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  1. :backinmyday:we could start a Commune!
  2. this is where I got mine...after killing 2 stators...finally went with Hot Shot and this Shindigen. http://roadstercycle.com/.
  3. yep...$$. cables are all custom by Barnett. I bought a back-up set...all 4! $$$$. really though, cables cost about 400.00.
  4. don't you remember?????? guess im still a kid..
  5. I have these in XXL, dry!!!! 34 in inseam..38 waist http://www.tourmaster.com/xcart/catalog/Sentinel-Rainsuit-Pants-p-184_8.html.
  6. I rode to key west from Michigan, and back a few months ago...now, I just did a 2000 mile trip around lake superior...I do tire after about 250 miles with no fairing...but I generally do only 300-350 a day...you should be in good shape.
  7. I use a front Avon Venom X, with an E3 rear....6k, no issues, excellent wear...
  8. I have 16" apes on the Victory.....I also have, freakishly, long arms. 6'3, 34 inseam....ive put 8ooo miles on them this riding season...
  9. I did a writeup about installing them. 2600 lumens/pr.
  10. they are manufactured by Rigid Industries.
  11. awesome...a couple LED lights and a radiator will only set you back 6k more....haha. welcome to the year 2000 HD.....
  12. pulled into a gas station in my town and a member of Hells Our Home M/C was gassing up an 84. He said his Harley wouldn't pull a trailer, so hes riding the Yammy for a club gettogether. I mentioned VR.org, showed him my decal, he said he would check it out. He also mentioned he hasn't had second gear for 3 years! haha, I havnt had mine for almost 2. These things just keep on goin......
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