd Gen? Mine are working fine as far as I know. I never use the CB or the AM/FM. I would just like replacements that are shorter. It would be a plus if the replacements actually work but since I don't use them and I would keep the OEM whips I suppose that would be ok also. Preferrably they should be as simple as possible to replace...just screw them on???
  13. Has anyone out there put on the aftermarket 4" shorter by 2.5" wider windshield? How does it compare to the OEM?
  14. Hey Y'all, Anyone have a source for aftermarket or reasonably priced OEM windshield for 1st gens?
  15. I bought a set of OEM mufflers off ebay but didn't realize I would also need gaskets since aftermarket pipes don't use a gasket. So, does anybody have two gaskets for sale? Part #3xw-14714-00-00. Thanks.
  16. I have a RSTD 2006 midnight, and I was thinking about buying a trunk with an integrated passenger back rest, but I want to install it on to the OEM quick detach sissy bar that comes with the RSTD. Has anyone don this yet? and if so can you post some pictures so I can see what it looks like. Thanks.
  17. Almost ready to start sanding my ol girl and I'm wondering about the pinstriping. Is covered by a clear coat (OEM) or anything? I'm just wondering what will happe when I start sanding! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  18. After reading several posting on shields, I ordered the largest, tinted with vent for my 91 VR. Largest for added protection and to help with the passenger wind buffering. The result is that both I and myself felt more wind buffering than the standard OEM shield. Whats up with that? So a fellow rider suggested I open the vent up. That seemed to help with the wind buffering, but we do not think it is any better than the OEM buffering. Now I will really want to avoid riding in rain. Eithor let the rain thru the vent for a less buffering ride or stay dryer and let the wind buffering beat me up. On top of that I've heard that my mpg could be lightly reduced. If I had to do it over again I think I would just install the vent on the OEM shield. I may just do that anyway so I have a spare in the event a rock cracks the Clearview.
  19. When i was shopping for this RSTD, met a guy that had his bike lowered and inch. AND had his seat lowered an inch. It was a stock seat. Looked just as thick as the oem. Looked like an OEM seat. So, my question is: Is there an easy way to lower the seat about an inch? I'm getting the seat redone. Probably a Butler seat since he lives about 10 miles from me.
  20. I just received the Diamond R leveling links the other day. Since I have the bike on the lift I thought I'd take a look and see what that job would entail. I held the new links up to the OEM ones and they appear to be the same length. How do they work if they are the same length.
  21. So I need to do my front fork seals. I thought I lucked out when I found a new set of Pyramid seals and dust covers. Now I have heard to use only OEM seals. But I have also heard that OEM seals are a hit and miss too. So...in the spirit of starting an oil and/or tire type debate.. Should I use these or scrap them and buy different ones.
  22. Hi folks, I helped a friend get a job several months ago that really worked out well for him, and in appreciation he bought me a new F4 windshield for my bike. Well, one good deed deserves another, so if there is a member out there that needs a windshield for their bike let me know and I will send it to you. My oem shield is in good shape, just the normal wear and tear oof 25,000 miles.
  23. Just over 8K on a rear Mitchlin Comander. I run around 40 PSI and don't slide or burn out the tire. I read where others are getting much higher numbers. I got the bike with almost 8K on the odo and the OEM went to almost 12K. Is it me, the bike or the tire?
  24. I still haven't figured out how to mount the backrest on my 83, and if I have all the parts? Would some kind person with a backrest mounted on there 83 send or post a pic of the brackets and the OEM backrest mounted on bike
  25. I still have the original OEM tool kit in my 1990, but there are some empty pockets for sockets in the pouch. Can anyone inventory a COMPLETE, unadulterated First generation 1986-1993 tool kit and tell me what is supposed to be in there?
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