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  1. I can't believe my searching skills have failed me. Im trying to find the specs on the RoadKing brackets so I can make my own at work.
  2. looking to put roadking pipes on and need to know if our stock brackets can be used to mount roadking slip ons or do i need different brackets and if so where can i find them Thanks Brian D. ps have 07 rsv
  3. Finally got around to installing my Memphis Shades Batwing. I ordered a generic one off of EBAY for a 9" headlight, bought the quick release brackets from Wayne, and made a custom bracket to attach the batwing to the quick release bracket. Took it for a quick ride and I like it.
  4. Anyone know of a place to get a set of lower windshield mounting brackets for a 96 Royal Star? I have the lower glass, no way to mount. Thanks
  5. Need side arm mounting brackets not quick release to mount 96 to 01 sissy bar on 2005 RSTD. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. My 98 RSTD has rusted leaky front exhaust pipes(rust pinholes at the front bend).Mine was an outside stored bike before I got it...I need to know which year range will fit so I search for used ones. I found some at Pinwall Cycle on Ebay.I'd like to buy the newest model used pipes I can.If anyone has any let me know. I know for sure I need the two front pipes coming from the head to the rear.I don't need the mufflers as I have done the Road King thing.Also any tips,tricks to remove and install such as best exhaust gaskets and such.Also I have a set of new brackets for installing RK pipes,I didn't use them,I decided to weld the stock brackets on my RK muffs.Not sure the going rate( I bought em a year ago) but I'll let them go cheap.Thanks Doug
  7. The bike I just purchased is without the lower air deflectors. It is a 1999. Does anyone no where to get replacements with mounting brackets. Roger:fingers-crossed-emo
  8. OK, here is an odd request. On the 1st gen where the horn mounts to the bracket on the frame there are sets of thin metal strips between the horn and the bracket. I suppose the sets of thin strips are to counter act the virbration. When I upgraded my horns and driving light brackets I tossed those OEM strips. Why keep 'em right? Well I have changed my light brackets again to a different type and I find the need of those strips to hang the horns. I made a couple of hangers from aluminum flat stock but they are showing signs of weakening already this year. Too much vibration. Anybody that has done a horn upgrade that might still have those strips laying around that would be willing to part with them? I think each side had 3 or 4 strips for each mount. Thanks Mike
  9. Who sells the mounting brackets to mount road king pipes to a 06 venture? Also who sells the crome piece that connects the pipes togehter?
  10. thats right! Pelican cases on my 1st gen. my old yammy cases were leaking, and the right case had melted. probably from a rear caliper locking up in the past. so...i went pelican! pelican cases are virtually indestructible. water and air tight and lightweight! the cases i got were the hardigg i2400 storm. 26 liters. i bought them on ebay, used, from a supplier for 117.00 delivered. they weigh 6.5lbs, my yammy case weighs 9lbs. saved 5 lbs already! i took off backrest, helmet locks, crash bar, and grab handles. that stuff weighed 23lbs!! my tired rear shock is probably lovin me right now....anyhow...i used the mounts for the top right off the old cases. i wanted to be able to take them off, like regular luggage. i also used the lower guide/mount , but, had to make a new bracket. i used some samson construction brackets. lots off measuring, re-measuring, and drilled holes. mounted upper and lower brackets and checked fit. I LOVE THEM!!!! sweet case, custom look, and WATERTIGHT!.now some final finish work, locktite, silicone, and then the other side tomorrow. whew! im tired...all that thinkin wore me out! oh, i have to make a locking point for them too, so the dont fall off, and no one can steal them....enjoy. told ya i was up to somethin... Y bE nORmaL
  11. Hi, Does anyone have a set of mounting brackets for the VenturLine Rider's Back Rest for an '86 to '93 VR? Thanks
  12. Ok Guys & Gals with G2 Ventures. I am now making Gauge plates and install brackets. I will post an ad in the classifieds soon. [ATTACH]36733[/ATTACH][ATTACH]36734[/ATTACH][ATTACH]36735[/ATTACH][ATTACH]36736[/ATTACH][ATTACH]36739[/ATTACH] The Plates will be available in polished Aluminum and primered steel. The brackets are made of Aluminum. They come with mounting instructions. I will also offer the oil presure adapter pre-drilled and tapped for those who don't have the means or desire to drill their own. Stay tuned, Ponch
  13. It looks like the backrest is easy to remove for the times that I have a passenger on the bike. Is that correct? A couple of pins and pops off? Do the brackets for the backrest tend to dig in to the seat? Any wear marks or holes from the backrest or the brackets?
  14. I have a strange question here, does anyone have a set of the driving light brackets that I made that they didn't install on their bike? I would like to try and get a set back if someone has a set laying around that they didn't use, please send me a PM if you have a set and want to get rid of them....Thanks
  15. I still haven't figured out how to mount the backrest on my 83, and if I have all the parts? Would some kind person with a backrest mounted on there 83 send or post a pic of the brackets and the OEM backrest mounted on bike
  16. E Bay had a set of Venture tour pack brackets / support frames so I just purchased these. I have purchased an aftermarket, Harley style tour pack to do on it. Has anyone done this combination and what about height for the back cushion? My wife is about 5'5" and I would like to get the trunk painted to match and get it all installed by Christmas as a surprise. Any insight from experienced folks would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Last year I noticed my lower deflectors were vibrating a lot. At the end of the season I checked closely and saw rust on the top of the bracket and upon even closer look one bracket clearly was cracked. I ordered the brackets online and today we had a heatwave here on Long Island (50F!) so I tackled the replacement. Below are the pictures of what I found;both were cracked; replacement is straight forward however a couple of observations: - the outside bracket screws were so hard to get out I almost stripped the heads. The insides were ok. Something about the position of the outside bolts ? Happans to also be the brackets cracked on the outside of the bracket. - Use locktite on all of the bracket screws. The factory did. - I stripped the 5mm heads of the passing lamp bracket using a ball head allen key. (too lazy to remove the front fairing). My local H/W store gave me stainless 6mm head cap bolts. A bit more confidence cranking on the bolt with a 6mm ball head allen key. Question: Anyone know what the hole is for on the bottom of each bracket? (see pic) Andrew
  18. Seeing as I'm caging & trailering to Cody I can bring along some of my products besides what I intend for the raffle. Items would be horn brackets & wiring harnesses, lift adapters- standard & freestanding, crash bar braces, & 1 arm rest set. Prices will be discounted to reflect both savings in shipping and a cash discount for all items. I'll be limited to 4 each of the harnesses and brackets, crash bar braces, adapters, & 1 arm rest set due to what I have available and have room to haul with me. Anyone interested let me know either here of in a pm. We're leaving Tuesday so I have to know by tomorrow evening of any requests. Thanks, Larry
  19. Just finished putting Harley Muffs on my 2009 RSV. Made my brackets, bought the wide clamps, spent 4 hours gently persuading the muffs on, cleaned them, put the bags back on and started the bike. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Could barely tell the difference. My wife says she can tell but wants it louder. I guess now I have to drill them out. By the way, I haven't seen anything in any of the threads on this subject that discusses the fibre exhaust gasket on the RSV that you have to distroy in order to put the Harley's on. If you use 1/4" aluminum to make your brackets, you will have to get 3/4" long bolts for the muffs as the 1/2" arent long enough. Best to get these before 10:00pm. I used Drag Specialties clamps and they cost $9.50 each and are available almost anywhere. Anyway, just my thoughts on this mod. This is the best site ever!! Thanks Freebird.
  20. I'm looking at putting a fairing on my rstd. If I do I'll need to figure out how to mount my lowers. Looking at the brackets diamondR sells, do they mount to the turn signal bar and would this work on the rstd if so do I need other parts to make it work?
  21. Does anyone have a set of Bubs they are looking to sell? I have a set of harley slash cuts with clamps and brackets that may be for sale.
  22. You remember way back when that you helped me out on the 4 1/2" Drag Specialty driving lights I was trying to mount on the brackets you made? I sent you the frame mounting brackets while you were still in MI and you added a gusset to them to stiffen them up. I think those brackets got more miles on them than my bike did that year. They ended up in Texas when you headed south and you and Ponch finshed them up and even powered coated them for me. Well that project died out as the lights were pretty heavy and big and caught a lot of wind and they would shake so bad going down the road it would knock the filiments out of the headlights. I gave up and went back to the smaller and lighter lights. For a while. I liked those DS lights. So back to the drawing board. I think I've nailed it. I fabbed up a set of prototype braces out of aluminum tubing and installed them on the bike with the DS lights. No more shakey at all. Even at highway speeds they are solid. Finally. So now to make a set out of SS tubing and finish this up. They don't look too bad and do clear the lower fairing and the foot wings with plenty of room to spare. That was the whole problem before. No where to really mount any type of brace that would clear everything. I'll go with function over form on this one. So your efforts to help me out were not wasted. It paid off in the end. Thank you once again. Mike
  23. I am looking for a set of adapter plates for HD mufflers. I have tried emailing the address on the ad on the site with no response. Does anyone know if he is still selling these brackets and if not where else I could get some?
  24. Hello everyone, I searched as suggested and read the two or three post on removing the trunk on the RSV and converting to the "Starglide". When I searched I was hoping there would be lots more info. My question is does anyone have any more input or suggestions/tips on this converseion. The basics on the trunk removel is stright forward enough but what I was looking for is any input/problem solving on what was done to fill the void (seats, back rest or luggage racks) also suggestions or alternatives to the antennas (brackets, etc). I also read the post on converting the antennas form two to one. Just didn't find anything on remounting locations or brackets to do this. Has anyone done a more indepth write up on this to include some pictures? Dennis
  25. As some of you know, I have a pair of squids brackets and am still looking for a pair of lamps to put on them. I see that Walmart has some called Platinum Burners. Are these even worth it? They are like $15 and $20 a pair, seems kind of low for something worth buying. PIAA's are really nice but far more than I am willing to spend. I could see spending $50 for a good pair. So, are the Platinum Burners worth my time and money or would it be like putting a pair of my kids night lights on the brackets?
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